BradsDeals 12 Days of Prizes Giveaway!

BradsDeals 12 Days of Prizes Giveaway!

This holiday giveaway may be over, but you can still win super sweet swag from BradsDeals! Check out our most recent contests and giveaways, or sign up to receive our email alerts to be notified when new contests are posted.

We don't mean to brag or anything, but most of us here at Team BradsDeals can find some pretty great gifts at really low prices. We're constantly looking through deal after deal, so its no surprise we get our hands on them as soon as we post them on the site. We want you to start guessing which gifts are deemed worthy enough to be under the BradsDeals Christmas Tree.

Starting tomorrow (Monday, December 12), we will begin our 12 Days of Prizes Giveaway!

Christmas Gift Giveaway

Guess the Holiday Gift under our tree and WIN!

  1. Each day we will add a new gift under the tree
  2. We will announce clues for that gift periodically throughout the day on our Facebook Page
  3. You may only guess ONCE per clue on Facebook- all other guesses after your first will not be valid (and will help your competitors!)
  4. The first person to guess the gift correctly will win a prize (prizes will be announced with the first clue).

The winner will be contacted directly via Facebook after guessing the correct item. Prizes will be shipped directly to the recipient after the day's contest has ended.

Contest ends 12/23 with the first correct guess of our final prize. Good luck to everyone!


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