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Announcing 12 Days of Giveaways Winners!

Here are winners for the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways:

Day 1: Eight $51 Gift Certificates to Moosejaw (see details)
Winners: Lisa A. of Portland, OR; Susan S. from Arvada, CO; Alexis R. of Rogersville, MO; Francesca F. of Newport, MI; Blake C. of Waco, TX; James H. of Atlanta; Wendy P. of Greenville, NC and Terry K. of Grand Rapids, MI!

Day 2: Four Inspiron Mini 10v Netbooks from Dell (see details)
Winners: Gerri D. of Bonaire, GA; Chris P. of Fredericksburg, VA; Teri P. of Redford, MI; and Lafayette B. of Winston-Salem, NC!

Day 3: An Xbox 360 + a $100 eCertificate from Overstock.com (see details)
Winner: Betty N. of Copperas Cove, TX!

Day 4: A $300 Beauty Product Package from Bliss (see details)
Winner: Katie H. of Chicago, IL!

Day 5: A $995 Movado Meza Watch from Ashford.com (see details)
Winner: Leo S.

Day 6: Three $100 e-Certificates to SmartBargains.com (see details)
Winners: Kelly M. of Hebron, KY; Keely H. of Milton, PA and Vicki K. from Butler, PA!

Day 7: Three $100 e-Certificates to FinishLine.com (see details)
Winners: Kristen L. of Fishers, IN, Linda M. of Huntsville, AL and Kerry B. of Melrose, Park, IL!

Day 8: A Nintendo Wii plus Wii Fit (see details)
Winner: Karen T. of Nixa, MO!

"Oh My Gosh! I am so excited!!!! Thank you so much!!! I had 2 strokes in April and this is exactly what was suggested for me to use but, could never quite fit it in the budget. Plus our soldier son is home for the holidays and he will be so excited!! Thank you!!!!!!"

Day 9: A Women's Movado Capri Watch from The Watchery (see details)
Winner: Tony L. of Chicago Heights, IL

Day 10: One of Five Balance Ball Chairs from Gaiam (see details)
Winners: Jill A. of Brookville, PA; Phyllis R. of Bluffton, OH; Michelle R. of Riverside, CA; Charlotte C. of Pueblo, CO and Amber S. of Beavercreek, OH!

Day 11: 6 Months of Flower Delivery from ProFlowers (see details)
Winner: Nikki G. of Austin, TX

Day 12: Four $100 Gift Certificates to Restaurant.com (see details)
Winners: Debbie F. of Hickory, NC; Linda N. of Coxs Creek, KY; Ron N. of Atoka, TN; Janice P. of Chicago, IL

50 Responses to “Announcing 12 Days of Giveaways Winners!”

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  2. Madeline Vera says:

    This X-Mas I will not be able to give my family gifts due to no minies : ( I am a subscriber of Bradsdeals. I entered 12 dys of giveaway hoping I win the Wii Console & Wii Fit to give to them ….. and not be empty handed comes X-Mas day. Merry X-Mas to all ….. Madeline V.

    • belinda says:

      Really madeline If All I was worried about was giving someone something like that a wii come one if u where that broke cut off your net and use that so u could by so many people have forgotten the soldiers and all those others christmas is more than getting stuff.

    • Madeline, know how you feel. I’ve had 2 surgeries in the past 5 weeks and not able to work & won’t be until the end of January – we’re living on SS income alone and believe me, that doesn’t go very far. We have a 17 yr old who is a Sr (grandchild we got @ 6 weeks & adopted). Boy, is being a Sr expensive!! We’ve done without to be able to furnish her the basics required for graduation – we won’t even talk about Christmas. Although she’s 17 and says she understands, it really hurts us. On top of that, we have 6 great grandchildren all under 10 and those are the ones the family has chosen to give gifts to – I don’t even know where that’s coming from. Thankfully, one only wants a Yo-Yo and some flavored lip gloss.
      So, HANG in there, Madeline! God provides in his time.

