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This week 7 lucky BradsDeals' Facebook fans will each win a $100 Restaurant.com gift card!  How do you enter?  1) Like BradsDeals on Facebook and 2) Answer the following question: "What is your worst restaurant experience?" by simply commenting underneath our wall post.

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96 Responses to “The $700 Restaurant Giveaway!”

  1. linze anderson says:

    I like you on facebook username: Linze.Anderson

  2. Judy Pendleton says:

    My worst restaurant experience happened when my husband and I were first married. We were both in our early 20′s. One afternoon, before work (we both worked 3-11) we decided to hit a lunch early bird at a very nice restaurant called The Victorian. We were both dressed in our work clothes; I am a nurse and my husband is a machinist. Anyway, we went in the entrance and was promptly met by the hostess who quickly told us that the “hired help’s” entrance was in the back. We explained that we were just stopping in for lunch, before work and that we weren’t hired help. She apologized and sat us in the library, where we enjoyed a deliscious meal. My hubby and I still laugh about this to this day….we’ve been married for 32 years.

  3. linze anderson says:

    That would be eating at a chinese restaurant on one of my favorite dishes, kung po chicken and about halfway through the meal. I found a human tooth. So nasty! I’ll never eat at that place again!

  4. Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Having lunch with a possible employer, my choice of the place to go. The service was terrible. As we waited for our food, a roach ran down the wall where we sat. We informed the waitress who promptly returned to the table with a roll of paper towel to “kill it”… We left!

  5. Sandra Hall says:

    It was a restaurant on our way though AZ. The waitress tossed our menus in a pile on the table- I thought uh oh! We flagged her down to take our orders (there was only a couple of other families there) and she sighed loudly and said ” What can I get ya?” We gave her our orders, she grabbed the menus and left- after quite some time she arrived with the meals and plopped them on the table- my hubby asked where the bread and butter was that came with the meal- she said you don’t get any, it doesn’t come with it- my husband asked to see the menu again. She rolled her eyes, groaned and grabbed a menu, tossed it and it slid across the table to my husband. He pointed out in the menu where bread is included, and she rolled her eyes again and left. She came back with a basket of bread and TOSSED it across the table, spilling some in the process! Needless to say, she didn’t get a tip, and we called the restaurant when we got home and spoke to the manager. We found out later they let her go for similar problems. UGH!

  6. Beth Chambers says:

    at a newly opened Olive Garden, 3 of 4 of us ordered a sausage dinner, that when delivered to the table, was swimming, and I mean swimming in yellow grease. I actually poured off mine into a glass, and it was unbelievable. How gross. We continued to empty the grease off of the other two plates and filled the glass all the way up. Management was called over. This happened after the tray of our 4 waters ended up on the floor, splashing us. what an experience. Never again will i visit a newly opened restaurant!

  7. Tania says:

    My husband and I went on our first date night since our twins were born, half way into our appetizers I notice a nasty black bug on our table. GROSS! A couple of minutes later there was another. I looked up and found these nasty things crawling on the beams above hor heads. Needless to say I did not eat my meal. The manager never came to our table after we asked to speak with him. That day Texas Roadhouse lost two customers FOREVER!!

  8. Candie Sweaza says:

    My worst restaurant experience was in NLR, AR when my date thought his food was too cold and asked the waiter to speak to the chef. When the chef (at a nice Italian restaurant) came to our table my date complained about his cold dinner, the chef was polite but slightly offended. Not to be appeased by a mere apology, my date grabbed the chef’s hand and jammed it into the ‘cold dish’ with great gusto!! I was mutely watching, my face becoming redder and redder. I excused myself… no one noticed… and left the dinning area. My date was escorted from the restaurant, and I called a friend to take me home.

  9. Ellen Schapiro says:

    I was at a Roy Rogers on 53rd & Broadway in Manhattan (no longer there.) I noticed a cockroach walking on lettuce in the fixin’ bar. I reported it to the cashier, who seemed annoyed but sent one of the porters to tend to the problem. He took a dirty rag, went to grab the roach, who scurried away. The porter grabbed again, this time successfully. Then he left, problem solved, leaving the rest of the lettuce in place.

  10. Stacy says:

    Going to a restaurant that was very busy on a Saturday night and threw some new staff out on the floor. We had our meal in reverse order. We ordered additional drinks before our dinner order was taken. By the time we ordered dinner, still no drinks. Once our order was placed, after a lengthy wait we received our main entrees. Just as we were finishing our entrees our salads arrived. And finally after finishing our salads, we got our drinks that we ordered first. This was an absolutely horrible dining experience and poor customer service!

