11 Reasons to Shop at Home This Holiday Season (Unless Viewing the Festive Decorations)

11 Reasons to Shop at Home This Holiday Season (Unless Viewing the Festive Decorations)

Holiday shoppers gazing at Christmas tree, but online shopping is better

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While we agree with Andy Williams this is certainly one of the hap-happiest times of year, it can also mean stress and excessive spending for many. At BradsDeals we believe online shopping can be the cure for these common holiday headaches. Here are eleven reasons why you should stay merry and leave the blues behind by staying out of stores this holiday season.

  1. There's no better way to price compare than shopping online. With the click of your mouse you can make sure you're getting the best deal on whatever you're purchasing. If that seems like too much work, we do the research for you! We never post a deal that isn't the best deal out there. So what's even better than shopping online? Shopping at BradsDeals! Save time and money.
  2. There are many sales during this season that aren't available in stores. Because online retailers don't have the overhead costs of their brick and mortar counterparts, they are often able to offer deeper discounts than in-store. Some great examples are: This Sony HD Camcorder is $289 with free shipping at BuyDig.com, the lowest price we could find by $67. Through 12/18, BuildaBear.com takes 25% off pre-made gifts with code 97192. Get 25% off your entire order at Chico's with code 15429 through 12/13. We even bring you 60 days of exclusive Bradsdeals savings!
  3. You can often avoid sales tax. Unless you live in the lucky states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Oregon, or New Hampshire, there is sales tax attached to the price of your holiday gift. Especially when purchasing electronics, the price of an item could end up being hundreds of dollars more than the pricetag! Many online sites do not charge sales tax or only charge in certain states where they have a physical presence such as Overstock (except UT), BuyDig (except NY), ShopBop (except NY and WI) and Jewelry.com. We always factor sales tax costs into all of our deals: it can make or break the best price.
  4. You avoid the crowds. We live in Chicago, and our main shopping thoroughfare Michigan Avenue is packed solid during regular shopping hours from December 1-24 with shoppers and tourists alike. We bet your local main street or mall is too. Avoid fighting over the last 64GB WiFi iPad with what looked like a friendly father. It can be a a scary place out there.
  5. You can get your shopping done faster, earlier and on your own time. No need to make an extra trip after work to the mall or take a "sick" day in December. Get your shopping done during your lunch hour or while you're watching the latest episode of Modern Family. Online, the stores are always open. Trust me, when your Dad/best friend/spouse is running around Christmas Eve trying to find that PS3, you'll be relaxing at home in your snuggie sipping hot chocolate and quietly gloating that you got all your shopping done in plenty of time. And don't worry, many online retailers start to offer free expedited shipping for procrastinators the closer we creep toward the big day.
  6. You avoid the cold. OK, so this may not apply to you if you live in California/Florida/the South, but like we said, we live in Chicago. Brrrrr. If you live in one of those places, feel free to change this reason to "You can shop without pants on" or "You can shop without your wig on."
  7. All your favorite stores in one location. Chances are all the stores you need to hit this holiday season aren't in one mall or shopping boulevard. But, we've got all your favorite stores available in one spot...voilà! The Internet!
  8. You will avoid extra costs like parking, gas, and bus/train fees. This is one people probably don't think of often, but all those trips to your favorite shops is costing you in some way via transportation. Gas and parking can get expensive, and here in Chicago transportation via the bus/train would cost $4.50 and up per round-trip journey.
  9. You can have your items gift wrapped for you. Wrapping presents is actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping, but a lot of people hate wrapping presents or it simply isn't a part of their skill set. Many online stores offer free gift wrapping as an option during the holiday season or for a small fee.
  10. There are lots of stores/items that are only available online. We think these t-shirts from Busted Tees are hilarious, and are a great gift for your brother/nephew/friend who loves cool t-shirts, but they're only available online. With great deals like this one online, why would we go to a store?
  11. Easier to locate hard to find items. If your local toy store is out of ThunderCat toys, somewhere online probably has it, and probably at a lower price.

Now, believe it or not, we realize there are some things you can't get out of online holiday shopping. While relaxing on your couch and browsing through digital cameras for your mom at BeachCamera.com, you won't also be able to view twinkling lights and the resident mall Santa. You also won't be able to sing and dance through store aisles to popular Christmas music. But, turn on your favorite Christmas Pandora station and put your laptop near your Christmas tree/Hanukkah menorah/Kwanzaa Kinara and we bet you can simulate a similar experience.

Now that your shopping is done and your holiday is stress free, where is your favorite place to decoration gaze? Let us know in the comments below! Or let us know how you're saving money this holiday season!

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