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Beat BradsDeals

Who is the best deal hunter in all the land? "Beat BradsDeals" pits sixteen of your favorite frugal-minded bloggers against each other in head-to-head money saving match-ups. Their fate will be in your hands as they duke it out over the next six weeks for the right to challenge deal expert Brad Wilson in the ultimate dual of frugal.

Each week, all contestants will be given the same amount of cash to spend on deals available through Brad's Deals. It's up to you to decide who got the most bang for the buck! The winner of each match moves on to the next round. For every vote that you cast, you'll earn a chance to enter to win a new iPad!

Voting will end on Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST each week.

Week 2 Matchups

WINNER: Wendy L. / Eliminated: Mary M.

  • beatBD_award
  • $25.32 spent
  • $939.46 saved
    97.38% off

Wendy L.


I’m so excited to be part of Beat Brads Deals, especially since I’m more a freebie hunter. If you haven’t heard we’re the home of “Gimmie’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid.” I’m honored just to be amongst these amazing mavens of savings. This weeks deals were also exciting! First, I found a coupon code for an additional 90% off clearance prices at GraveyardMall.com. The already rock-bottom prices plus additional 90% allowed me to score 24 items worth almost $750 for under $10! Amazing! Next, I hit up the SuperJeweler deal of the week on the recommendation of my sister and fellow deal blogger. Their sales are amazing! Her oldest needed glasses, so I reciprocated by “buying” them at Coastal Contacts.
(Read more about Wendy's deals)

Washington Huskies Logo Pin: $0.50 (originally $100.00)
Washington Huskies Picture Frame (Horizontal): $0.50 (originally $100.00)
Washington Huskies Picture Frame (Vertical): $0.50 (originally $100.00)
Womens Garfield Super-Soft Nightshirt: $0.40 (originally $19.99)
Washington State Cougars Bottle Opener: $0.20 (originally $100.00)
Washington Huskies Plush Bears: $0.20 (originally $100.00)
University of Wisconsin Shower Bucket: $0.50 (originally $27.99)
San Francisco 49ers Stretchable Book Cover (5): $0.75 (originally $24.95)
Poker Night Playing Cards and Scorecard Set: $0.60 (originally $19.99)
Poker Night Sculpted Candles: $0.60 (originally $12.99)
Cat Memorial Pewter Garden Stake: $0.70 (originally $19.99)
NASCAR Winston Cup 2003 Year in Review: $0.70 (originally $19.99)
Marvel Kids Incredible Hulk Fleece Lounge Pants: $0.50 (originally $10.99)
Flirtini Mingle Party Activity Coasters: $0.30 (originally $10.00)
New Balance Womens Running Brief: $0.50 (originally $19.99)
Crash! Crash! Crash! DVD: $0.40 (originally $9.99)
Dennis the Menace Songs: $0.50 (originally $9.98)
Favorite Love Songs For Weddings CD: $0.40 (originally $9.99)
Hot Headz No Slip Ice Grip Cleats: $0.50 (originally $14.99)
Kenny Chesney Karaoke CD+G Singles: $0.30 (originally $9.99)
Music Of Mr Rogers DVD CD & Song Book Set: $0.80 (originally $24.99)
Playful Dolphin Freshwater Pearl Necklace: $5.00 (originally $59.99)
Unique Dangling Coin Earrings: $9.99 (originally $49.99)
Ltede 1057 Brown Eyeglasses: $0.00 (originally $88.00)

  • $20.96 spent
  • $124.89 saved
    85.63% off

Mary M.


