1-800-Flowers Wins Flower Faceoff!

1-800-Flowers Wins Flower Faceoff!

Posted on February 09, 2011

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, many of you are probably getting prepared to hand over big bucks to flower companies ensuring you get the best bouquet for your special someone.

Good Morning America recently tested rose bouquets from four popular online flower websites to see which one would hold up the longest and be an overall best bang-for-your-buck bargain. We think the result will make your wallet and your significant other very happy.

The Contestants:

1-800-Flowers: A very basic order for roses at $46.80.

ProFlowers: A bouquet of roses for $56.67, with baby's breath included at no extra charge.

FTD: A rose bouquet that included greenery and a nice gift box for $72.33.

Teleflora: A rose bouquet for $104.99, and guaranteed same-day delivery.

The Results:

The overall best bargain, according to this test, was 1-800-Flowers. They were the most basic, but also the least expensive and Good Morning America states that, unlike many of the other merchant's flowers, the 1-800-Flowers bouquet did not wilt through the entire 4 day challenge.

Keep this in mind when shopping for your Valentine's Day sweetheart. The most expensive option is not always the best quality. Even when it comes to fresh flowers, sometimes you really can get more for less.