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This Amazon giftcard giveaway may be over, but you can still win super sweet swag from BradsDeals! Check out our most recent contests and giveaways, or sign up to receive our email alerts to be notified when new contests are posted.

Update: I've picked all the winners for March 1st-10th! Congrats to Kristen, Heather, Joe, Mack2D2, dmikos21, Josh, hanginout1221, Sandra H, 1tony165 and zmusique on winning $25 to Amazon!

I know many of you have noticed several little changes to BradsDeals over the past few days. I'll be introducing all of them but one of the best is the new commenting system for deals and coupons.  I think you'll find it easy as well as robust and it should help all of the BradsDeals Community by providing an easy outlet for additional tips, deals, coupons, reviews and questions that are from all of us and for all of us. You can login either with your Facebook username and password or with credentials from Disqus, the service powering the commenting.

To get things kicked off properly, I'm going to give away one $25 Amazon gift certificate every day between March 1st and March 10th to one lucky commenter.  Up to 5 comments per day will count as entries.  I'd highly suggest checking off "Subscribe to all comments by email" because winners will be notified by a reply to their own comment.  Good luck - and please let me know of any feedback!

Just to clarify: the new commenting for deals and coupons is separate from the BradsDeals Blog comments so please don't enter on the blog!  Try here, for example.

408 Responses to “Want a free $25 Amazon Gift Certificate?”

  1. Tushima says:

    Thanks Bradsdeals! I bought 2 pair of shoes and I’ve been looking for these shoes for the longest. Not only I got the shoes, I got a deal on them, over 50% off on 1 of the pairs! I am soooo excited, and can’t wait till they arrive!
    I look forward to my bradsdeal alert everyday in my inbox. I love to see what’s going to be in it!

  2. R1955 says:

    I have not bought a single thing through Brad deal but I keep looking and hoping one day I may get to buy something that I find has the right value for the money. Not that you do not publsih great deals but my needs are quaint. But I love to keep seeing , now and then , how much saving is made possible through deals. Keep going. Nice format ,
    A suggestion : if you could add a rating by users to each deal and float the highest to the top of your list, that may be very convinient and helpful.

  3. Glenda says:

    I’m very new to Brads Deals but really like what I see. I’m looking forward to following the deals and taking advantage as time and $ allows in the future. Would love to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate too! Keep up the good work!

  4. Kathy says:

    I love Brad’s Deals. Have gotten some great bargains.

  5. Bobbi says:

    Brad’s Deals is better than sliced bread. How many of you, I wonder, can relate to that?

  6. isis7 says:

    Deals on the Dyson vacuum was wonderful.

  7. Joyce H says:

    Love Bradsdeals! I have purchased many things through it. Hope to win the $25 gift cert!!

  8. Robin finke says:

    My son loved his Christian Audigier shirt from 6pm at a fraction of the cost.

  9. jodi says:

    Brad, I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to make this website happen. Each day I anxiously await my email so I can see all the great deals & how much people can save on things during these hard economic times. Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to do this fo all of us!!


  10. Nikiya says:

    I love BradsDeals! I have already saved tons of money by checking in regularly. Glad to know someone out there is doing the work for me!

  11. Graylee says:

    The College Sweatshirts I bought from Brad’s deal were AMAZING! Perfect fit and WAY BETTER than I could have even expected! (~_~) Thanks for always having a great choice of “Deals”

  12. David says:

    Brad’s Deals is very much informative. I have made a couple of purchases from the leads of Brad’s Deals

  13. lara says:

    I love the look of your emails – very professional; so glad that you spend the time to make it look so nice; and it is easy to get to all the deals – just click and poof, you are there

    thanks for all your work,

  14. Cindy says:

    I have found literally tons of bargains thru brad’s deals..I must’ve saved over $200. alone at Christmas! Keep digging up those deals, Brad and THANKS!!!

  15. pam says:

    I love brads deals! Everyone should have this site in their fovoritsa!!!!!

  16. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the daily updateson deals!

  17. Charlie says:

    I still receive the offers the day after (or during the night) for the previous days deals. When the deals are one day only, the emails are arriving too late.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Charlie, sorry about this. It is actually a Yahoo mail thing. They’re system really hasn’t been upgraded in years. We’re trying to work with them to correct it. They are getting the email well before they deliver it to you. It doesn’t make much sense. In the mean time, if there’s a secondary non-Yahoo address you have, send me an email (brad — at — bradsdeals — dot com) and I can switch it for you. Gmail is by far the most hassle-free.

  18. Colletta says:

    I love Bradsdeals.com!! I tell everyone about the site. There’s no better way to find great deals on everything from clothes to electronics. Bradsdeals.com let me know that a dress I wanted went from $118 to $24.99!

  19. Kathy says:

    I go to Brads Deals every day. I can’t wait to see the new bargains out there. Thank you.

  20. Fran says:

    I love the deals that I have seen on Bradsdeals so far. I have purchased from several stores. THIS IS A GREAT SITE FOR BARGINS.

  21. Lisa Beard says:

    I look forward to finding Brad’s Deals in my email inbox…It is absolutely my favorite part of the day…looking and finding deals for everyone I know..especially myself..I have found the best deals and love passing on the secret to my successful finds! Thank you Brad’s Deals!