My goal in this first round was to stretch my $25 buying things which will be put to good use. The first find was a dolphin necklace at SuperJeweler (retail $59.99 for $5). This necklace is for a young girl who has been courageously battling a rare cancer, osteosarcoma, for the last year. She loves dolphins and I couldn’t resist getting this special necklace for her. My second purchase was a set of two ear buds from Tanga (retail $29.99 for $4.99). These will make great stocking stuffers at Christmas! My next purchase was actually for me. I’m constantly on the prowl for comfortable shirts which can be worn with either jeans or khakis. This silky knit pullover (retail $12.99 for $4.99) from Blair.com fit the bill perfectly so I bought two of them in different colors. Oriental Trading Company was offering free shipping through Thursday and I spotted a felt poinsettia table runner. At $2.99 each, I bought a pair of them for my sofa table and buffet this Christmas.
(Read more about Mary's deals)

Playful Dolphin Freshwater Pearl Necklace: $5.00 (originally $59.99)
2-Pack Vibe Juicys Comfort Earbud Headphones: $0.00 (originally $29.90)
Silky Knit Pullover (2): $9.98 (originally $12.99)
Poinsettia Table Runner (2): $5.98 (originally $14.99 each)

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Mary M.:
Wendy L.:

WINNER: Stephanie C. / Eliminated: Margie B.

  • beatBD_award
  • $24.21 spent
  • $144.70 saved
    85.67% off

Stephanie C.


I was on a mission to find a Birthday gift for my teenage babysitter. Since every teen loves music I thought she would enjoy the $15 Saveology Dollars + $15 itunes for $5 (originally $30). I notice she likes to wear jewelry so I search Brad's Deals for some awesome jewelry pieces. I found this really cool Electric Teal Wire Wrapped Butterfly Ring for $4.99 at SuperJeweler (originally $29.99). There was a cute pair of Everyday Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings for $4.99 (originally $29.99), and a pair of Super Cute Turtle Shaped Freshwater Pearl Earrings for $5 (originally $49.99). Since she got a new Kindle for Christmas, I decided to buy her a couple of Kindle books. I searched the Amazon section on Brad's Deals and found a deal which listed 100 different Kindle books for under $4 each. I purchased the Girl’s Best Friend (Maggie Brooklyn Mysteries) $1.99 (originally $14.99) and I Will Teach You To Be Rich $2.24 (originally $13.95). It was super easy because I already had her Kindle downloaded to my Amazon account (you just have to enter the 16 digit serial number for your device). So the books were automatically sent to her Kindle! I actually SPENT a total of $24.21 and SAVED a total of $144.70!
(Read more about Stephanie's deals)

$15 Saveology Dollars + $15 itunes: $5.00 (originally $30.00)
Electric Teal Wire Wrapped Butterfly Ring : $4.99 (originally $29.99)
Everyday Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings: $4.99 (originally $29.99)
Super Cute Turtle Shaped Pearl Earrings: $5.00 (originally $49.99)
Girl's Best Friend (Maggie Brooklyn Mysteries): $1.99 (originally $14.99)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich: $2.24 (originally $13.95)

  • $14.95 spent
  • $130.00 saved
    89.69% off

Margie B.


There is nothing I love more than to have a few things on hand, you never know when there will be a need for a gift or perhaps a chance to donate to a good cause. Thanks to Brad's Deals for less than $25 I was able to find something for just about anyone that could get on my list. My first and personal favorite find is a Dolphin Pearl Necklace from SuperJeweler.com. This deal is amazing by itself, but at the checkout you have a chance to receive a 10% off future purchase offer which makes each additional necklace only $4.50. Next on my shopping trip was Graveyard Mall, where I took full advantage of the 80% off sale, grabbing the music of Mr. Rogers, Waverly Shower Curtian Hooks, and a Yuppie Leash. Graveyard does charge $8.99 for shipping, but based on the value I find it to be fair. Blair had a great deal on super cute Silky Knit Pullover that I may just keep for myself just like I plan to with the Living Social deal for dinner! I can not image a better collection of treasures for less than $25 and I know each will make someone happy when they are given.
(Read more about Margie's deals)

Playful Dolphin Freshwater Pearl Necklace: $5.00 (originally $59.00)
Music Of Mr Rogers DVD CD & Song Book Set: $1.59 (originally $24.99)
Waverly Lattice Blue Shower Curtain Hooks: $1.58 (originally $14.99)
Yuppie Puppy Halter Leash: $0.79 (originally $21.99)
Silky Knit Pullover: $4.99 (originally $12.99)
$10 Living Social Takeout & Delivery Credit: $1.00 (originally $10.XX)

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Margie B.:
Stephanie C.:

WINNER: Tracy L. / Eliminated: Jennifer G.

