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Restaurant.com Beats Groupon for Dining Out

Let's face it, Groupon and Living Social have hypnotized us with fantastic daily deals since their debut a few years ago. These deal of the day websites have a talent for making anything, from a spa pedicure to sky-diving, enticing and affordable. But when it comes to your sushi craving or pizza night, daily deal websites like Living Social, Groupon, and Amazon Local miss the mark. Why you ask? Because Restaurant.com is the ONLY place to go to save a buck at your favorite restaurant. We've broken down the reasons why Restaurant.com is your best bet to satisfy your wallet woes and taste bud cravings.

Restaurant.com Gift Certificates

Get Online Deals on Restaurant.com Gift Certificates!

Any Cuisine, Anytime!

Restaurant.com offers dining certificates from over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. With those odds, finding the meal that you're craving is a cinch! Unlike Groupon or Living Social, dining certificates from all kinds of restaurants from pizza to sushi to hamburgers are available for purchase 24/7, 365. Restaurant.com allows you to search for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner by cuisine, average entree price, atmosphere, entertainment, required attire, and much more. So you can easily find your perfect meal. Along with their dining certificates, Restaurant.com offers gift cards, which make a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Deep Discounts

Sure Groupon boasts 50%-90% off their daily deals, but how often do you find a restaurant deal that you are interested in buying? Restaurant.com not only offers 50% off dining certificates every day, they also feature coupon codes varying from 60%-80% off your dining experience.

We did an experiment to find a restaurant deal in the Chicago area using both Groupon and Restaurant.com. Using the same restaurant, we found that Groupon is currently offering $15 for $32 worth of food. However, a dining certificate from Restaurant.com worth $25 costs $10, which then drops to just $3 with a 70% off coupon code FRIENDS! With a little math we found that Groupon's $15 deal you will get $32 worth of breakfast, but with Restaurant.com you can get the same $32 worth of food and spend a total of $10 (the $3 certificate + $7 balance = $32)!

  Groupon.com Restaurant.com
The Deal:
$15 for $32
$10 for $25
Coupon Code:
70% off with FRIENDS
You Spend:
You Save:


Unlike Groupon or Living Social, Restaurant.com's dining certificate deals are ALWAYS available for your use. There is no need to wait for a daily deal to arrive in your email inbox. Looking to save money before you go out to eat? Choose your restaurant, print your dining certificate, and you are good to go! However, it is important to note that Restaurant.com offers a limited number of certificates per restaurant each month. If you have a specific restaurant you wish to try, make sure to visit Restaurant.com towards the beginning of the month, which is when they have the best inventory.

All of the above are awesome reasons to use Restaurant.com for your dining deals, however there are a few drawbacks. Restaurant.com dining certificates include some rules and exclusions such as: a minimum purchase, dine-in only orders, alcohol is excluded, some certificates cannot be used on weekends, and gratuity is added to your bill before payment. Just keep in mind that (unfortunately) there is no such thing as a free lunch!

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About the Author: Caitlin Fox

Caitlin is the Senior Coupon Editor and resident pop culture junkie at BradsDeals. She gets a rush from finding a fantastic coupon code, adores her Beagle, Lucy, and loves to bake cupcakes for family and friends.

36 Responses to “Restaurant.com Beats Groupon for Dining Out”

  1. Kim says:

    The BIG BIG BIG problem with Restaurant.com is that you can not use the value towards Alcohol….therfore Groupon, Living Social, etc are a better value.

    • Kim, oftentimes deals with Groupon and Living Social do exclude alcohol. Since dining certificates on Restaurant.com drop to $2-$4 for $25 worth of food (and sometimes drinks), Restaurant.com is a much better value for your dinner. Add on a couple drinks, and you are still paying less than you would with a Groupon or Living Social deal that may include alcohol. As always, please make sure that you read the fine print on deals!

  2. Jude says:

    Groupon is much better. I was only paying $2.00 for a $25.00 Restaurant.com certificates, but the local restaurants stated you had to spend an additional $35-$50 in order to use the certificates, which did not allow use on Fridays & Saturdays, no wine,no specials,and the automatic 18% tip added on to bill, but the big problem was being told they no longer will accept certificates. Important make sure you ask if they accept the certificate before you order!

    • j says:

      rest.com is way over priced & to many restrictions.

