Would You Pay $1,000 To Ship A Lamp?

Would You Pay $1,000 To Ship A Lamp?

Just last Friday, Overstock took $50 off this Studio Arc Lamp. We had a sneaking suspicion that it had to be the lowest price, but being who we are, we still had to price compare. Surprisingly, results showed two other stores offering the same lamp for $99.99 plus free shipping.  The grand total for this Bauhaus inspired lighting fixture? $102.95.

$100 Arc Lamp from Overstock

Where were you, when I needed you, $100 Arc Lamp?

After digging deeper, we discovered that offer #1 was actually $99.99 plus $1,000 shipping! This offer has since been taken off the site (was it a joke?).

Offer #2 comes from none other than the almighty Amazon, which at $99.50 appears to be the best deal in most search engines.  Alas, you open the page you'll find that the lamp is only available through a third party vendor, which runs you another $24.49 for shipping, plus taxes. Just as we suspected, Overstock's deal reigns supreme.

Maybe this is Brad's Deals humor, but the $1,000 shipping charge for a $100 lamp had us falling out of our office chairs laughing this past Friday morning.  This just goes to show that sometimes a deal might seem great on the surface, but once you dig deeper, other factors such as shipping rates or sales tax drive the price up.

So let's hear it. What is the most outrageous shipping charge you've ever seen?