  • beatBD_award
  • $22.55 spent
  • $137.41 saved
    85.90% off

Tracy L.


With my $25 I decided to see how much I could get to fill my 3 kids Easter baskets. I got 400 stickers (4 rolls of 100) regular price $2.50 each on sale for just $.49/roll, and 24 gift tags regular price $2.99 on sale for just $.49 all from Oriental Trading. They were have a one day free shipping event with no minimum purchase, so I got everything for just $2.45 shipped. I purchased a $15 iTunes gift card for only $5 from Saveology. The deal also included $15 in Saveology dollars which I then used to purchase a $35 voucher to HeroHuggers. The voucher included free shipping and I was able to purchase 2 belts which cost me $0! I then found a $28 bathing suit for my daughter marked down to just $10.99 on Zulily. I used some Zulily credit that I already had and this also cost me $0! I purchased 3 shirts from Kohl's which regular price totaled $54. After the sale and 20% promo code my final cost was $15.10!
(Read more about Tracy's deals)

VBS New York Roll Stickers: $0.49 (originally $2.49)
Hair Cut Roll Stickers: $0.49 (originally $2.49)
“No Cavities!” Roll Stickers: $0.49 (originally $2.49)
New York Roll Stickers: $0.49 (originally $2.50)
24 Birthday Gift Tags: $0.49 (originally $2.99)
JG Hook Blue Plaid Girls' Tankini: $0.00 (originally $28.00)
$15 Saveology Dollars + $15 iTunes: $5.00 (originally $30.00)
$35 HeroHuggers.com Credit for $15: $0.00 (originally $35.00)
Jumping Beans Embroidered Applique Tee: $5.03 (originally $17.00)
Jumping Beans Mock-Layer Rhinestone Tee: $5.03 (originally $17)
SO Smocked Ruffled Peasant Top: $5.04 (originally $20.00)

  • $25.21 spent
  • $426.19 saved
    94.42% off

Jennifer G.


I started off going to Brads Deals Top 10 Deals under Tiger Direct and stumbled upon a Totally FREE Anti-Virus Software for up to 3 devices! My daughters laptop really needed new Anti-virus so this was perfect timing! Brad’s Deals had an 80% off Clearance code for GraveyardMall.com! Total was only $4.00 even for three items! I found a Deal on Brads Deals for Living Social! I can get a $10 Take Out Credit for $1! I just found a FREE Pair of Prescription Glasses at Coastal Contacts! I really need a new pair of glasses! Makes me a little uneasy purchasing them over the internet though but hey, they're FREE! Next, I headed over to Tanga and found Free 2-Pack Vibe Juicys Comfort Earbud Stereo Headphones — just pay shipping! Next I found a Dolphin Necklace at SuperJeweler! My daughter LOVES Dolphins so I plan to save this one for a gift! Next deal I found I was thinking of “date night” with my honey! I found on Brads deals they have the $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificates for only $2! I searched the top deals for Amazon on Brads Deals and it pointed me to this amazing deal for an iPhone Sync Cable! I could always use another cord and especially one that is only 90¢ Shipped! I am always on the lookout for good magazine deals because most magazines come with coupons! I found One Year of Parents Magazine for only $3.99 from DiscountMags when you use Promo Code: BRADSDEALS! Apple iPad2 Smart Cover is only $2.95 on Amazon! Plus Shipping of $4.99! (In Pink) My favorite color is Pink! Now with Easter right around the corner I need to start looking for some small gift ideas for my girls. They are not real big on candy but they love jewelry! Designer inspired Gold Heart Charm Toggle Bracelet Links of Love for only $1.79 + 89¢ shipping! Perfect for Easter Gifts!!!
(Read more about Jennifer's deals)

