10 Best Series to Binge Watch on Valentine's Day

10 Best Series to Binge Watch on Valentine's Day

Posted on February 13, 2014

Maybe every desk at your office but yours is sporting a bouquet of roses. Perhaps you can all but guarantee that someone will come back to the office next week with a brand new engagement ring that you'll be obliged to politely squeal over. And maybe it's only going to take one more stupidly cloying diamond commercial to push you over the edge.

Well, good for all those happy couples, but you've got better things to do on Friday night because it's been a long week and your pajama pants are calling. Lucky for you, thanks to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus, it also happens to be a killer night to binge on some distinctly non-Valentine-ish streaming video content. Both Netflix and Amazon have released fresh exclusive content this week, but our list, by the whole Brad's Deals team, is a mix of new and old. And those happy couples are totally missing out. 

So bust out your favorite bunny slippers, open a bottle of wine and order a pizza - this is going to be your best singleton's Valentine's Day ever.

Get Some Pizza

Anti-Valentine's Day IdeasOur top pick for your Friday night pizza party is Papa Murphy's "Heartbaker" Pizza for $7. Pour all of your vengeful anti-Valentine voodoo fantasies into slicing it up, and once you're finished you can literally "eat your heart out". The only downside is that it's take and bake, and you have to pick it up - no delivery here.

If that's going a bit too far for you, check out one of these old standbys:

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  • Pizza Hut - Large 3-Topping Pizza for $7.99 with promo code EEOLG3TOP799
  • Domino's - Choose any 2 select menu items for $5.99 each

The Brad's Deals Top 10 TV Series to Binge Watch

We asked the entire Brad's Deals team for their favorite series to binge watch and came up with a pretty sweet list. These are our Top 10, plus a slew of honorable mentions.

If you don't already have a video streaming service, you'll need to get one. Short on cash? Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus all have free trials. Just be sure to cancel the trial before the subscription fees kick in if you don't want to spend the cash.

  • Netflix - 1-month free trial for instant streaming video ($7.99/month after trial)
  • Amazon Prime - 30 day free trial, including streaming video, an ebook lending library, and free 2-day shipping on Prime-eligible items ($79/year after trial)
  • Hulu Plus - 1-week free trial, or 2-weeks if you get a friend to invite you ($7.99/month after trial)

1) House of Cards 
Netflix proves that it loves you by releasing Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed political thriller on Valentine's Day. From the opening moments of Season 1, you know exactly who Frank Underwood is, and you're compelled to watch as he manipulates everyone around him. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are both divinely wicked. And just like that, my plans for the evening are made.
Available on Netflix.

2) Sherlock
By far the top vote-getter amongst the Brad's Deals crew, Sherlock is a fast-paced, and deliciously witty series produced by the BBC under its Masterpiece Mystery banner. You'll finally realize why all the girls you know on Facebook keep squealing about Benedict Cumberbatch. The only drawback is that the seasons are all too painfully short.
Available on Netflix and Amazon

3) Breaking Bad
You know the phrase, "And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse"? That is the entire series in a nutshell. From the first episode, you wonder how it could possibly get any worse for Walter and Jesse, and then it hilariously and spectacularly just does. If you didn't catch it the first time around, all but the last five episodes are on Netflix. We're hoping those last five are posted soon.
Available on Netflix

4) Doctor Who
Another series mentioned by multiple BradsDealers. If you're not a sci-fi fan you may have written it off. That would be a mistake, as the show throws all of the rules and everything you think you know about sci-fi out the window, emerging as smart and imaginative storytelling that is by turns both delightfully hilarious and utterly heartbreaking. There's plenty of material here to keep you busy for awhile. For the really hardcore fans, Hulu Plus currently is hosting large swaths of classic Doctor Who, starting from its beginnings 50 years ago in 1964.
Available on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus. Doctor Who Classic on Hulu Plus.

5) American Horror Story
Nothing says "romance" like horror, right? Slasher flicks and sweatpants may be an anti-Valentine's Day cliche, but it's hard to dismiss Jessica Lange's Emmy nominated turn in this modern day cult-classic.
Available on Netflix and Amazon

6) Firefly
This short-lived space western by cult-hero Joss Whedon is like eating comfort food while wrapped in your favorite warm blanket. Its cancellation broke so many hearts that they made a pretty excellent movie ("Serenity") just to give the fans some closure. If you're not familiar with Whedon, he's the guy behind The Avengers movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse (another incredibly underrated series you should stream sometime) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Speaking of which...
Available on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus

7) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
If you liked The Avengers but missed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., now is a great time to catch up with the series, currently in its first season, on Hulu Plus. Agents is an Avengers spin off, helmed by Joss Whedon, and we'd watch it for just for Ming Na's portrayal of Melinda May even if we hated everything else about it. Which we don't. Because it's pretty great.
Available on Hulu Plus

8) Orange is the New Black
More original programming from Netflix, this women's prison drama based (loosely) on Piper Kerman's memoir has won rave reviews for its examination of prison issues ranging from sexual orientation, sexual exploitaton, and other eye-opening issues. The opening theme by Regina Spektor, featuring the faces of actual female prisoners, is so haunting that we never fast forward through it. We can't wait for season 2.
Available on Netflix

9) Mad Men
Stylish, hilarious and emotionally brutal, Mad Men is the antithesis of romantic. It's hard to pick a favorite character when everyone is so awful, though you'll undoubtedly find yourself identifying with at least one of them a little more than you're likely to want to admit. If you like your romantic pessimism wrapped up in a pretty retro bow, this is an excellent choice.
Available on Netflix

10) The Walking Dead
You'll be hard pressed to find anything lovey dovey in this excellent bloody and violent zombie apocalypse tale. Who has time for romance when there's a horde of bloodthirsty zombies chasing you through rural Georgia?
Available on Netflix

Honorable Mentions included:
Luther, An Idiot Abroad, 30 Rock, Top Gear, Peep Show, House of Lies, Banshee, Parks and Rec, The West Wing, Alpha House, Battlestar Galactica, The Only Way is Essex, The Good Wife, Suits, Covert Affairs, Friday Night Lights and LOST.

Tell us your favorite TV series for binge-watching in the comments below!