  11. Jewel says:

    At a very well known restaurant, I had eaten a few bites of the food, when my father in law asked me what was on my fork. I look down to find a maggot crawling on my fork. needless to say I immediately ran to restroom. when I was able to return, the table had been cleared, my father in law and husband were giving the manager an earful. we never returned. I did get a gift certificate in the mail a week later – like I would ever use it.

  12. Laura says:

    Going to Taco Bell for lunch one day; really wanting a taco salad. There’s nothing like getting through half of your meal and finding hair (long hair) in the food. I was completely nauseated by it. Why do they not wear hair nets when preparing food. A hat just doesn’t cut for me. Maybe for a guy with short hair but now ladies.

  13. sandy nelson says:

    Being a server myself for some reason or other I get the worst of the lot when it comes to being served it seems. Me and my hubby were going to a show in downtown Louisville and I had bought a new outfit for the occasion. We were seated next to a couple with two small children (the only two in the place) who were knocking everything over and spilling drinks. When my server brought my red wine she slipped on some water the kids spilled and the wine fell off the tray, not onto my lap, but right on my head, then of course ran down on my new white top. It ended up being quite funny, but I was a mess. We left went home so I could change, grabbed a burger at a drive thru and got to the show just a little late.

  14. Jen says:

    Went to a small town sandwich shop kinda like Subway. The guy making our sandwich sliced open his finger as he was cutting our sandwich. He was bleeding a bunch. Some of the blood got on the sandwich wrapper near the sandwich. He wrapped the sandwich up and ask another employee to ring us up. We asked for a new sandwich but was told they would have to charge us for 2 sandwiches. We walked out without paying or taking the bloody sandwich.

  15. Catherine Campbell says:

    My worst restaurant experience involved my twin babies. We had decided to go out and take them too! A feat in itself. Along with all the stuff you have to bring, I brought their food to feed them while we “relaxed” and ate our dinner…hoping they wouldn’t be hungry until after the meal. Well of course one started crying and the other did too so we stopped to feed them. Next thing we knew we had two sick babies on our hand…sick right there at the table. Yes a nice evening out!

  16. Anne Nevitt says:

    Sketchy breakfast, no lunch and we finally get to this restaurant in Breckenridge wanting meat and something hot for dinner. We all start with Buffalo stew. One of our friends scoops up a good size piece of rubbery plastic that has cream and green stuff on it. It just completely grossed us out. We left.

  17. Pamela Liberto says:

    My family and I ate at Fridays in Montgomery one time, and somehow they lost our order, so to hurry the meal, they microwaved the steak and it came out white and they grilled my sons mac and cheese which was black and crutchy around the edges. It was horrible!

  18. Michelle says:

    Ted’s Montana Grill. Went there for lunch with 6 of my co workers. They forgot to make my lunch and didn’t realize it until they were serving everyone else. The waitress kept calling me honey which made things even worse. We gave this place a second chance and the next time they forgot to mention that they were out of the special 15 minutes after some of us ordered it and recommended something else (and forgot to mention this other lunch was $5 more) and had the nerve to charge use for it. So not cool!

  19. wmason says:

    UPDATE: Please post your stories on BradsDeals Facebook page underneath our wall post about the $700 Restaurant.com giveaway. Sorry, but stories posted here will not qualify for the giveaway.

  20. Michelle says:

    Went to an Italian restaurant on Pleasant Valley Road in West Orange New Jersey. Our party was of 4 people. After 3 of us received our entres my husband inquired shortly after where was his main course. The waiter replied it is on its way . Twenty minutes later it was still on its way. Well after 30 minutes it finally came out. My husband ask to speak to the owner who was attending to other tables. He never came over. Our waiter said he ( the waiter) was sorry for the delay and said the owner wanted us to try a special dessert which we all did. When the bill came the dessert was on the bill. The waiter said the owner never said it was free just that he wanted us to try it. What a smuck!

  21. Linda B says:

    My husband and I went out to Dinner and we were so exhausted and just wanted a nice quiet quiet meal. We decided that we would site in a Booth by the Bar, that way we would not have any big families or small children whinning and carrying on. So we get a very nice table and a nice Server, sit down and order our drinks and then our mea…l. All of a Sudden a Couple walks in with two little whinning kids, no more then 3 and 4 years of age, a boy and a girl. At first the wife said, are you sure we should sit here by the Bar with the kids, and the husband’s says yes, they have the TV on Football game. They sit directly behind us and the noise is like non stop until we finish desert and leave. Nice quiet night HUH!!! Children should not sit by the Bar at all, is what I say.