    • I went to restaurant.com. I purchased 8 gift certificates. A screen popped up with all the restrictions and I tried to get a refund. They would not refund my money.
      I was going to give these certificates to the poor and since it was Brads Deals, I trusted it. But the families I was going to give the gifts to cannot afford to pay an additional $10 plus 18% gratuity.
      Brad I just asked them to cancel my order and they wouldn’t. Now I have had to contact my credit card and will start the dispute process tomorrow. I have never dealt wit any business that would not refund your money if there was anything wrong, misunderstood ,etc.

      To me this is a scam because there are no refunds
      I will never do business with them again.

  3. Carol says:

    I have used all three of the mentioned money savers and of them all, I like restaurant.com the least. One coupon I bought was a waste because the restaurant was out of business before I had a chance to use it…luckily, I wasn’t out much because it was the smallest denomination purchasable and I also used Brad’s to deepen the discount. I used another to go to a favorite Pub and though they honored the coupon, they told me that they would not be doing business with Rest.com anymore because it was such a hassle for them. I think that the management of this web business needs to improve before I purchase anything more from them. Sorry…..

    • Carol, while we are sorry that your certificates did not work out at the places you attempted to use them, Restaurant.com is still a fantastic value when dining out, and should not be discounted for other potential savers. Next time try a different restaurant. Hopefully you will find one that works for you :)

      • Caitlin, please read my post. I had a horrible experience with restaurant.com today. Just try to get an order canceled. Sorry they can’t help blah blah blah.
        I strongly disagree with you. Can you help me get my money back. Just placed the order today. Had to contact my Credit Card and filed a complaint with the BBB. Any other ideas to get a refund for a product you recommended ?

    • Lori says:

      if you contact restaurant.com, they will credit the money to you.

      It’s a hassle for the restaurants because people go, buy the bare minimum and the place loses money.

    • LizBiz says:

      @Carol. Call Restaurant.com they’ll refund your $$. I had the same thing happen and they gave me back mine.

      The no alcohol rule usual is from the State Alcohol Beverage Agency, not rest.com OR the restaurant themselves. However the “must spend XX dollars” does come from the restaurant.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree that alot of the places are out of business when you get there. Also, when arriving at a restaurant, you find out the business has been trying to get their business off of the website and no longer will accept the coupon. I still have coupons in my que that are not good because I called the restaurant before going to see if they are valid and they are not. I don’t have time to keep requesting credits from Res.com. I suggest you call the Restaurant before going so you don’t get embarrassed when you get there and they look at you like you have two heads because you have a coupon.

  4. Courtney from Brad's Deals says:

    I think it is worth noting that ALL of these vouchers have fine print- Groupon, Restaurant.com or otherwise. We are simply stating that as far as getting a better deal (more for your money) Restaurant.com is CLEARLY a better deal.

    There are always going to be exclusions on deals, there are always going to be rules and fine print, we are simply stating that when used correctly, Restaurant.com saves you more- which is our top priority.

    To avoid confusion, try calling the restaurant before purchasing to see if they accept the voucher, read the fine print BEFORE ordering and just be a savvy shopper in general; it will pay off in the long run. We’re definitely not saying Groupon has bad deals all the time, but in the interest of saving you money, we think Restaurant.com is the best.

  5. Dave in Indy says:

    I know that restaurant.com sponsors your site, as I see their offers and never any for Groupon. The key difference is that with Groupon, you are buying a gift certificate and with Restaurants.com, you are simply buying a coupon. That is a KEY difference and i will never pay for a coupon unless it’s a coupon book.

    Indianapolis has coupons4indy where similar coupons to restaurant.com are FREE.

    Restaurnat.com has a certain slickness to it. Sorry, you can slap a coupon on a pig but, in the end it’s still a pig

    • Nina says:

      Uhm…do you ever read this site? Don’t know what you are talking about. Search “Groupon” and you will find a bunch of offers. I don’t really like using groupons for restaurants, since the restaurants are always so crowded when there is a groupon available. I use restaurant.com certificates frequently, and I have yet to have any problems with them.

    • I so agree but had to learn the hard way:( A pig it is no more restaurant.com for this fool.

  6. Dave in Indy says:

    As well many of the “$10 for $25″ deals stipulate that you must spend at least $35 or some other amount. So, it’s NOT $10 of ff $25, it is “$20 off of $35.” See the slickness? Read some of the stuff on the internet with folks having trouble redeeming them. I understand how affiliate sales may make you some money.. although I like your site restaurant.com is bottom of the barrel, sleazy.

