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96 Responses to “The $700 Restaurant Giveaway!”

  1. Nancy Crowder says:

    While dining at a well-known restaurant, I observed a man do the following: Ketchup would not flow out of the bottle, so he licked his knife, inserted it in the bottle and pulled out the ketchup. I almost got sick. When our waitress arrived with our food, I reported him. I suppose this is a good reason for condiment packs instead of bottles.

  2. Roger Vest says:

    While sitting in a drivethrough at wellknown fastfood restaurant, we could see the employee with the headset smoking outside the store and talking on her cellphone while cars backed up. When we started asking if anyone was there, she acted as if we were raining on her parade.

  3. Alida VanKerkoerle says:

    We decided to use a certificate given to us as a gift for a restaurant we rather liked. We arrived to find the parking lot strangely empty looking. Sure enough the restaurant was closed just like that! So, we have a certificate totally wasted!!!

  4. Heidi says:

    In a visit to a chain rest. my date and I were seated by the hostes and given menues. Several min later the bus boy gave us water and a small dish of mixed vegtables. This is when the service stopped. Once we chose our dinner we wanted a waiter/watress to place the order with. We waved down one and she took our drink order but, informed us this was not her table, She would get us the drinks but our order would be taken by the service person who had that station.
    Well I guess no one had this station because 20 min latter and 3 more requests and we had yet to have a waiter. We had finished the drinks, water, vegies and our patients.
    The bus boy came again to fill up the water and we found out part of our problem was “me no speak english.”
    At this point we had been sitting over 1/2 an hour and my dates patients had reached the end.
    He got up and walked up to the hostess desk, only to find out it was deserted. He went down a hall to the managers office, and it also was deserted. He walked into the kitchen only to find out that most of the help had hidden or “me no speak english.”
    This was a place I had gone to many times when I lived in the area. I had loved the food and found the atmisphere charming, but now 9 years latter after walking out we have never gone back.
    Never again do we walk into a place that has up a sign on the door that says, HELP WANTED!

    • Elyn says:

      I think this response should be disqualified just based on how painful it is to read! Learn some grammar or at least use spellcheck before publishing!!!

  5. sherri leon says:

    went to this restaurant that our friends were raving about. As we got out of the car we watched a man bending down in the grass to pick up what looked like a mouse or rat.He preseeded to hand it to this woman who was then holding it. We watched as she walked into a door next to the restaurant. I said to my husband” shes going into the kitchen” he said ” nonsence she wouldnt do that thtas not part of the restaurant relax.” So we went into the restaurant and when we were seated, THE WAITRESS who came over was the same woman who was holding this creature. She had walked into the restaurants kitchen!! At that moment, we quickly left!

  6. michele mcgaffey says:

    I walked into a Chinese Restaurant. The owner came out and said would I like a menu. I asked him what was good that day. He recommended the Seafood soup. So I said sure that sounds good, It was a little cold outside and hot soup did sound good.He brought out this wonderful big bowl of soup. It was piping hot. I started stiring the soup and when I was about to take a bite I noticed this hugh cockaroach was trying to crawl out the side of the bowl. I screamed, the bowl of soup went flying off the table, the owner came out asking what was wrong. When I told him he apologized offered to bring me another bowl. I told him I no longer had an appetite and I left. Never to return.

  7. HOLLY says:

    I had gotten all dressed up for a first date with a new beau. I wore my brand new white sweater. We went to a mongolian grill type place. The cook at the grill flipped a hot greasy piece of meat onto my beautiful sweater the very first time I am wearing it. The chef immediately grabbed it off me and started wiping. My date did nothing! I’m sure he was sitting there dreaming about getting into my pants later! He didn’t even get a kiss good night!!! And I never spoke to him again!