  22. Betty Tartaglia says:

    Last week we went to Pegisessis Diner for dinner in Malaga NJ we ordered surf and turf ,we got our soup that was luke warm and awful ,each time we got something the waiter said sorry it took so long ,After about half a hour we got our dinner the steak was cold and dry the sweet potatoes were swimming in what looked like water also cold ,there were 2 tiny crab cakes that were really fishy they were sitting on a a shrimp that was ice cold and old , the stewed tomatoes were what looked like tomatoe juice and cold, there were onions piled high on the steak , we never got a second cup of coffee and asked for the bill , we waited at least 20 minutes for the bill to arrive the waiter appoligezed but was standing near the wall talking the whole time he just kept saying sorry everthing took so long ,When we got home I emailed the Restaurant and told them everything but they never got back to me

  23. Kitty Kay says:

    We took my Mom out to lunch to Ted’s Montana Grill in Norcross, GA for her 90th birthday. The restaurant was freezing cold in August, perhaps in preparation for a large crowd expected later that evening. Our waitress, Sherri, approached the table right after we sat down, immediately asking if we were ready to order, as though her shift were ending and we needed to get on the stick. My mom ordered soup, which she recommended, and we ordered onion rings for the table, as an appetizer. We also order our entrees at the same time. The waitress brought the soup and onion rings, which seemed as though they were sitting for a while, within two minutes, and a minute later, all the entrees were delivered to the table. The mashed potatoes were cold, the pot roast covered in very salty gravy, the squash casserole, which the waitress highly recommended, seemed as though it had been sitting since yesterday’s lunch. My mom asked for a glass of water, and the waitress said she would be “right back.” After ten minutes, I went up to the bar and requested a glass of water. The waitress then came whizzing by and chastised me, saying, “I told you that I would bring it.” The waitress then disappeared for about a half hour until I spotted her in a corner, sitting with someone who she appeared to know intimately, and although we sat there for another fifteen minutes, clearly having finished our meals, we had to ask another member of the wait staff to assist us in getting our bill. She did not acknowledge any of the problems with her service, and probably was not at all aware that she needs to consider another line of work. . . . I had all I could do not to offer this tip: “Don’t quit your day job”, but instead left a minimal 15%. I don’t think Ted Turner would tolerate this type of service and am sure that he is not proud of this staff member.

  24. Jennifer Phillips says:

    My worst would be back in college I went on a date with an exchange student. We went to a local restaurant at the lakes and it was going o.k. until dinner came out both burnt and under cooked at the same time! It was horrible and he just ate it anyway and told me women were not allowed to speak out against anything. I thought ok different customs, he is in a strange land, I will hold my tongue. BUT, after dinner he tells me he can’t pay for it and asks me to. I didn’t want to wash dishes so I paid for it. Then he tells me I am now his girlfriend and will have to do some things to change so that I am acceptable! Even if he is use to different customs and in a strange place this was too much! I was not doing that for any man. That was the worst dinner ever! Bad food and bad company. I never did see him again and as far as the food, I wrote a letter to the restaurant letting them know how horrible it was, and got one back stating I should have said something that night! I have not been back to the restaurant since either.

  25. S Andrew Sochanski says:

    My worst meal was a lunch with a co-worker. We were celebrating our 20-year service. So, we went to a vegetarian restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. We left early because I had a previous meeting scheduled and I had to get back on time. We order the lunch special. Anyway, the lunch was all carbohydrates. It was heavy, filling, but didn’t taste great. We should have ordered ala carte and we would have had good prepared vegetables that were filling a light. It has been quite a while since I ate there. I read the reviews and some were good, but all complained about the extremely slow service. Anyway, even before we received all our food (Chinese din sum) we got up to pay for the lunch. I paid for the mean and my co-worker paid the tip. We waited about five more minutes for the last dish, and left. If I ever eat there again, I will never order the $20 per person lunch special.

  26. Jim Davis says:

    The worst meal I had was 2 weeks ago at Kingfish in Jeffersonville. I was in the middle of eating a rolled oyster when I took a bite and an oyster flopped out on my plate. When it hit the plate, it broke open and out came a black gravy-like substance which spashed up on my shirt. I asked our waitress if the oysters came from the gulf (it looked like oil), and she took the oyster to show her manager. The waitress came back and advised me that their oysters are farm-raised in Georgia, but that both she and her manager had never seen anything like that before. I did not get a personal apology from the manager, and Kingfish did not even take the oyster off of my bill.

