10 Deal-icious Stores to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

10 Deal-icious Stores to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Your dentist totally doesn't want you to read this. Neither does your personal trainer. And it certainly won't help any of your New Years resolutions. But hey, we all crave something sweet from time to time. So why not treat yourself? Inspired by our own case of the afternoon munchies, here are some of the most delicious online stores we know.

Fairytale Brownies Coupon Code

Fairytale Brownies takes the traditional brownie to a whole new level of tastiness.

Fairytale Brownies

Do you love brownies? I mean, REALLY love brownies? Then Fairytale Brownies is the place for you. These guys offer gooey, chocolaty, gourmet brownies to die for, and using coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off your order definitely sweetens the deal.

Shari's Berries

I have three words for you: Chocolate. Covered. Strawberries. Whether drizzled with chocolate, dipped in sprinkles or rolled in colored sugar, these scrumptious berries are so pretty you'll almost feel guilty eating them. But just like biting the head off of your chocolate Easter bunny when you were a kid, you'll totally get over it.  Especially when your order of $29 or more nets you a 15% discount.

Edible Arrangements

Although they're best known for cleverly arranged fruit bouquets, one look at the Edible Arrangements homepage makes it clear that you can get your fruit with a side of chocolate. If the calories bother you, just remember that chocolate is a mood-booster and full of antioxidants. Their "Gifts under $50" page makes it easy to find something that fits your budget, and you can take an additional $3 off with coupon code HBPC0103.


As the classic go-to of chocolate aficionados worldwide, Godiva sets the bar so high that most people equate "Godiva" with "expensive". Can you think of a more decadent treat than Godiva hot cocoa on a cold and snowy winter day? Brag to your friends about that tomorrow. No one has to know that it cost less than $25.

Cheryl's Coupon Code

These Hug Bug cookies from Cheryl's make us squeal over their cuteness.


Adorably decorated cookies are Cheryl's forte, from brightly colored smiley faces to cute lady bug cookies. Check out their Sale page for slightly out of season deliciousness (do your taste buds really know that cookie is shaped like a Christmas tree?) or use coupon code SWEET10 for $10 off your $60 purchase.

Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Cookies, cakes and brownies? Check. Earth-friendly, preservative-free ingredients? Check. Environmentally responsible baking practices? Check. Tons of online discounts and coupon codes available for every conceivable occasion? CHECK! Enough of the checklist. Give me a cookie already.

David's Cookies

If you've ever wished that a box of cookies would just magically show up on your doorstep once a month (and seriously, who doesn't?) then David's Cookies can make your dream a reality. These are the sweetest "of the month" subscriptions available online. In addition to cookie of the month, there are also brownie and cheesecake of the month subscriptions you can buy. Use coupon code DC1029 to score 10% off your purchase of $29.99 or more.

The Popcorn Factory

Oh, popcorn, how easy it is to grab a handful from the tin while passing by. The fact is that you can flavor popcorn with anything from cheese to chocolate and it always ends up delicious. You can get your hands on any regularly priced popcorn treat for $5 off with coupon code 5CART.

Fannie May Coupon Code

Fannie May's FM Artisan assortment is a tasty work of art.

Fannie May Candies

To receive a box of Fannie May is to be treated to a time-honored candy classic. This is the company that put assorted candies on the map. The FM Artisan assortment is a treat for the taste buds and the eyes. You can get your own assorted box of masterpiece chocolates for 15% off with coupon code 13607.

Bake Me A Wish

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too. Well, whoever "they" are, we're about to prove them wrong. Order two cakes and get 10% off your purchase. Et voila. I'm looking at you, Red Velvet Chocolate Cake. And you too, Peanut Butter Mousse Cake! Saving money here is a piece of, well, you know.


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