  22. maggie says:

    i am a new member to the Brads Deals family
    i am addicted
    a guy i work with, name happens to be Brad, talked about this site forever,….i thought he was full of it
    no way…this site is totally awesome and all my friends are signing up…the sites are easy to access and the variety of deals is great….next thing i am gonna ck out Restaurant. com….my Brad loves that site…later gators

  23. Joyce H says:

    Great site!! Love the bargains…..I have purchased many things through BradsDeals and love it!

  24. Heidi says:

    What a great way to make my morning commute on the el go just a little bit faster! Thanks for doing all the work to find us the deals.

  25. Heather Birkman says:

    I love your site. I just started using it and have already found some GOOD DEALS on it. Thanks so much.

  26. Mary M. says:

    I purchased a great quality set of Henckel knives yesterday for my daughter. I wanted to give her 3 specific basics and I found the exact starter knives I was looking for sold as a set on Brads Deals. After pricing out the knives “a la carte”, it was like getting the 4″ paring knife, sharpening steel and the knife block to put them in for free! Oh, and they also gave me a free sharpener! Thanks Brads Deals!

  27. Keely says:

    I look forward to the deals every day!!!

  28. Emerie says:

    I bought some items from your daily deals. :) Thank you so much!

  29. Jeannette J says:

    BradsDeals are a major part of my daily search for bargins.The deals that Brad comes up with are truley amazing.I have saved hundreds on this site.Brad really tries to get you a lot of bang for your buck.BradsDeals emails is the first email thay I open up everyday.

  30. Sheri J. says:

    Don’t know what I would do without Bradsdeals. I don’t go anywhere without checking Bradsdeals first. I have turned my co-workers on to the site as well. Luv Ya!

  31. Keely says:

    Used a couple deals today. Thanks again for the work you do!

  32. rosemary says:

    Great deals every day.

  33. D Russell says:

    I have recommended this site to several of my friends, who recommended it to their friends. Every week, we look forward to reading–and sometimes purchasing–some of the bargain items mentioned.

  34. cj says:

    Aw, last chance :(
    But, still a chance…thanx Brad

  35. mandy1011 says:

    I love bradsdeals, I subscribe and check them out everyday. Thanks for the info, love it!!!

  36. Diana Hill says:

    I love getting and look forward to my brads deals alerts! One of the first things I look for in my emails daily! I have bought a few items that you have posted and passed on alot of deals to friends that have purchased them. Great deals… thanks for saving me money.. Love to get in on the amazon code contest. Not sure how this works.

  37. I look forward to recieving Brad’s deals every day

  38. rosemary says:

    good luck

  39. Sara Brennan says:

    Hi brad…

    I was wanting to let you know (if you did’nt already) that disneyoutlet.com is offering 20 % off your entire order plus 5.00 shipping on 89 dollars or more … I ordered alot of things last night and thought others might want to know about this deal ! Happy shopping !

    … P.S. could really use one of the 25.00 amazon gc !
    ;0 …

    • Sara Brennan says:

      Brad … i noticed that you guys still had’nt posted this deal …… Just seeing if I could make it catchier for you !! :)

  40. Jen Nicks says:

    I love recieving Brads Deal daily – I have saved so much with the deals!!

  41. Tammy says:

    Love the deals, told many people about them.

  42. Andrea D says:

    I really love your site. For years you were one of the few sites that did the black friday deals. I check everyday to see what bargains are posted!
    Thanks :)

  43. glynis says:

    Love the deals, not only do I use them, I pass them on. Great work!

  44. Tushima says:

    The first thing I do when I log on, I look for my bradsdeal alert. I am going MAJOR shopping tomorrow so I need to make sure I get the best prices there is…So I can get more for my money :-) Thanks so much Brad for putting all the deals in 1 email for me. You don’t know how much I really appreciate you!

  45. Mimi Benton says:

    Ever since I joined Brads Deals, I just can’t get enough of it!I look forward to each and every email I receive! Before I open any email whether its personal or its one of my freebie newsletter, the first email I look to open is Brads Deals! I love looking to see what good deal I can get through the email! Of course, I joined on Facebook! So Brad, we are joined at the hip! Keep up the great work because I am always looking for a good deal or bargain especially in these economic times! Thanks for everything!

  46. rosemary says:

    great deals every day

  47. Lisa says:

    This site is awesome. It alerts me to all the newest and greatest deals on the items I normally shop for! I have recommended it to everyone I know and will be a loyal follower! Thanks for the savings!

  48. Bonnie says:

    I am a BradsDeals junkie. I am not alone in my addiction. I personally have introduced family and friends to this natural high. BradsDeals have freed up much of my time that was spent looking for a new high, by supplying me with the best deals around. Here’s something I can bring to the table… 40% off at Chadwicks.com, good on any item or your most expensive item. This code expires 4/29/10. Code: CH24755

    Gotta love BradsDeals!

  49. Shante Duncan says:

    Thanks so much for all that you guy’s do. it’s nice to have something like this in these hard times.

  50. D Russell says:

    I’m addicted to BradsDeals!

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