  8. james davis says:

    My friends and I went to a popular pub in Charlotte after hearing so many good things about it, but it was totally opposite once we arrived. First, we were seated in front of the flatscreen tv, which was perfect, because some of my friends enjoy conversation and sports, well were not there 10 minutes before the waitress asked us to move, because a bigger party came in and they needed our table. We had to go back to the bar waiting area for another booth to open. Second, once a booth opened we were seated, but the stay had not fully cleared the table was still in the process of cleaning it. Third, the waitress appeared, so not interested in what we had to say and once we gave her the drink order it took her at least 20 minutes to return. She then disappeared before we could place an order. Once, she returned we gave the orders and she disappeared again only to fly pass our table to help another group of people that just came in, mind you had not had a refill on our drinks. Finally, I spoke up and asked for our drinks to be refilled and she placed the ice tea and water pitchers on the table and walked away. Finally our food arrived and it was lukewarm as if it was under the heat lamps waiting for her to pick them up. Once we ate we left and I have not been back.

  9. Bonnie Welch says:

    We went last night to coco’s last night for my grandson’s fourth birthday because we had never there, it was next to chucky cheese where we went first. We had a buy one get one free meal and then the sign said kids under ten eat free. After getting our luck warm food, eating and having the entire time listen to some girl brag about her up coming wedding the entire tire, we were paying and told that since we had a coupon, we had to pay for the child meal. Could not use two offers together. After much discussion we did not pay for the child meal and talked to company head quarters today. The waiter told us that they have had families leave over this deal. The sign in the window and on the bottom of the receipt says nothing about anyother offer. The food was not good enough to warrant going back again. We like othjer families watch our money and having your kids eat free is a big deal. The woman at company head quarters said they had had many complaints about this, dah do you think they should make their language clearer and the waither knew we had a coupon up front. Won’t be going there again.

  10. Nicole Madey says:

    I was at a restaurant in South Carolina (one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook in from of you). In this case we shared a table with another family on my son’s 13th birthday. The guys next to me spit out his food and a roach crawled from his plate (was in his mouth) onto the grill at the table. The roach crawled across the grill and all over the food and slowly died from the heat. It was absolutely disgusting! Needless to say, we did not pay, felt ill and left the restaurant and never returned. It will be a birthday my son and I will never forget :(

  11. Suzy R. says:

    Hubby and I were on a date at a Japanese Steakhouse. While waiting for our seats, we saw a waitress walk up to the manager, who was behind the drink counter. “Coke. I need a Coke!” she said to the woman.

    The manager tossed out the drink she had been sipping on and quickly filled it with Coke and handed it to the waitress. She didn’t clean it out, just refilled it with ice and Coke. We couldn’t believe it and we still laugh about it to this day. (Here is my confession: we had been waiting for so long to eat that we refused to leave and actually had a great date night at the Dirty Cup restaurant. Although, haven’t been back since.)

  12. Jackie C. says:

    My husband and sons took me to a very well known Steakhouse, I ordered an expensive steak (filet) very well. I let the waitress know I would not object to it being “butterflied” if necessary to get it actually well and not burnt. They served it to me butterflied,burnt on one side and raw on the other & my sides were cold!! Of course my family had eaten their meals by the time they brought mine back with less veggies on the plate( & Colder) and the steak I was really wanting came burnt to a crisp ” I mean Burnt “. I couldnt even eat it. They did take my steak off the bill..I guess I was lucky tho, upon leaving I seen cook staff in the DUMPSTER area sitting on the ground taking their break! I ended up with a fastfood burger. Great Birthday meal. Oh BTW it was a LOGANS STEAK HOUSE !

  13. Jackie C. says:

    My husband and sons took me to a very well known Steakhouse, I ordered an expensive steak (filet) very well. I let the waitress know I would not object to it being “butterflied” if necessary to get it actually well and not burnt. They served it to me butterflied,burnt on one side and raw on the other & my sides were cold!! Of course my family had eaten their meals by the time they brought mine back with less veggies on the plate( & Colder) and the steak I was really wanting came burnt to a crisp ” I mean Burnt “. I couldnt even eat it. They did take my steak off the bill..I guess I was lucky tho, upon leaving I seen cook staff in the DUMPSTER area sitting on the ground taking their break! I ended up with a fastfood burger. Great Birthday meal.

  14. Amy says:

    I went to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends for lunch. I ordered a burger and they asked how I wanted it cooked. I answered “Thoroughly,” which confused the server. My friend told her that I wanted it well done. She brought the burger burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. I sent it back. Half an hour later, after my friends had eaten their meals, she brought my burger back…still half raw, and with fries that had been microwaved.

