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Who Wants 2 Free Flights To Europe? The Chase British Airways Visa!

6th Update 4/26/13: a 50,000 with $1,000 version of this is now out. See details here.

5th Update 1/31/13: this is gone again!

4th Update 12/5/12: this is back again! Go here to apply.

3rd Update 7/17/12: this is gone again!

2nd Update 4/12/12: this is back! The new version of this offer is 50k miles at signup, 25k add'l after $10k in spend and a second 25k add'l after $20k in spend. The spending thresholds are higher but you now have one year versus three months.

Update 5/6/11: the link is no longer working. Congrats to those of you who signed up. Enjoy your trips! Leave a comment with how things went.

You can now earn 100,000 British Airways miles, redeemable for two economy tickets or one Club World (business class) ticket from the US to Europe, when you apply for the British Airways Visa Signature Card from Chase via this link and charge $2,500 to the card within 3 months.

The British Airways Visa Signature can mean two free Club World tickets!

A Seat in British Airways Club World

British Airways is nice. Their service and offering (food, wine, etc.) is much better than what you'd get from a US domestic carrier. Club World is even nicer with lie-flat sleeper seats, fine wine, gourmet meals, 10" TV, desk, power for your laptop and a touch-button privacy screen.

A Club World ticket means access to 70 BA airport lounges worldwide plus 170 partner lounges. Indulge with free food, drinks, wifi and complimentary fine wines.

At New York JFK or Heathrow, refresh in one of their shower suites, get a complimentary massage in their travel spa or watch a movie in the 20-seat cinema.

How much is this worth?

Well, I just priced out two Economy (it's "World Traveler" on BA) tickets from Chicago to Rome in June on BA through London Heathrow. They were $2,132 each or $4,264 total. One business (Club World) ticket was $4,832.

The Coffee & Juice Bar at the BA lounge at JFK

If you want to push it, an exotic destination like the Maldives that would cost 90,000 miles in Economy for one ticket or 180,000 in Club World currently costs $10,120 or $14,148, respectively in June from Chicago.

Yes, a $10,120 round-the-world plane ticket to the Maldives can be yours with very little effort!

How about TWO free business class tickets to Europe?

A British Airways 777

If you spend $30k in one year you'll earn a Travel Together voucher, valid for a free companion ticket in conjunction with any reward flight on BA taken within 2 years from the date of issue. This means that you can redeem your 100,000 mile bonus (and any additional miles you've accrued) and get two tickets for the amount listed on the BA award chart.

Yes, $30k is a high hurdle so this is not for everyone. That said, when you start to count utilities, cell phones, groceries, etc, it might look more reasonable.

It is very important to note that in the grand scheme of "companion" air promos, this one is real whereas most are not worth the hassle.


Your account will see 50,000 miles about 6-8 weeks after your first purchase using the card. When you spend $2,500 in the first 90 days of having the card, the other 50,000 will post to your account.

Since BA is  a member of OneWorld Alliance, you can easily book flights on partners like American Airlines, Iberia, LAN, Qantas, Cathay, and more. Round trip domestic trips (except to HI) are typically 25,000 miles via American, so this bonus in all gets you enough for 4 such trips.

The British Airways Visa Signature Card from Chase

You can also pool up to 6 people's miles into a household account, which can be especially useful for group trips. Yes, there is no reason not to get both yourself and your spouse/significant other a card.

Normal use of the card earns you 1.25 miles per $1 spent, a very attractive ratio equivalent to the Amex Starwood and better than 1:1 airline cards like the Citi American AAdvantage Visa. It's fair to say that the Chase British Airways Visa is a worthy rewards card in it's own right, bonus or not.

This card has a $95 annual fee and there in no fee waiver with this app. There is no foreign exchange fee, which is relatively rare (most are at least 1%) and great when travelling. It has a very average 14.24% APR on balances.

Of note: British Airways adds fuel charges in addition to the standard airport taxes and fees often associated with award travel. Since most airlines do not, there is a bit of sticker shock when you see the fees they tack on. Flights through Heathrow are particularly painful with charges into the hundreds of dollars. To me, it doesn't significantly reduce the value of 100,000 BA miles but it is annoying.

Also of note: the British Airways Awards Site is a little quirky to use, but can be quite useful once you know a few tips on using the BA search tools.

Here is the active link to the application.

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-How You Can Pickup an Easy 200,000 miles for American Airlines

-3 Ways to Make the Most of your British Airways Miles


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About the Author: Brad Wilson

Brad is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brad's Deals and Brad's Black Friday, as well as and author of Do More, Spend Less. He loves the game of hunting down the best deals and being able to spread the word to so many others. He is likely travel hacking his way around the world right now, trying to spend his millions of points and miles faster than he earns them!

