Personal Finance & Travel Editor 

Do you have so many airline miles that you can travel for free? Are you always the first one to take advantage of a special credit card offer? Do family and friends consider you a travel and finance expert? We’re looking for a credit card and travel guru, who finds the newest travel hacks and knows the best credit card bonuses.

We’re also looking for:

  • Direct Affiliate Experience with Credit Card or Finance-Related Entities
  • Demonstrated Expertise of Credit Cards and Airline/Hotel Rewards Programs
  • Creative Thinking to Maximize Credit Card Points and Travel Rewards
  • Published Articles about Credit Cards (Which Extend Beyond Basic Reviews and Summaries)
  • Knowledge of Relevant Credit Card and Banking Regulations
  • Prior Job Experience with Revenue-Based Performance Expectations
  • Ability to Monitor Credit Card and Travel-Related Web Content for Compliance and Technical Issues

Along with your resume, please send 3 short answers for the following:

  • -Discuss the best credit card hack that you’ve used in the past 6 months, and how you found it.
  • -Discuss a travel or credit card offer that you’ve seen in the past that you wish would come back.
  • -Have you ever done a mileage run, manufactured spending, or churned credit cards? Explain.

No phone calls or recruiters, please.



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