Total Defense Anti-Virus Software: $0.00 (originally $24.99)
Nascar Winston Cup 2002: $1.40 (originally $19.98)
Flirtini Mingle Party Activity Coasters: $0.60 (originally $10)
Disney Eeyore Super Soft Organic Cotten Tee: $2.00 (originally $24.99)
$10 Living Social Takeout & Delivery Credit: $1.00 (originally $10)
FREE Pair of Prescription Glasses: $0 (originally $180)
2-Pack Vibe Juicys Comfort Earbud Headphones: $0.00 (originally $29.90)
Playful Dolphin Freshwater Pearl Necklace: $5.00 (originally $59.99)
$25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificates: $2.00 (originally $25.00)
USB Sync and Charging Cable for iPhone: $0.90 (originally $12.60)
One Year of Parenting Magazine: $3.99 (originally $14.99)
Cimo Smart Cover for iPad 2 (Pink): $2.95 (originally $29.99)
Gold Heart Charm Toggle Bracelet (2): $5.37 (originally $8.97)

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Jennifer G.:
Tracy L.:

WINNER: Allison W. / Eliminated: Stephanie B.

  • beatBD_award
  • $25.00 spent
  • $166.19 saved
    86.92% off

Allison W.


As soon as I got the good news that I was invited to be a participant, I thought there couldn't be a better way to celebrate then to share the deals with my Mom! So I set out to find a deal that she would really like and enjoy. This is what I scored... Thanks to Brad's Deals, I was able to snag 4 of my Mother's favorite magazines for just $25 at Amazon! She is an avid reader and loves to try new tips and recipes from a variety of popular ladies magazine. I of course always cringe when she buys these at the newsstand because just these 4 magazines retail at a whopping $191.19! Not to mention the times and gasoline it takes for her to drive to the store each month pick these up.Final Cost: ONLY $25 for ALL 4 magazine subscriptions. The surprise gift for my Mom: PRICELESS!
(Read more about Allison's deals)

One Year Redbook Magazine: $5.00 (originally $47.88)
One Year O Magazine: $10.00 (originally $54.00)
One Year Woman's Day: $5.00 (originally $47.43)
One Year Good Housekeeping: $5.00 (originally $41.88)

  • $24.84 spent
  • $108.24 saved
    81.33% off

Steph B.


I was so excited to find these steals this week! I was able to score a shirt for my six year-old son from Cabela's. My sister just had her first baby, so I was thrilled to score a magazine subscription to Parenting from DiscountMags and the adorable little spring dress from Zulily. Hubby and I haven't had a night away since our son came home from Guatemala, so we signed up for the Marriott Credit Card! With this we scored a FREE NIGHT, and it was a GREAT fit for our family since my brother-in-law works for them and we frequently stay at their hotels. We also found an adorable bunny with Cadbury egg at Walmart that will go in an Easter basket for sure!! We love take-out, so we were also thrilled to find the $10 take-out deal for $1 from Living Social!!! We covered some of Father's Day at Cabela's with the three hunting call holders for my hunting hubby, his dad, and his step-dad! I was also so excited to use my $10 Vitacost credit to score some saline solution for SUPER cheap!!!! This online shopping trip was a score!!

Cabela's Kids' All A Buzz Tee: $4.88 (originally $14.95)
Flower Izzy Bella Dress: $0.00 (originally $32.00)
FREE night hotel stay with Marriott Rewards: $0.00 (originally $???)
One Year of Parenting Magazine: $3.99 (originally $14.99)
Drawstring Bag + 1 Pair Girls Socks: $5.33 (originally $13.00)
Bausch & Lomb Saline Solution (3): $3.17 (originally $13.17)
$10 Living Social Takeout & Delivery Credit: $1.00 (originally $10.00)
Bunny with Cadbury Egg: $5.00 (originally $5.00)
Flambeau Box Call Holster: $1.47 (originally $29.97)

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Allison W.:
Stephanie B.:

Week 1 Matchups

WINNER: Ashley N. / Eliminated: Rebecca A.