94 Responses to “Who Wants 2 Free Flights To Europe? The Chase British Airways Visa!”

  1. Teresa says:

    Thanks Brad! I was approved and so was my husband although when I opened the link it didn’t say the 100k deal so I hope it works! Since I pay everything via card I’ll get to the 30k too!

  2. Brady says:

    This deal looks awesome, is there an expiration date to the initial 100,000 miles? Also, is 100K miles enough for two Round Trip tickets to Stockholm?

  3. Tanja says:

    Hi Brad,
    This is an attractive offer, but it seems that Zone 1 Europe on BA does NOT include Italy. :( Also, do you know if these flights have to be used within a certain time period?

  4. Gemini Audax says:

    $346.00 fuel surcharge on a JFK-LHR roundtrip makes the 50,000-mile trip a lot more expensive.

    • Brady says:

      How do you find out what the fuel surcharges are? Also, does anyone know, if I cancel the card after I’ve earned my 100,000 miles, do I get to keep my miles?

    • Brad says:

      agreed. shame they do that.

      but if you’re getting a free $5k biz class flight it softens the blow :)

  5. Amy says:

    I’m a little confused re: the fuel surcharges. So if we get the 100,000 miles and therefore the tickets, we still have to pay those charges?

    Also, any suggestions on how I can work this deal to get to Rome? (I realize it’s zone 2)


    • Brad says:


      yes, you get 100,000 free miles, which can be redeemed for flights. the flight have a surcharge. it’s annoying but usually a small fraction of the cost of the flight, so it is still a great deal.

      with zone 2, you’d need 120,000 miles so you’d have to earn 20,000 miles, most likely from spending.

      since they are 1.25:1, that means you could charge $16k to the card and earn an add’l 20k miles on top of the free 100k.

      since you have to charge $2,500 anyway, that means you’d have to spend $13,500 more. that’s a good chunk but you have no required timeframe in which to do so. it could be years.

  6. Peter says:

    Beware other fine print that says you may qualify for a lesser Chase card if you don’t qualify for the miles card. What if you don’t want? Cancelling it can hurt your credit rating…

    • Brad says:

      i’ve found that cancelling cards has a very negligible effect on my credit score. as long as i have a healthy ratio of available credit and a sufficient number of long-term accounts, my score stays strong.

  7. Tanja says:

    My guess would be you would have to fly into Switzerland or France, and then take a jumper flight, Ryanair, etc. Or maybe you could earn the additional 10K mileage per ticket and then upgrade…Brad?

  8. Tanja says:

    Disregard. :)

  9. Brady says:

    So do you get to keep your miles even if you cancel the card?

  10. malam says:

    so, you dont have to fly british airways to redeem the mile, right? you can use any partner airline?

  11. Jennifer says:

    If you use the miles to fly domestically within the US on a partner airline, are there the same extra surcharges and fees you would have on a Europe flight? Also, is there a way to determine what the surcharges are for various flights before signing up for the card? Thanks!

    • Brad says:

      the fuel surcharge is unique to british air flights.

      you should be able to go into their award site and price out various routes to get an idea.

  12. Lauren says:

    I looked at the American Airlines Travel Awards chart and it said it took 25k miles for a one way ticket with the AAnytime award. I am assuming the conversion is for the MileSAAver award since that’s the only way 25k would make a roundtrip ticket in the US?

    • Brad says:

      yes, the base domestic roundtrip award ticket for most US airlines is 25k. these don’t have “aanytime” availability but they’ve more-or-less been fine for my needs historically.

  13. J. Henderson says:

    This is probably a silly question but the article never says round-trip anywhere so I was just wanting to clarify. Can you get one round trip business class ticket to London for 100,000 miles?

  14. Kitty says:

    Do u know what credit score they require?

    • Brad says:

      Kitty, my guess is that if you’re above 720 you’re in good shape unless there are other mitigating circumstances and if you’re above 660 it’s worth a shot with strong household income.

  15. Jim says:

    Do you know how long the offer is good for

    • Brad says:

      I believe it is 5/6 but the one other time they had a 100k offer I personally missed it b/c they pulled it earlier so don’t quote me on that!

  16. Donna Vanoni says:

    The application will not take my household income. What should I do. .? I tried numerous times.

  17. Kimberli says:

    Is there still an annual fee of $95 for the “lesser card” if not approved for the one with the mileage?

  18. Robert says:

    I applied- successfully- for one card, then tried to apply for a separate card for my wife–and now get ‘error’ messages.

    Any idea what is happening and how to apply for the second card ?

  19. Kitty says:

    Brad, Do u know how long this offer will be available?

  20. Randy says:

    Thanks Brad!!! Great score. We use our credit cards for everything. As of now we have hundreds of dollars in gift cards available for either Hyatt or Mariott through one of our other reward cards. With the points on these it looks like we’ll be on our way to a mostly free vacation as far as travel and lodging goes.

