Women's Tech Accelerator

Let us take care of a few things so you can get down to business.

At Brad's Deals, we know women in tech face unique challenges. We'd like to eliminate a few of them by providing a welcoming, collaborative, entrepreneurial environment where women-owned businesses can flourish. The startup we select will get full access to our office resources and specialized advice from our team. Read on to learn more!

Draw From Our Experts

Ashley uses her experience in web design and development to build user-centered experiences. She loves reading, swimming and being outdoors.

Ashley Sullivan

Front-End Developer at Brad's Deals

Casey has been leading our team of editors for five years, maintaining editorial standards with a large team of content producers. She’s also an expert deal hunter with hands-on experience with the affiliate industry.

Casey Runyan

Managing Editor at Brad's Deals

Lauren has over a decade of professional sales and buying experience in the retail industry. She supports company initiatives by driving new B2B partnerships while expanding existing strategies.

Lauren Lee

Sr. Business Development Manager at Brad's Deals

Catherine creates a cohesive visual brand experience for Brad’s Deals. From digital marketing to product design, she approaches all projects with performance and experience in mind.

Catherine Savitch

Sr. Visual Designer at Brad's Deals

Amanda is a Tableau-certified analyst with 10 years of experience in data analysis, visualization and insight creation. She helps teams use data in creative and meaningful ways to solve problems.

Amanda Holman

Analytics at Brad's Deals

Nikee brings an extensive background in global CRM, email marketing, and project management to her Customer Retention role on the Marketing team.

Nikee Pomper

Sr. Manager, Customer Retention at Brad's Deals

Courtney uses her customer service experience to understand the feedback given to us from our users. When she's not reading support emails, she's usually outside with a book or spoiling her dogs.

Courtney Omell

Voice of Customer Manager at Brad's Deals

Janine champions Brad's Deals' product vision, ensuring that it meets internal and external customer needs while also achieving the company’s strategic goals.

Janine Marte

Sr. Product Manager at Brad's Deals

Carissa utilizes her background in design and web development to lead her team in building eye-catching user-focused experiences.

Carissa Niederer

Front-End Development Manager at Brad's Deals

Lindsey uses her research skills to create amazing user experiences. She loves a good book, a good meal and snuggling with her pup.

Lindsey Latiolais

UX Researcher at Brad's Deals

Rebecca uses her SEO and creative writing background to research, analyze, and develop strategy for all of Brad's Deals' organic channels, including search, content, and social media.

Rebecca Lehmann

Sr. Manager, Organic Marketing at Brad's Deals

Stephanie ensures that Brad’s Deals email subscribers are alerted to the best deals every day, managing our email program from newsletter content to deliverability systems.

Stephanie Johnson

Sr. Manager, Customer Retention at Brad's Deals

Sarah has more than 15 years of experience with a variety of companies and industries, driving results through in-depth and insightful financial analysis.

Sarah Schmidt

CFO at Brad's Deals

Jessica is an HR expert who’s covered every facet of the industry in her 15-year career. When she’s not recruiting or working on engagement, you can find her cooking and spending quality time with her family.

Jessica Adams

VP of Human Resources at Brad's Deals

Rachel has a background in web development and UX, and now works with a diverse team to plan and build engaging features.

Rachel McDonnell

Director of Product at Brad's Deals

Amy has over 20 years of hands-on experience developing products that solve problems in the advertising, marketing, travel and tourism industries.

Amy Bourne

COO at Brad's Deals

2017-2018 WTA Participants

Tracey Suppo & Dave Henke

Co-Founders of Book + Main

Shaniqua Davis

Founder of Noirefy

Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit

Founder of Thriveosity

2016-2017 WTA Participants

Tatyana Shestopalova

Founder of GiftOn

Jasmine Smalls

Founder of Five to Nine

Alice Locatelli

Founder of Feedback Builder

Let's Learn From Each Other

If selected, here’s what you can expect.

Applications for the Fall 2018 cohort are now open! Submit your business plan by July 2, 2018 to apply.

Please check out our Women's Tech Accelerator FAQ for additional information.

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I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the following Participation Requirements, and that failure to meet them may result in early separation from the Women’s Tech Accelerator.

Participation Requirements:

  • You will submit a headshot for Women's Tech Accelerator website, articles, and other promotional materials.
  • You will spend a minimum of one day per week in the office.
  • You will provide weekly updates for Brad's Deals all-team updates.
  • You will attend our monthly cohort meetings.
  • You will be available to interview for 1-2 public-facing Women's Tech Accelerator news articles.