  27. Sandy Koch says:

    My worst restaurant experience was when my daughter, sister and I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner one night. I think we all ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken. I cut into mine and it was as raw as could be. The others was fine. I called the waiter over and told him it was raw and they said they would make me another one. Well when I got my order the second time…I cut into it and AGAIN it was raw. That just ruined my appetite and needless to say I could not eat another bite..They ended up not charging me for the rest of the meal that I ate plus gave me a coupon for a free meal. It took me a while to even go back there but eventually I did. I still have never ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken after that…LOL

  28. Jeanne says:

    Our worst Restaurant experience happened at Epcot in Disney land. We were walking the countries and it was lunch time. Our kids who were about 8yrs and 13yrs at the time were very hungry. We wandered into a way too nice restaurant in Italy. We only had enough money for us all to split one order of Fettucini Alfredo. We all drank water and kept the bread flowing. We did tip our poor waiter. This was a self inflicted misery and had nothing to do with the quality of that lovely Italian restaurant. We returned to Disney many many times after this trip as well. Bon Appetite!

  29. al says:

    Long time ago , a white guy took this gorgeous Afro-American lady to dinner at Black Angus. We ordered filet and baked potato and salad. waiter comes back and says they are out of baked potato @ 6 p.m. on a Saturday. so we have french fries or potato slivers in place.
    Quarter of the way through our meal, she says, “Look there!”, two baked potatoes being served.
    Again she says, “Look there”, 2 more baked potatoes, and a third time, and a fourth.
    Why that happened, I don’t know, I didn’t ask the waiter. Coward. Never been back to Black Angus, either.
    I am sorry Trish, hope you are well

  30. Michelle smith says:

    My worst experience was ordering my food, waiting forever,When the food finally comes it is not what I ordered.I got a little upset. It was taken care of this time it was correct except for 1of my side dishes.Ithen wanted to leave ,but I could not .I was with other people who were enjoying their meal.i tried again and this time it was correct.I had to b a little understanding, this was a new waitress who had just started.

  31. Joyce Medlin says:

    My husband and I were in the Rice Village, a nice residential area with shops and stores around Rice University. We ordered lunch in a Chinese restaurant there. I ordered steamed vegetables with beef. The broccoli came out in a large clump. In one of the leaves of the clump was a very large, fat caterpillar that was still alive. We sent the dish back and they only comped the dessert. We never went back. Oh, by the way, the caterpillar was still moving.

  32. Jane says:

    I once found a x-long black hair in my spaghetti and I sent it back and when it came out again I swear to God that the same black hair was in it again(gross)

  33. Rose says:

    I was taken to dinner at a resturant for my birthday and it worst day for me. It took 30 mins to get seated for two. When they called out our names to be seated to our table it took another 30 mins for our order to be taken. After that it took another 25 mins.for the waiter to tell us they didn’t have one of the meals that came with the order.Then they ask us if thy could substitute with something else. By this time we were both starving and we said ok. When the waiter finally comes with our order after waiting again for another 25 mins. My boyfriend food was cold and mine tasted nasty.We called uopon the waited that we would like to speak to the manager. That wasn’t easy cause it took 15 mins. to get a hold of that waiter. Manager apologize and told us we didn’t have to pay for the meal and we told him were were’nt planning to. I went home so upset and hungar! My day was runion and I went to bed without my bithday dinner that was suppose to be special! Were never going to that restaurant again!

  34. M Vitagliano says:

    My WORST restaurant experience was while taking a group of 6 doctors out to dinner at a very nice restaurant the following happened:
    The Docs ordered a $400 bottle of wine that when opening it, the waiter’s arm jerked and elbowed my in the jaw.
    The Docs each ordered shrimp cocktail appetizers ($22 each) and not one ate it as they said the cocktail sauce looked like jello (it actually did)
    THEN…when serving our dinners, someone called out to our waiter, he turned and tipped the tray dumping a whole plate of VEAL PARMIGIANA into my lap. I was wearing a beige silk suit! I had 2nd degree burns on my thighs, a ruined suit and did not get another meeting with those Doctors…..