    I just did my wife and myself with no problem. I wonder if you or anyone can tell me how to link the 2 seperate accounts to “pool” the points once available…..Would be awesome to have the ability to choose first class on 4 domestic flights or coach on 8.

    Once we get all of the additional bonus points I plan to pool the points and then cancel one of the cards. I’ll keep the other one and charge something on it once in a while to keep the account in good standing.

  21. Ralf says:

    Great find! Thanks!

    BTW, are you sure that the picture is a BA 777? It looks more like an A319 or A320. The 777 does not have those winglets, and is a little ‘fatter’.

  22. lori says:

    Are there restrictions on when you can use the miles?? We are going to the Olympics in London next summer and this would be great!! But I am afraid of blackout periods, etc.


    • Brad says:

      There are no specific restrictions that exclude any particular day. It is only a question of availability. Flights only have so many seats that can be ticketed for awards.

  23. Mindy says:

    Our family is adopting a child or children from Ethiopia. Our fiances are tight and would love to find ways to make our trip there cheaper. Could this benefit us?

    • Brad says:

      Free miles is certainly a benefit if you’re flying to/from Africa. That has to be an expensive flight!

  24. Lucy says:

    Hmm..was doing some research and found that when people were trying to use their miles, that they were very limited to what flights that were available when using these promotion miles.

    Have you heard of this problem?

    I am afraid that if i were to apply and get my miles, there would be so limited flights that will have allocated seats for this promotion during high season and even low season times. this will be especially difficult for those traveling in families since it’s quite possible that the limited seats available will not be enough to go around for a family of 4.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Brad says:

      These miles are no different than any other miles.

      Redeeming miles has always been a big game. It is not as easy as just paying cash – not all seats available for a cash ticket are available for a reward ticket – but I’ve usually found a way to book flights that work for me. Sometimes it does require a fair amount of commitment.

  25. T. says:

    Brad, getting a “web site not found” message now. It’s only Friday morning. Did I miss the deal?? Bummer!!

    • Brad says:

      Looks like it, unfortunately. The one other time they did this they didn’t even get near their expiration so this was actually pretty generous.

      Hopefully there will be more like in the future!

  26. Beth says:

    Looks like this is no longer being offered.If they have a deadline, they should honor it or simply make the deadline earlier. It’s a shame really.

  27. Kitty says:

    Link expired. Hope you’ll keep us informed if this offer shows up again.

  28. Gern says:

    Too bad the link just generates an error message.

  29. Jim says:

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for the info. I applied when I got the alert on 5/5. But so far I have not heard a thing back about the Credit Card. I did get an email from BAir to set up my Executive Club membership.
    Any idea who/where to contact to check on the progress of the CC app?

  30. Tlouise says:

    I applied for both my husband and myself (me first) and it was interesting that it took almost 2 weeks longer for me to get my credit card. Seems like others had the same thing occur. Anyway he has already gotten his 100k so I’m hoping mine works too! When I called they told me it was opened on May 7th even though I submitted as soon as Brad posted the news. I’m hoping they don’t use the opened date as the timing for the miles……I was approved immediately.

    • Brad says:

      As long as your app went through the offer, the timing of any other part shouldn’t make a difference. But keep us posted!

      Great to hear about your husbands miles. That was quick!

      • tlouise says:

        Got the miles posted! Apparently Chase hadn’t linked my account to BA exec club although they opened the account when I applied…..so all good!

        I also tried to check some of the flights during the recent 50% mileage discount but no luck. Will wait for the 2 for 1 when we get to 30k and then try again!

  31. Kevin says:

    I just got my cards finally but the fine print from Chase shows a Foreign transaction fee. one of the reason I got this card was I am in the Military and living overseas and I am getting killed with Transaction fees. I assume I have to wait for my miles

  32. Jim says:

    Well I signed up, spent my 2,500 to get a total of 100k miles. But when I look for “available reward flights” to Europe Zone 1 or 2 for all of Sept-Oct. 2011 it says there a NONE available…..really NONE over two months to all of western Europe! May end up being hard to spend those 100k miles in the 3 years they are good.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Jim, a few thoughts:

      1) It’s important to remember that award availability is highly fluid and changing all the time. Just because there is not availability right now, does not mean there won’t be in 15 minutes or 10 days.

      2) Though this depends slightly on the airlines, my experience has been that availability is best far in advance (300 days+) or within a month.

      3) If you’re really struggling, there are several tools you can enlist to help find seats in an advanced, power-user way. They have a variety of features and give you much more insight into what is going on with award inventory. Here are two I’ve used: http://www.kvstool.com/ http://www.expertflyer.com/. The former includes BA but I don’t believe the latter, which has a fantastic alert system where you pick a flight and get an immediate email every time award seats open up, does at the moment.

