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Want the Hottest Holiday Toys for Less?

What do squishy little pencil toppers, teenaged monsters and a gal with a video camera built right in have in common?  They’re all flying off toy store shelves faster than you can say “Here comes Black Friday!”  The good news- with a little smart shopping, you can get these hot holiday toys for less.  Here’s the rundown:

You may not know what they are, but, odds are, your kids do.  These soft and squishy mini collectible pencil toppers come in their own little bubble, and they’re one of the hot new toys available for the 2010 holiday shopping season.  Relative newcomer Blip Toys has cornered the market on cute with this offering.

Approximate Squinkies retail prices:  16-pack, $10 with playset, $15-$20

Where to find them:  Toys R Us, Walmart, Amazon.com

Monster High
Released by Mattel in July 2010, the Monster High series of dolls has become one of the must-have holiday toys this year.   Monster High figures follow both the trend toward bigger dolls and the fascination with vampires and all things undead.

Approximate Monster High retail prices: $20-$50

Where to find them:  Mattel, Justice, eBay

Barbie Video Girl

Barbie lovers, rejoice!  The world’s most iconic American girl can now take your picture.  Barbie Video Girl is a real working video camera, complete with a color LCD screen and editing software.  Hey, her necklace is a camera lens.  How cool is that?

Approximate Barbie Video Girl retail prices:  $40-$50

Where to find her:  Mattel, Amazon.com, Buy.com

Hot Wheels
One of the most popular toys ever released by industry giant Mattel, Hot Wheels are, well, hotter than ever this 2010 shopping season.  This year they have 44 new models, including a Batmobile, a Corvette Stingray concept car and Fangula, a sweet little roadster that any ghoul would be happy to call her ride.

Approximate Hot Wheels retail prices:   $2-$5 for individual cars
$10-$80 for sets
$20 & up for collectibles

Where to find them:  Mattel, Target, Kmart

Looking to snag these hot holiday toys for cheap?  Cash-strapped shoppers can get a lot more for their money by checking out online resources before they hit the stores.  BlackFriday2010.com offers hundreds of Black Friday store ads from leading toy retailers like Amazon.com, eToys and Toys R Us.  Use coupon codes when you shop at BradsDeals to get unadvertised online discounts, and avoid both retail prices and rabid Black Friday shoppers.

7 Responses to “Want the Hottest Holiday Toys for Less?”

  1. Laura Yawin says:

    Would like to know where you can find toys for the handicapped child

    • Kathy Nied says:

      There are incredible folks at the John Heinz/Allied rehab center that modify toys for handicapped children.
      They are located in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
      Give them a jingle and they will provide the details.
      Best of Luck.

  2. cathy says:

    have grandchild with cp,high functioning but some r side paralysis

  3. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    I remember when my autistic son (now 19) was younger, the Toys ‘R Us website had a way you could search for toys by the child’s disability. EBay also occasionally would have toys listed as being especially suitable for autistic kids (usually being sold by the mom of an autistic kid who had outgrown them). Possibly a Google search for “(name of special need) toys” would also direct parents/grandparents to other sites which would recommend toys suitable for children with that particular disability.

  4. Andy says:

    I didn’t see a spot for comments on your BF site.

    Costco online BF deals are now available.

    Also, I’m in the market for an external hard drive and the best deal by far is the 2TB Western Digital drive at Target for $69. That’s ~50% off current going rates for a 2TB drive and only $0.035 per GB.

  5. Terri says:

    My grandson has ask for only one thing this year and that is a Mickey Mouse Hot dog dancer and we cant find it anywhere…. I mean anywhere! What can I do?

  6. Sally says:

    Mickey Mouse Hotdog Dancer may available at Sears, KMart, or Amazon online. All list it. Best wishes, sally

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