      • I also enter everyday in hopes of winning something that will be suitable for some of the great grandchildren. I use to buy lottery tickets but can’t even afford to do that any more. I’ve found Brad’s deals to be the best spot for good deals. I did get our daughter a pair of “substitute boots-she wanted UGS but found some from Brad that look just like thm but only cost $22 with FREE SHIPPING!! THANKS BRAD!!

    • LaShona W says:

      Madeline, believe me a whole lot of people feels your pain. I have had 4 different jobs this year and not by choice having to except lesser pay just to make ends meet. November was the first month this year I was able to pay my rent on time versus the end of the month. I too participated in hopes of a suitable family gift. My kids have been begging for a wii since they came out. Please keep faith and do not be discouraged. Be happy for the others that have won great gifts. Good things will come your way. I know it. Our children do understand but I know by us being the providers it hurts our hearts when we can’t provide. I’m glad I found Bradsdeals I was able to give each kid one gift. It’s not much but they do know what the spirit of Christmas is all about. I just tell them better days will come. You and your family are in my prayers. God bless!

    • David says:

      Madeline, what’s wrong with the word “Christmas” ??

  3. lashona says:

    I love this site. I’m recommending this site to all my friends. Just joined a week ago and I have saved so much money already, by being able to do more for my family and even a little donating. This truely helps a single parent out. Thanks so much!

  4. Jessica Neblett says:

    I think you are a ROCKSTAR!!!! Your site is the best by far!!

    • Patricia says:

      Hey Pam, If that money u saved is clogging up your pockets, I know where u can send it. LOL So glad for you…Merry Christmas

  5. Pam says:

    OMG, I have saved over $100.00 this week alone. Thanks Brad!!! Your site is truly awesome.

  6. Robert H. Hughes says:

    My girlfriend turned me onto this site!!!!! It Rocks. Not only have I bought a whole bunch of stuff for Xmas, but my girl has benefitted as well! She just doesn’t know it yet! LOL Rock on Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. NANCY says:

    BRADSDEALS is addictive…. I must view it daily to see the specials, and don’t forget to print your coupons before you head to the malls!!! Thanks for all the savings!!!

  8. d holmes says:

    you have the best site! thank you so much for keeping up on all the deals daily! we appreciate you!!!!

  9. YESENIA says:

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this site. I have saved soooo much money. I also learned about deals that I was not even aware of. Being the sole provider and then getting laid off has been rough. However, because of your deals, I was able to purchase gifts for my family. Thanks Brad for all your work! Have a safe and blessed holiday.

  10. Dee says:

    This website is in our favorites and we check it out daily.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas because your deals have made our Christmas wonderful! Thank you!!!

  11. Pat Stridsberg says:

    I check this site every day. It is truly wonderful. Thanks so much for keeping it up to date and all the work it must be!

  12. Brett says:

    I’ve up to over $150 in true savings on quality items! Thanks Brad! I had no idea that there were so many great deals out there! Wow!

  13. Patricia says:

    HI everyone, Isn’t this a great site. Thanks Brad for all you done. I need to VENT… I just want to say this is the 1st time in 41 years I will awake on Christmas & there will be no child in our home. I am so bummed by this. My daughter wants to have Christmas Morning in their home. Just because they are the parents, you’d think they gave birth to this child or something. LOL Is this empty nest syndrome or should I be jumping for joy. Thanks for listening, just needed to vent so no one would get hurt feelings. Merry Christmas wishes to all & a Blessed New year.

    • LaShona W says:

      Patricia shame on her. Lol! I’m a parent of 3 and we always spend christmas at my moms, all her grown kids that are here in town do. We all have our own children. She makes us think she would like for us to be at our own homes but I think she is fibbing. Lol! Give her this year, and tell her thats it. I would go spend the night there christmas eve. Have a Merry Christmas!

  14. tony says:

    thanks brad best site for deals keep it going happy holidays its christmas everyday at bradsdeals.

  15. JILL says:

    I have been entering everyday and i can’t believe I won!!
    I am so excited. I love this site. It is great. Thanks so much for all your hard work Brad.

  16. michelle rosborough says:

    Wow, entering daily has paid off, I won !!!! Looking forward to using Balance Ball Chairs from Gaiam. Still can’t believe I won !!!!!