  35. Donna Taggart says:

    My worst experience was at a local town deli. I purchased a meatball sub and was halfway through it when I realized a black thing in the middle of one meatball. Needless to say it was half of a big black bug and you can guess where the other half went. Was very sick after that. Found out later on the deli originally was a florist. I guess some of the occupants never left.

  36. sdm says:

    My worst restaurant experience was when the waiter sat the five of us right by the kitchen in a small booth with added chairs in an almost empty restaurant.My son is 6’4″ so he had to sit in the added chair for leg room.I asked if we could sit somewhere else and was told this is the station where the waitress was working.So after the staff bringing the food hit him or his chair several times i got mad and told the waiter we were moving.We sat in another section where others were eating and it took another 30 minutes just to get water and bread we still hadn’t ordered.Just as the manager comes over to ask how the service was a waiter happens to also show up.The waiter says I thought the original waiter was serving needless to say I was hot at this point.The manager gives us a comp for our next visit.I thought that was real funny and told the cashier we were using it for this visit and she didn’t have a problem using the comp when she firgured out how upset I was.

  37. Lori Raub says:

    We went to the Brick House located in Derby, CT. We got there, and the hostess did not write down our names, but told us it would be a 30 minute wait. We left and came back about 25 minutes later, where she did sit us at that point. We did not see a waiter/waitress for 15 minutes. Finally someone else came by, didn’t take any drink or food orders, and asked if we were helped. Then we waited again. Finally a waitress came by took our drink order, it’s now been 25 minutes. Again we waited, still noone to take our food order, and no sign of our drink order either! Finally someone came by with a basket of WHITE bread, not toasted, or anything, just plain white bread, like they took it out of a Wonderbread bag! At that point, we spoke to the manager and told him we were going to leave because of the terrible service, who promptly told us, ‘do whatever you have to do’.. so we left. We’ve never been back again.

  38. Ruth R says:

    Went to a local Applebees while bridesmaid dress shopping with some friends. I decided to try the chicken fried chicken, for the first time. Once I got my food, I took the first cut into my chicken, and to my surprise there is a worm hanging out in my food. We were so disgusted. The server tried to do everything he could to make it right, but we just booked it out of there and didn’t look back.

  39. Donna Caputo says:

    Crispino’s in Brooklyn, NY. We were a table of 12, finished our dinner and ordered dessert. The restaurant was crowded on a Saturday night. We were just given our coffee. The waiter came over and asked us to leave because there were people waiting to be seated. I asked to see the manager, because we were’t finished. The manager came over and said too bad, we would have to finish our coffee and cake at the bar. We left the restaurant, never finished our dessert and never went back to that restaurant again. Worst experience ever!!

  40. jackie whitlock says:

    My husband and my inlaws went to Chilis for dinner. The waitress came and took our orders. I had ordered fish. First of when the waitress brought our ice tea, she spilled mine all down my side. OK, accidents happen, right? When she brought our orders out, she did not bring mine. After ten minutes my husband flagged her down and asked about my meal. She said she was sorry and would check on it. She comes back shortly and says mine never got turned in. Well by this time everyone else has almost finished eating. About fifteen minutes later she brings my food out. Everybody else has finished, but will wait for me. I cut into my fish and it’s cold. The vegetables still have ice in them. I had never seen this girl before in my life, but I could almost swear all this was on purpose. At least we did not have to pay for the cold, late meal that I could not eat.

  41. Amy Suchma says:

    Raising Canes… I still eat at other locations, but not this one, and I definitely don’t order the toast! I noticed several pieces of hair in my toast and brought it up to the counter saying that I needed a new meal. The manager answered that “the toast comes in with pieces of hair and they try their best to pick them out before serving it to customers”… GROSS!!!!!

  42. Linda B says:


  43. Angela P says:

    My worst restaurant experience happened at a Chinese restaurant. One of the items on my plate was orange chicken. This one piece was chewy, i kept chewing and it was still there. I took it out of my mouth set it aside and poked at it with my fork. As i poked at it trying to shred it, it started unraveling. In the end, it ended being a waded up piece of napkin. It was the grossest experience and it took me years to ever attempt to eat chinese food again. I am now vegan.

