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Foursquare: Check-In To Get Deals At Checkout

Update: Yet another perk to being an Amex cardholder, if you buy a mobile coupon through Foursquare using your Amex card, you wont have to print it, have a code or show your phone to retailers. Instead, the discount will be loaded into the cardholder's account and redeemed at the visit.

If you're a savvy shopper, you probably already get great deals by liking your favorite brands on Facebook or following your top stores on Twitter. The next step for all of you deal-masters out there would be to check-in at your favorite stores on Foursquare. Simply by checking-in while you're at a store or restaurant, you can get exclusive discounts on your purchase.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a location-based network that allows you to "check-in" at local venues. Checking-in then notifies other users that you are at a certain location and also allows you to see if any people you know are at the same venue. You can also add friends as well as sync your account with Facebook and Twitter.

The best way to utilize Foursquare is by downloading the app to your phone, making it extremely easy to check-in, find businesses near you or get real-time tips and reviews from other Foursquare users about local venues. For a more in depth look at Foursquare, take a look at their site and their blog.

How Foursquare can save you money:

Checking-in at certain retail locations can get you exclusive discounts and deals on your purchases. When you look at businesses nearby on your phone, you can see some have a highlighted 'Special' next to their name, this means they currently have a Foursquare-exclusive promotion going on that you can take advantage of by checking-in.

It is also beneficial to check in each time you visit a location, as the person who checks in the highest amount of times then becomes the 'Mayor' of that location. Having this title proves that you're a loyal customer and some locations offer deals only to the Mayor.

The website, 4SquareOffers.com, allows you to enter your city, street or zip code and find offers near you. The Foursquare Blog also keeps you up to date on many of the nationwide specials, such as Sports Authority unlocking daily deals for the first check-ins of the day through 4/9, Barnes & Noble taking $10 off the Nook or H&M offering 24% off one item if you check-in with 3 or more Foursquare friends.

Although we all know the value of a great online coupon, sometimes saving in-store feels just as great. So, sign up, check-in and start saving.

About the Author: Courtney Sims

An admitted Facebook and Pinterest addict, Courtney is the social media fanatic at Brad's Deals. When she isn't posting deals for the Facebook world to see, she is usually spoiling her dog, cooking for her blog or trying to see how much mac and cheese she can consume in one sitting.

9 Responses to “Foursquare: Check-In To Get Deals At Checkout”

  1. Sarah Walker says:

    Sounds like fun to me, but I do not have a data package on my phone :( . Can I check in with text messaging?

  2. Sandy says:

    Foursquare.com will give you the app for your phone. To check in you click a button on the app once you are at the location. If you don’t have a smart phone you may not be able to do it -it’s an app that uses GPS and uses wireless to connect you to their site basically. I’m not a tech person but I check in at foursquare, it’s fun.

  3. Andrea K says:

    Great post! I love Foursquare and need to use it more often to maximize the benefits: discounts!

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  7. Karen brockenbrough says:

    I would like to receive any discounts,or free items that I can

  8. [...] Even if you’ve been holding out on signing up for Foursquare, you should create an account just to get discounts when you go out to eat. Select restaurants offer Specials that can get you a percentage off or even a free item just by showing your server or cashier you checked in on Foursquare. Right now, I could get 15% off at an Asian restaurant, free guacamole at a Mexican bar or 10% off at a local tourist trap. You can read more about saving on Foursquare here. [...]

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