  • beatBD_award
  • $21.47 spent
  • $51.47 saved
    67.78% off

Ashley N.


I am so thrilled about our Spring gift for my college sitter who watches my 2 and 3 year olds. She is very much into working out and running, so I thought 2 years to Shape Magazine from DiscountMags would be great, especially with the huge savings. I added something sweet, the cookie from Cheryl's which will be 100% FREE after the $5 gift card comes back with the purchase and I also threw in ear buds from Nordstrom for her long runs. The precious Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids brings the entire gift together. I plan on throwing in a recent issue of Shape (I have in my home) to let her know what will be coming in her mailbox. I will attach a small little tag explaining that it is a subscription! With my entire purchase above, there were no shipping charges!

Peter Rabbit Easter Bucket: $5.99 (originally $16.00)
Tech Candy Ear Drops: $5.90 (originally $12.00)
Cheryl's Happy Spring Cookie + $5 Gift Card: $5 (originally $10.00)
Shape Magazine Subscription: $7.58 (originally $37.94)

  • $23.99 spent
  • $118.55 saved
    83.17% off

Rebecca A.


My family is from Idaho from Bronco Nation so being on the East Coast it's a little difficult to find anything Boise State so finding Bronco Nation clothing for a 20% discount at Kohl's is awesome. The shipping cost on today's purchases was just $5.95 regardless of how many items were in my cart. Even though I am in Virginia now I will always be a Boise State Bronco fan. I was also fortunate enough to get a new iPad and I was able to find this incredible deal on an iPad cover for an awesome hot price of $3.99 at Hand Held Items. Shipping was less than $3 so even with the shipping I still paid less than one-third of the regular price. Having an extra iPhone or iPad cable around makes it so convenient for everyday use and helps you from having to remember the last place you had your cable at for less than $1 shipped at Amazon. Finally, earbuds don't last long in our household and if they do then the sound in the earphones goes out. Having to replace them every few months gets costly and getting them at a cheap price at Light In The Box makes it less stressful to replace them.
(Read more about Rebecca's deals)

Boise State Broncos Pennant Tee: $4.16 (originally $26.00)
Boise State Broncos Mock-Layer "Love" Tee: $4.80 (originally $30.00)
Boise State Broncos "Love" Rugby Sweatpants: $8.14 (originally $36.00)
HHI Snap on Protector Hard Case For iPad: $3.99 (originally $27.99)
USB Sync and Charging Cable for iPhone: $.91 (originally $12.60)
Stereo Earphones for iPhone: $1.99 (originally $9.95)

WINNER: Lisa C. / Eliminated: Laura T.

  • beatBD_award
  • $19.94 spent
  • $119.06 saved
    85.65% off

Lisa C.


A great black pump is a must have! I haven't had one but when I spotted this HOT Deal + FREE Shipping at DSW, I couldn't pass it up. Now that I have the outfit AND the shoes, I need a great date night....hint hint hubby. ;)
(Read more about Lisa's deals)

SM Luxe Glitz Pump: $19.94 (originally $139.00)

  • $19.60 spent
  • $62.40 saved
    76.10% off

Laura T.


I really concentrated on items I NEEDED for spring as its often easier to buy items out of season. I wanted to show you how you can save on in season items too! My kids love Hershey candy and I found that Amazon was offering 25% off Easter Candy. I got another 20% off by using my Amazon.com credit card, applied an Amazon Rewards Points credit, and took advantage of another Amazon deal for $5 for a $10 Amazon credit so really I got three bags of candy originally priced at $37.50 for free. Then because I needed a Navy top for my son's baseball team colors, I took advantage of the Victoria's Double Rewards Card Promo! You can get TWO $10 or higher gift cards with every $10+ purchase on Victoria's Secret website - just use code SECRET12 at checkout! I also knew I could get 20% off from Brads Deals mention of 20STYLE. NICE!
(Read more about Laura's deals)

Hershey's Easter Candy Assortment (3 bags): $0 (originally $37.50)
Sweetheart Bra Top: $19.60 (originally $24.50)
Two $10 Victoria's Secret rewards cards: $0 (originally $20.00)

WINNER: Kim J. / Eliminated: Tiffany M.