  15. JAMES MORGAN says:


  16. Mary Griffith says:

    Went to a restaurant buffet, it was so crowded they ran out of food in Lancaster. Not only were people putting so much on their plate, they were not eating it. My son who is in a wheelchair could not even get up to the buffet, so we are very picky now on buffets.

  17. Lauren says:

    My worst experience has to be the time we were at a restaurant in Walt Disney World and the table next to us had a sick child. The poor thing was puking all over the place but nothing would deter the parents from having the meal they planned on for months. Ugh!

  18. Rachel says:

    I went to an IHOP and ordered french toast without the powdered sugar and the waitress brought it to me with the sugar, so when she took it back I could see her in the kitchen she just shook the sugar off the toast and brought it back to me so I complained to the manager and got a free breakfast, I think the waitress was fired because after that I did’nt see her there anymore.

  19. trailtroll says:

    Took my family to one of those “horse show” dinner theaters in Orlando, prices were absurdly expensive, the food was inedible and the show was lame and badly performed.

  20. Felicia Tew says:

    I went to a seafood resturant in Mobile Alabama. A friend talked me into eating a dish and then found out it was raw oysters!!

  21. ed layton says:

    I was on a first date with a lady I had been interested in for over 2 years. I was excited and nervous as one may expect. I had my best manners being displayed, opened the car door and did everything right. The night is going well, very well and after a pre dinner cocktail we begin our meal at a nice yet not elaborate restaurant. We are talking and have made a connection. She said she had wished we would have begun seeing each other sooner.
    The server brings and appetizer which we split. Still so far so good. Then out comes the customary house salad, the warm ones with the cherry tomato and one cucumber slice. And yes the watery 1000 Island Dressing. As my date takes her second bite and begins chewing, she has this strange and puzzled look on her face. Finally, as gracefully as possible, she removes the odd bite from her mouth. We both look it at. What was that thing in her plate? It took exact 2 seconds to realize it was a bandaid that someone had been wearing and had come off or fallen into the salad mix.
    She starts crying and the spirit of a really fine night had been broken. I took her home pronto.
    I am not sure about others but I was never ever in a million years going to forget this. Especially, since the girl was so embarassed she said she could not ever see me again.
    She never did go out with me and I have get to forget it.

  22. Michelle Robinson says:

    After seating ourselves at a restaurant one night, we paitiently waited for our server to arrive and take our drink orders. After 20 minutes of sitting there with no one attempting to do so (mind you, there were people around) we found someone and asked them if our orders were going to be taken. They reluctantly did so and then we waited another 10 minutes just to get our drinks. This might have been okay if the restaurant wasn’t completely empty except for one other couple. When our food finally arrived it was not hot and really not the best food, but we were starving and had waited so long already that we decided to eat it. During that time, our server never came around to refill our drinks or ask if we needed anything else; nothing. When were ready to get out of there, we had to grab someone else to get our check. It was ridiculous and we never went back there again.

  23. Ann M says:

    A friend had asked me to go to a Chinese Restaurant and she didn’t know it but I had never eaten Chinese before and I also was pregnant and had not told anyone yet, I was having significant morning day and night nausea but didn’t want to tell her yet so I went. It was suggested to try the special and I just couldn’t eat much and ended taking it home, when I went to eat the left overs the next day, there was a very long fake finger nail in it. That ended it, I have never been able to eat Chinese since.

  24. Stacia Harper says:

    A few years ago my mom and I went to a very busy pizza restaurant. We went in and paid for our food. We sat down and got our salads. We ate our salads and waited for our pizza to arrive. As we sat there, we noticed that there was quite a line of customers waiting to order. A couple at a nearby table asked if we had seen any of the employees lately. As we looked around, there were absolutely no employees to be found. All of the customers were there without anyone working the restaurant. I would say it was about a half an hour later (seemed like longer, I am sure), an employee for the next shift showed up and informed us that the previous shift all got into a big argument and went home. Needless to say, it was an experience we have never forgotten, and we never went back!

