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Party Time: Smirnoff Vodka $1 Per Bottle!

Smirnoff Vodka DiscountWho wants super cheap summer cocktails?

Over the last few weeks in Chicago (and elsewhere, I'm sure) there have been coupons stuffed in the newspaper circulars for $5 off 2 bottles of Diageo products. Looking through circulars at shoplocal.com for any particular deals on Diageo (owner of Smirnoff) products, I also noticed Smirnoff on sale for $10 at Jewel and CVS.  OK, good start: 2 bottles for $15.

It gets better with the entrance of this $50 mail-in rebate valid on 8+ bottles.  Yes, 8+ bottles. :)

Further, many stores in Chicago (Jewel, for instance) will give you 10% off with a minimum bottle purchase (usually at least 4-6 bottles).

The math (party time is temporarily over) is that you get 8 bottles at $10 each, for a total of $80; minus 10% off so now you're at $72; plus with $5 off every 2 bottles you're at $52 and then there's $50 back via rebate.  So you're literally paying $2 for 8 bottles.  Add $6-$8 in tax to the pre-rebate price, though. Regardless, you're paying roughly $1 per bottle!

Of note: the rebate is valid on ALL Diageo products including Ketel One, Captain Morgan's, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray and more.  Also, the rebate expires 7/17.

And if mixed drinks aren't your thing, we just found the best deal ever on the BeerTender, which accepts a Heineken mini-keg.  It has dropped from $129 to $65 after a coupon code.  Either way, it will make for the cheapest party you've thrown since college.

About the Author: Brad Wilson

Brad is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brad's Deals and Brad's Black Friday, as well as and author of Do More, Spend Less. He loves the game of hunting down the best deals and being able to spread the word to so many others. He is likely travel hacking his way around the world right now, trying to spend his millions of points and miles faster than he earns them!

12 Responses to “Party Time: Smirnoff Vodka $1 Per Bottle!”

  1. alberta hardison says:

    what if you don’t live in chicago

    • Brad says:

      the rebate is for anyone. the sale prices, coupons, etc. are totally dependent on your local paper. the link to shoplocal should help with that.

  2. joel says:

    what if you don`t drink?

  3. Brad says:

    than i would advise against buying 8 bottles of alcohol, though at this price you could probably flip them to someone else and make out pretty well.

  4. Adam says:

    Posted on my facebook and shared with my midwest friends. Even if I can’t use it in Philly I’m hoping one of them can take advantage of the discount. Thanks!

  5. Shopper says:

    Our friends group oftenally have party in weekend. We have many thing and Vodka is also a important part of that small party. Now we will must try that discount in our party. Thanks for sharing that thing and make our party more enjoyable for us.

  6. betsy ross says:

    what are the hours for your Today only bargains

  7. betsy ross says:

    where can i find coupons for Smirnoff?

  8. Everybody says:

    What if I DO drink, but DON’T live in the U.S., but DID download some coupons, but now they DON’T work because they are expired, but I DO know how to build a time machine, but DIDN’T have a haircut?

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