  17. Janetta says:

    It is a wonderfully helpful site. we’re pinching every penny we can while waiting for my double lung transplant. Like I’ve told people who’ve donated money to help us, weather its a dollar or a hundred dollars every little bit helps. So does saving it. My mom always told me a penny saved is a penny earned. Sincerely, Janetta

  18. Amber says:

    Just want to say THANK YOU! We had a sudden death in the family December 2nd and things got chaotic. I was able to utilize your website and do 80% of my shopping online with out leaving my home. AND it saved me tons of money and the stress of store shopping. I got my exteneded family hooked now as well.
    Thanks for making a rough holiday season lighter on me!

  19. Claudia M says:

    saved big $$ using this Site and the great Deals ! thanks :)

    I am wishing Everyone Happy and safe holidays !!!

  20. kelli m says:

    yay! I won $100 to SmartBargains.com! I haven’t recieved the information to use it as of yet, but i’m looking forward to it and will keep you updated. Thanks Brad! :)

  21. Kelli mcmullen says:

    I won $100 to smartbargain.com but have yet to recieve it. I’m very happy though and will update hopefully soon when I get the prize!

    • Brad says:

      Hi Kelli, I’m waiting to get the e-certificate from SmartBargains. I don’t imagine it will be much longer. Will email you the minute I get it!

  22. Kristen says:

    Hi! Let me first say I love your website!!! I was one of the winners for day 7 (finish line) and wanted to know when I should expect the email with the e-certificate as I have not received it yet. Thanks! (:

    • Brad says:

      Hi Kristen! Thanks – glad to hear! I thought this would be an ecertificate (in which case you’d have received it via email already) but it is a physical gift card. It was sent out yesterday so let me know if you don’t receive it in short order!

      • Kristen says:

        Hi Brad! I wanted to inform you that I still have not received the Finish Line gift certifcate via mail. Could you check on this for me? Thank you so much!!

      • Brad says:

        Kristen, it has been sent so please confirm if you still haven’t received. Email me if so for tracking info.

  23. Karen Todd says:

    Brad you are the best!! I recieved the Wii and the Wii Fit this morning!! Our soldier son is home on leave for a few more days…he and Dad had a blast getting their “Wii Sports” on all afternoon!!
    He has 4 months of training left as a Combat Medic….then off to his permanent duty station…think I’ll try and “master” the wii fit in these next 4 months then, box it up and surprise him with a package from home :)
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
    Your website and you are the best!! Thank you!!!

  24. Ron says:

    Why are the winners for days 11 and 12 not posted?

  25. MELANIE says:


  26. Ron says:

    Great site! I really enjoy looking over the deals and it’s even better when i find one that will save me money.
    I was contacted as a winner of one of the restaurant.com gift certificate. I replied with the requested info but have not heard anything? Can you update me on the status of the prize?

  27. janice porrata says:

    Hey, I got an email about 2 weeks ago claiming i was a winner of a 100 gift card for restaurant.com. I replied to the email a couple days later and havent recieved a confirmation. Am I still a winner?

  28. YESENIA says:

    I was wondering… what happens with the prizes if no one claims them? If the winners that were chosen do not respond, do those prizes get raffled off again? I was just wondering since there are prizes that are not claimed yet.

    • Brad says:

      We give everyone 15 days to respond and then award it to someone else. A fair amount of people don’t respond. That’s why it’s been slow announcing the last few winners. One poor person responded on the 17th day but it had already been given away!

  29. Nikki Griffith says:

    Brad you have the most addictive website. You really have zoned in on what a shopaholics wants and helped people be able to afford everyday necessities. I am pumped about my winnings. 6 months of fresh flower deliveries from Proflowers! Now I get to have a pretty home & office month after month. Thank you for your fun giveway.

  30. Mary Kennedy says:

    I have to agree this website is absolutely terrific.I too scan everyday for bargains,and most of the time I find good ones. I have even recommened this site to my sister in Australia. Some vendors will ship to international desitinations. Keep the bargains coming, because I’m certainly always looking.
    Mary K from NJ

  31. DORENE K says:

    I think this is a great site with so many great deals.

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