  25. Jared Forgey says:

    I have a funny story that happened when I was with my mom. She was at the drive-thru and ordered a Diet Coke. The girl working handed her drink and said, “Here is your Coke.” My mom said, “I ordered a ‘Diet Coke.’ The girl working informed her that she ordered a Coke. So, mother being very persistent, showed her the receipt that said, DIET COKE. My mom handed the Coke back to the girl and she pushed that little button on the top of the plastic lid and handed it back to her, and said, “Here is your Diet Coke!” My mom hands it back to her, and informs her that she wants her Diet Coke. The girl gives her a new drink, my mom opens a straw, takes a drink, and says “Thank you!” It’s pretty typical of our small town drive-thru, but it was hilarious!

  26. sharpinvestment says:

    For New Year’s Eve a group of friends went to a grill your own steak place for dinner. We had reservations for 7:00pm for 25 people. I knew we could expect some problems due to our group size, but not all that happened. We were seated an hour late. The waitress took our drink orders and said we could help ourself to the salad bar and start our steaks. I pointed out that we had no silverware, she said she would get some. She came back with everyones drink but mine. I reminded her nicely that I still needed and iced tea and we still needed silverware.
    As we went to get our steaks to start on the grill (hoping silverware would show up in the interum, we found there were only 5 clean plates bu the raw meat, my hubby and I shared one to get our meat to the grill. Still no tea or silverware. 30 minutes into being seated and still no tea or silverware I found a tub of clean forks, I helped myself and passed them out to our group. Another group asked if they could have forks also, so I passed them out to their 12 also.

    I then saw another wait station with clean glasses and ice, so I helped myself to a glass of tea. The table of 12 stopped me and said they were needing refills also. That’s when I caught on that they thought I worked there. I played along with them and filled their glasses. Went back to get my salad and found that they had plates now but no salad left. The waitress came back with another round of beers for everyone at our table and this time a friend pointed out there was no salad. (She still didn’t bring back ice tea. There were still no plates for steaks only chilled salad plates. I finally set a trend of grilling salad plates to warm them up for my steak. The person grilling next to me now realizes I do not work there but a patron just like them and apologized to me. I said no problem, I’m willing to pitch in to get a job done.

    The only thing I ate was my steak which I cooked myself and ate off a salad plate. I got a bill for my steak, the ice tea I served myself (and refilled), and 20% gratuity added in. Four hours after arriving to be seated.

  27. Went to a famous celebrity restaurant in Pasadena, aeveryone well dressed and happy, me and my wife were greeted and were directed to a table for two that we thought was quaint and nice, although a little removed from the crowd. We thought maybe they were being nice and this might be a little romantic. Maybe 20 minutes goes by and we are enjoying our wine and gazing into eachothers eyes (it was our 20 wedding anniversary) when a door swings open and this giant, hairy armed busboy, who had to weigh 300 plops out fairly sweaty and trudging behind him in his wake is the fresh stench of his remnants. THEY HAD SEATED US RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATHROOM and Luigi was sick. So then were we…

  28. Michelle says:

    My daughter and her fiance took my husband and I to the Melting Pot for some fondue cooking fun. I told the waiter of my food allergy to mushrooms and requested that this item be removed from our order ( we did not request any substitutes just that it not be on any plates). The waiter stated that they do indeed cater to food allergies. When our order arrived, sure enough, sitting there was a giant plate of mushrooms. I was not able to eat. My husband who has no known food allergies ended up having a reaction to something in the broth and his eyes started swelling shut and his throat started to close up. I quickly told the hostess and asked for an epi pen since they said they are familiar with food allergies. The hostess did not have anything for us and gave me a cocktail napkin moistened at the bar for my husband’s eyes!! We had to rush across the street to a Walmart pharmacy for an epi pen and Benedryl, of course this was after paying the $320 bill!

  29. John Cavalli says:

    Being raised in Taiwan, I speak fairly fluent Mandarin. On a recent trip to China, my wife and I went into a very “Chinese” restaurant. I impressed the waiter with my Mandarin and he simply couldn’t do enough for us. He brought a complimentary “thousand year egg” to our table and stood there grinning from ear to ear, while waiting for me to try it. It looked disgusting with green stuff oozing out of it. I swallowed my pride and put the whole thing in my mouth. UGGHH! I could barely suppress throwing up right then and there, but bravely tried to return his smile, while keeping the awful thing in my mouth.. As soon as he left, I spit it out and couldn’t drink enough beer to clean out the taste. Needless to say, I did not go back to that restaurant again.