      4) You don’t need to use a BA flight to use BA miles. Check availability on their partner airlines. http://www.britishairways.com/travel/ecpartnroneworld/public/en_us

      5) You may have already but try and mix of airports and routes.

      Sometimes I’ve struggled getting things booked but it has always worked out in the end for me. Keep me posted. Hopefully some of this helps!

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  35. Laurent says:

    Here is the FINE PRINT!!!
    Reward Flights
    At time of publication all reward flights and travel together tickets are subject to fuel surcharges, taxes & fees of approximately $650 per person in economy or $1,100 in business class based on travel from New York to London.

    AMAZING! Now all of a sudden these rewards don’t seem free anymore.
    Leave it up to the Brits! I’m not applying to this TRAP!!!

  36. Keith says:

    Can I use those miles for domestic travel or to the Carribean? Are there still fuel surcharges if I am using AmericanAirlines to fly to say Mexico?

    • Brad says:

      Hi Keith,

      Yes for domestic or Carribean. You can use them anywhere you could use American miles so those two and most other places qualify.

      Anything on American does not get hit with a surcharge other than the $2.50 per segment TSA fee.

  37. Chase says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback so far Brad! Would you say that this a better deal than the Chase Sapphire or Starwood cards if your vacation destinations are flexible? At first glance this card appears to be the superior of the three; However, it seems like the surcharges detract from the appeal of free flights offered on the other cards. I would like to maximize my free rewards to the fullest!

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  40. [...] ramp up costs when you’re redeeming  your miles. We have  previous posts that offer some tricks and tips, like redeeming domestic flights on American, that help you maximize your miles. This is one of [...]

  41. Linda says:

    I just wanted to mention I was able to piece together a trip by booking 2 one way trips. Dallas to San Jose and San Francisco to Dallas. This is a great deal, thanks for all of the info – it really helped!

  42. [...] trips like these !  That’s why I’ve been posting about the 100,000 mile offer with the Chase British Airways Visa, the 50,000 point bonus on the American Express Platinum Card, 100,000 Mile Citi American Airlines [...]

  43. Kim says:

    This is NOT valid. I got this credit card for nothing.
    “When you spend $2,500 in the first 90 days of having the card, the other 50,000 will post to your account.”

    • Brad says:

      It was stated clearly on their signup page and it worked for me. If it hasn’t posted for you after a reasonable amount of time after your third statement, send them a message online and I’m sure they’ll pop it in.

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  46. Ramon says:

    Just got approved. Are they still offering the free companion ticket for spending $30k?
    If so, we might finally go to Italy…

  47. Ramon says:

    Oh, I found the info. You do still get the companion ticket. Owning a small business, spending $30k is not a problem. Thank you!
    I was surprised to get this, after getting 2 Citi AAdvantage cards just last week, and 2 Amex cards the week before (Gold Business and Platinum personal.) All thanks to your site.
    Now, can I spend enough on all those cards to meet the requirements? The challenge begins!

    • Brad says:

      Hah, yes – I often have the same challenge!

      You are setup very well for some great trips, Ramon.

      Keep me posted on how it goes.

      • Ramon says:

        I already have a Maui trip planned for next year. 2 free nights at Grand Wailea, 2 free nights at Fairmont Kea Lani, 4 free nights at Sheraton Maui (could have been 5, but I couldn’t fit that 5th night into our schedule), and a week at our time share. Hawaiian Miles for the flights. Biggest expense will be the rental car. I haven’t found a good exchange ratio on points to car rental agencies. Do you know of any? Even with my car rental memberships that came with the Amex Platinum, I’m looking at over $800 for a convertible for 15 days.

        • Brad says:

          cars have been tough for me in hawaii, too.

          i’ve had the most luck on rates with some of the codes we have for avis. http://www.bradsdeals.com/stores/avis-coupons

          also, going straight for the convertible kills a lot of the value of the membership you get via axp, as i’m sure you know. i’ve had luck reserving lesser cars and then just asking for a convertible when i’m there because of upgrades but that isn’t guaranteed.

  48. Andy says:

    I currently have this card. Do you know if I can get another card and also get the miles?

  49. Andy says:

    Will it work if I cancel the present card and then apply after a month or so?

    Obviously, I like the card and have made the most of my miles so far. The companion voucher after spending 30k makes the offer more sweet.

    • Brad says:

      Chase BA is one of the most difficult cards to churn. Even other Chase cards are easier.

      I don’t think it is impossible to do it in a short time but it is unlikely.

      If I was going to try, I’d set a new BA number and enter that when I apply.

      I don’t think waiting a month or 6 months will alter your odds. Waiting 12+ likely will.

      Another approach is to find someone else you can apply for and then spend on the card and pay the bill yourself, and use the miles as if they are yours.

      Agreed that the card and the companion offer is great.

  50. Charl says:

    Tell me about your new book. I heard you on the radio and was driving and did not hear the name or where I could buy it.

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