  • beatBD_award
  • $24.38 spent
  • $223.60 saved
    90.17% off

Kim J.


I decided to see how far $25 could take me on items that I need for my family. The first deal is for my sweet one and 1/2 year old daughter. She is my only little girl (I have 2 boys as well) so I love shopping at Zulily and getting boutique style clothing at rock bottom prices. Plus when you refer your friends to Zulily or pin your favorite deals to Pinterest you receive an additional $15 credit when friends make their first Zulily purchase, and I applied my credit to my purchase. The Coastal Contacts glasses are for my mom since she always seems to be squinting at the computer and well anything she reads - she really needed them! I purchased the heart bracelet from SuperJeweler for my favorite 11 year old girl who has a birthday approaching. The iphone cases from iPhoneCaseMall.com are just a smokin' hot deal that I can stash away in the gift closet, and last but not least I can take my family (myself and 3 kids) out to dinner with many Kids Eat Free restaurants featured on Restaurant.com for just $3! Nothing like a date night with the kids for under $5!

Gray Floral Tunic & Leggings: $0 (originally $30.00)
Calvin Klein prescription eye glasses: $0 (originally $98.00)
Dangling Single Heart Charm Bracelet: $8.79 (originally $49.99)
iPhone 4S Accesssories Pack: $12.59 (originally $44.99)
Restaurant.com Gift Card: $3.00 (originally $25.00)

  • $18.74 spent
  • $13.26 saved
    41.44% off

Tiffany M.


I totally love the Vera Bradley Photobook. My sister is about to have a have a baby girl so I am going to use it as a gift for her. I also grabbed 4 shirts for my son from the The Children's Place. I absolutely love that store for his clothes. The have a great sale going on right now!!

Vera Bradley Photo Book: $5.99 (originally $10.00)
Boys Striped Polo: $6.80 (originally $12.50)
Boys Sports Matchables Tank: $5.95 (originally $9.50)

WINNER: Laura D. / Eliminated: Cori N.

  • beatBD_award
  • $22.60 spent
  • $289.40 saved
    92.76% off

Laura D.


For 8 items at Newport News, I just spent $22.60 + shipping --- regular price was $312!!!!! I got an additional 80% off by using the link I found on Brad's Deals, making my total just $22.60 + shipping! Perfect deal for Mom! I usually don't get myself a lot of clothes as the kids come first, so something like this was great!
(Read more about Laura's deals)

Print V-Neck Pocket Tee: $1.21 (originally $39.00)
Lace Bra by Shape FX (2): $1.21 (originally $29.00)
Lace Corset by Shape FX (2): $1.22 (originally $49.00)
Cap Sleeve V-Neck Tee: $3.65 (originally $19.00)
Shirred Tank Top: $4.62 (originally $44.00)
Ruffle Trim Halter Dress: $8.26 (originally $54.00)

  • $24.99 spent
  • $90.00 saved
    78.27% off

Cori N.


I have always wanted a pair of boots but living in Florida it was never necessity, only a splurge. Now I have my first pair of boots! I just have to keep my shoe obsessed daughter out of them! Shipping to my local Sears was free and my order is already available for pick-up. There were many other deals I considered spending the balance of the $25 on but none would really save me as much in the end as the money I will save with the Entertainment Book - especially for 50% off and free shipping! It will save me hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dining, entertainment, and more which means more fun, inexpensive outings with my family to create special memories. Plus, I will have to have my husband take me out to dinner using coupons from the Entertainment Book while I wear my new boots!
(Read more about Cori's deals)

SM New York Women's Boot Marina: $7.49 (originally $79.99)
Entertainment Book: $17.50 (originally $35.00)

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