  30. Irv Miljoner says:

    We recently obtained a Restaurant Gift Certificate for use at an Asian restaurant conveniently located near a theater where we would be seeing a show later, to celebrate a birthday.
    The food was entirely mediocre and somewhat skimpy, but adequate for the location and the discount received through the Gift Certificate. This alone would not be worthy of a “worst restaurant” story, until. . .
    The bill came.
    The deal on the certificate was that an 18% gratuity was to be added to the pre-discounted amount. Fair enough; we usually tip at least that amount anyway. However. . .
    they over-computed the sales tax by about 25%, and then applied the gratuity computation to a total that included that inflated tax amount, and then further rounded the gratuity up. For those not following the math, suffice it to say that we were overcharged by about $12. It’s bad enough when, as in some establishments, they both compute the tip on the tax, and also compute the tax on the tip. Here, they did both and inflated each figure! When I called over the manager, she first played dumb and said “The computer does it like this.” I persisted, and did the math long-hand in front of her, to which she just shrugged her shoulder, crossed out the amount and lowered the bill, by just $10. They are cheating customers, and the state, as I doubt the inflated tax amount is being turned in to authorities. Perhaps they were “punishing us” for using the gift certificate. But I doubt it — they’re probably ripping off the hundreds of customers they have each day, that is all but the former math majors who will bother to check. Beware. Keep an eye out for these over-calculations.

  31. Bonnie Smith says:

    The Pastors wife ,her daughter,drandson and myself were at a well know restaurant eating our meal.It was very full at the moment.They had a little room off to the side with a large group,so everyone was hustling around to accomidate them.One of the waitors dropped a large bowl of spaghetti sauce on the floor.It hit directly on the bottom of the bowl so the sauce flew up in the air and right on the four of us.Pators wife and myself were facing him and wittnessed the whole thing.She had it in her hair her face her blouse,her daughter had it up the back of her legs and on her shirt it was just every where.The manager apologized and took off two of the four dinners from our bill. What a dinner

  32. Lothar Klumpp says:

    We went to our local RoadHouse for mother’s day. There was 6 of us, 4 children, the wife and I. We had to wait for almost 2 hrs before we got seated. So they cram us into this booth for 4 and add a chair to the end of the table. So now we have our 3 daughters on one side of the table, the wife and son on the other, with me at the end of the table. We didn’t like this arrangement so we asked for another table. Waitress said we couldn’t get one. I then asked to speak with the manager. Well that didn’t do much good either. He came over and asked what was the problem. I tried to explain the situation to him, but he wasn’t listening. He could have cared less about anyone’s needs. Was told to either sit at that table or leave cause we couldn’t get another table. So nice of him. Now its already getting late, the kids are hungry. So we decide to try and make the best of it. After all it was the wife’s day and this place surely wasn’t making it a nice experience. So now we order our food. Takes forever to get to us, and it wasn’t very good. But since I have the seat at the end of the table, whenever a waitress walked pass I would get bumped. Everytime I went to take a bite of food, bump bump bump… I again tried to complain, but was a worthless effort.

    After we paid our bill and went home I was thinking about our experience there. I was so mad that I went and wrote a letter to the restaurant explaining our experience there. You would have thought I would have gotten some type of a reply. But as crappy of service and attitudes they had, I heard nothing. That was the last dollar I spent in that place.

  33. mims says:

    Love to eat… this would be great to win… Thanks great job at BradsDeals…

  34. Jim says:

    The contest is over, I was sent a FB Message saying I won and to send an email to confirm… and I have not heard anything back.

  35. Aida says:

    A friend invited me out to a restaurant for my birthday, then she left me with the bill. Some birthday gift!

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  38. Andrew Hartley-Snazelle says:

    I was visiting Philadelphia with my wife having a lot of fun in this great city.Anyway we went to a very high end & famous local restaurant & had an amazingly fabulous meal.Paid the bill about $250 plus left a great tip & when I received my cc bill i had left a tip of $1000!!!! Now I can be generous but this was absurd.& to add insult to injury I had to fight Visa for 3 months before they said the restaurant said it was a mistake.YES right!!!!

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