  44. VICKI says:

    It was a busy dinner hour as our family gathered at our local buffet diner. We managed to get one of the larger tables and we were looking forward to stuffing ourselves silly….and we were. About the time we were ready to decend on the buffet line again, a family sat next to us with their plates loaded. What happened next was a scene out of The Exorsist..the vile mess rose up from the boy and spewed all over their plates of food with a force I have never seen before. Horrified the family left,don’t think they got a refund, but then we didn’t either.
    In fact the whole place pretty much cleared out…

  45. Carolee says:

    When in nursing school, we (the students) traditionally went to a buffet after clinical every Thursday. We were trying to eat “healthy”, so were digging into salads. One of my fellow students had put a whopper of a strawberry in her salad. She bit into it. She screamed. A HUGE bug was literally in the hollow portion of the strawberry. To this day, none of us at that table fail to cut a strawberry in half before eating.

  46. Maryellen Race says:

    My husband and I went to Vegas and decided to eat at a place on the old end of Vegas. The waitresses were apparently some of the original gals working there. I have never seen 70 year olds with miniskirts or low cut tops before. Our waitress asked us if we would like coffee with our meals, and we responded that we would. She kept forgetting our coffee and even tho we repeatedly asked her to bring some, she would forget. She forgot our eating utensils too. It got funny after awhile, watching Half-naked-geriatric-dementia waitresses working there. Luckily, the bus boy was younger and he was able to locate forks for us. We never got the coffee and yes, we were charged for it.

  47. ali says:

    My husband and I were going on our first date night in well over a year–valentine’s day–and I was so excited. The restaurant was a little Italian place I had heard a lot about, so I purposely saved my appetite.
    Once we got there, I ordered a Milky Way Martini which was just about the grossest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (I should have listened to my husband when he said I wouldn’t like it). Finally, as I feast my eyes on my ceasar salad with anchovies making its way across the room, I am suddenly greeted by one smack dab in the middle of my forehead! (well, ok, it was more in my hair than on my head) The waiter tripped on the lady’s handbag at the table next to us and my salad went EVERYWHERE! About 20 minutes later all the lights went out in the place. There was a major accident outside and someone hit a pole, knocking out power to the place. They couldn’t make our food. I never got my salad and I had to pay 8 dollars for the worst drink ever. It was late, I was grouchy & hungry and my husband wanted little to do with me because I smelled like anchovies. We ended up leaving–with empty stomachs– 2 hours after we arrived–but filled up on gas station junk food on the way home.

  48. Lee Dubrow says:

    Years ago my friend and I lived in New York and went to dinner at a Benihana’s restaurant to celebrate one of our anniversarys working for American Airlines. We had no complaints regarding our meal and entertaining cook. When we were finished and received our bill we paid and then got up to leave the restaurant. At the door the maitre d’ blocked our exit stating he did not feel we left enough of a tip. What??? He loudly argued and totally embarassed us and would not let us leave. Finally we pushed him aside and left! I have eaten all around the world worked in the restaurant industry and owned my own restaurants but NEVER encountered this type of behavior!

  49. debra moncrief says:

    My worst dining experience was at Famous Daves. I ordered pulled port sandwich got almost to the last 3 bites and something was tough and really chewy in my mouth I spit it out and it was a corner of a plastic bag. I called the waitress who it turn called the manager who came to the table and laughed and told me I must have ordered the pulled pork sandwich thought it was a joke. later that day I called number off of my receipt and gave a review I was called back and promised two free meals because of the way things were handled Never have I recieved there free meal coupons. come to find out Famous Daves pulled pork sandwiches are in boil bags so they aren’t fresh sandwiches they are frozen and dumped in bags into boiling water then the corner is clipped and dumped on your bun Never will I eat at Famous Daves Again. So much for fresh barbque dinners

  50. Melissa Abercrombie says:

    We decided to take my sister out for her birthday at a steak house Restaurant. We went on a night when there were plenty of tables that our party of 6 could be seated right away, but they asked us to wait while they got our table ready. We waited for about 30 minutes and we went over and asked the hostess if our table was almost ready. She said she would check and let us know. Keep in mind that over half the restaurant is still empty. She came back and said it would be just a few more minutes. The girl who was going to be waiting our table came out and told us that the people were still at the table they wanted us to sit at. She told us she would go ahead and take our drink order because we wouldn’t have to wait much longer. We gave her our drink order and in a few minutes she came back and told us that she went ahead and put our drinks at the table where the people were still sitting, in hopes that they would hurry up and leave. One of my sisters couldn’t believe they would actually put our drinks at a table where other people were sitting so she went and looked and sure enough our drinks were at the table with all of the people still sitting there. We had waited almost an hour by this time so we told them thank you, but we couldn’t wait any longer. By the way the restaurant has gone out of business! Go figure!

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