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Happy National Coupon Month: Coupon Tips from BradsDealers!

September is National Coupon Month! We could not be more excited about this and we thought it would be nice to share some online coupon tips and tricks from some of our experts here at BradsDeals!

Every day we are scouring the internet looking for the best online deals and coupons to share with you, and after doing it day after day, we've learned some great shortcuts and tricks to getting the best ones.

Meet the Brads Dealers:


Brittni's Tip: Create a PayPal account and a Google Checkout account.
Both are free and simplify the checkout process. Many sites offer bonus discounts like extra stacking coupons for paying with them. PayPal is my favorite, with their hassle free refund policy for lost or stolen goods. Also, some retailers will hit you with a pop-up window if you try to close out during the checkout process. This is a chat session (sometimes with a real homosapien, sometimes not), and most of the time they'll offer you a coupon to entice you to complete the order, a true win-win situation. 


Caitlin's Tip: Always wait until the middle of the week to search for NEW coupons.
Oftentimes, retailers gear up for new weekend sales by releasing their newest (and best) coupons and promo codes on Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you wait until the middle of the week or over the weekend to shop, you have a much better chance of catching the latest coupons! 


Casey's Tip: Try the coupon code twice before giving up.
If a coupon code shows as expired, double-check to make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the code. Also, check to make sure you enter it exactly as it is listed, because many codes are case sensitive. We've seen this a lot with Food Savercodes, make sure you copy and paste exactly, or it will not work. 


Chris's Tip: Always be sure to ENTER YOUR COUPON before hitting 'Submit Order'.
Some retailers will proudly display their promo codes on their homepage. However, if you simply pick some items that qualify and check out without entering the code, they're not always going to tell you "oops, you forgot the code" and you will be charged the full amount.
*Side tip: NEVER hit submit order if your total does not equal what it should. Retailers will never apply the discount after your order has been submitted. 


Julia's Tip: Read the fine print!
Many codes are only valid on select items and/or have exclusions. Some codes also have minimum purchase requirements. To use coupons efficiently, always read the details! This will save you the hassle of going through checkout and entering all your information, only to find out your code has expired or is invalid on your order. 


Stephen's Tip: Stack coupons to get the lowest price.
"Stacking" coupons means you're using more than one on your order. Kohls.comis an example of a site that allows this on all orders. You can use 20% off as well as Free Shipping. Not all sites will allow you to stack and not all coupons will stack with each other- so be mindful, make sure you're using the coupon(s) that will save you the most. Do some trial and error to see how to get the lowest price before submitting your order. 

Do any of you have excellent coupon-hunting tips that you'd like to share? We would love to hear them! Leave a comment below or join us Thursday, 9/8, for our first ever Brad's Deals Twitter Party and share your best coupon tips with us!

About the Author: Courtney Sims

An admitted Facebook and Pinterest addict, Courtney is the social media fanatic at Brad's Deals. When she isn't posting deals for the Facebook world to see, she is usually spoiling her dog, cooking for her blog or trying to see how much mac and cheese she can consume in one sitting.

5 Responses to “Happy National Coupon Month: Coupon Tips from BradsDealers!”

  1. Denise Grier says:

    Where do I find the winners of the Skymall gift cards?

  2. TONYC says:

    I find myself staying AWAY from Paypal ONLY because in the past 10 years?, they’ve had hacks break into their site…and since they are GLOBAL, it’s more exposure..but if you use a credit card that backs you up, they will also but it takes time, just a hassle I do not want to go through!

    Rite Aid is the BEST with coupons and IF you are over 50 yo!..it’s even better cause they deem you a SENIOR CITIZEN(that is NY)!! but now more then ever, if you use their reward system, you really get great deals.It’s very hard in NYC to get deals, so online is first but I do walk into Rite AId cause they are really great..but first do your research on their site online and print out your shopping list.hard to explain all the details but it’s on their site..I can go in and have 10-25 bucks in Rite Aid cash from a previos purchase, it’s really worth checking it out. You can not do this online with their site, as far as I know.


  3. Jonathan Gartner says:

    Do not open a Pay-Pal account they have some real security problems that they do no wish to admit. For example some one was using mine as I came on-line. DO NOT TRUST (I had to encrypt my own account)

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