    • j says:

      rest.com has way to many restrictions & getting worse.
      I have sever credits there from restaurants that went out of businees I have not used them.

  7. TJ says:

    It’s Friday, Dave in Indy. Have a beer and a slice of za.

  8. j says:

    rest.com is cheaper, but there so many restrictions, time of day, lunch or dinner, days of the week. I will ,always go with groupon.

  9. j says:

    $32 for breakfast, will never happen.
    We did an experiment to find a restaurant deal in the Chicago area using both Groupon and Restaurant.com. Using the same restaurant, we found that Groupon is currently offering $15 for $32 worth of food. However, a dining certificate from Restaurant.com worth $25 costs $10, which then drops to just $3 with a 70% off coupon code FRIENDS! With a little math we found that Groupon’s $15 deal you will get $32 worth of breakfast, but with Restaurant.com you can get the same $32 worth of food and spend a total of $10 (the $3 certificate + $7 balance = $32)!

  10. Colleen says:

    As a small merchant, I will NEVER offer a Groupon. Their marketing department is full of strong arm sales people that practically insist that businesses are required to participate. I’ll tell you the math for us. We get 25 percent of the value of the products we offer and all of the hassle. Our mark ups are usually under keystone (50%) so we are losing money. Every merchant I know has gained no repeat business from doing Groupon. No one wants to come back and pay full price; they are on to the next deal. I’ve told Groupon No three times and asked them not to call back, Even after assurances, they do. I complained in email to their customer service department about their guerilla marketing tactics only to get a form reply asking if I had a satisfactory experience with customer service — HELL No! I want to stay in business, building loyalty by offering great products and unparalleled customer service – No Groupon offers for me and our business is growing by leaps and bounds! Living Social, while I will not participate, was very courteous and has not contacted me again after the first time.

  11. Kristen says:

    Too man restrictions, as most people would agree, and the selection are really 90% of restaurants I have never heard of or I wouldnt eat at. I am all down for trying new things, but I would rather wait for a chance that Groupon will have a gift certificate to purchase, so that we can use it on the weekend and have a glass of wine or two and not worry about meeting the minimum purchase.

  12. Lisa Jones says:

    I have purchased from all three of these sites, Restaurant.com, Living Social and Groupon. Some sites are great for the Consumer, but not so great for the owner. The customer experience with Living Social has been the best! The Restaurant.com Merchants are very unhappy about the deal with Restaurant.com. I have been to several restaurants that post signs on their doors that they are not accepting certificates and I show up with my family and cannot use them. I talked to several restaurant owners after showing up only to find out they are not honoring these certificates and have been told that they have been trying to quit Restaurant.com for months and they will not take them off their site and continue to sell more certificates. They are also told by Restaurant.com that they will cell 30 certificates and stop, but they sell hundreds.

    I can go to the Restaurant.com website every day and buy a 2.00 certificate and get 25.00 worth of food. I can visit these restaurants and never ever pay full price, they say you can only buy one a month, but they nor the restaurant monitor this. Restaurant.com does not share any of the money they make with the Merchant. Groupon does the deal that earns them the most revenue, not always what is best for the Merchant. Living Social does a deal that is the best fit for the Merchant and the customer and you can only get the deal for one day, not go back over and over again and eat for free. It has to be good for everyone, the owner, the consumer and the Daily Deal site, not just one sided. Just saying!

    • Lisa, you bring up an excellent point with the problems that restaurants experience with deals with Restaurant.com, Groupon, and Living Social. From what I understand, it is hard to retain customers after they have purchased the deal. In this blog post however, our goal was to give our readers the *best deal possible*. If you consider the fact that Restaurant.com offers a wide variety of certificates for restaurants on a regular basis, customers will likely return to their favorite spot more often. It’s true that deals are not always ideal for the merchant, but as always our focus at Brad’s Deals is *saving YOU money*.

      Thank you for the comment! We really love engaging with our readers.

  13. Rest.com is not saving me money. Add $10. + 18% gratuity and limited hours and restaurants no longer accepting these certificates and let the buyer beware. I have been buying things through Brads for a very long time. I have learned a costly lesson.
    Caitlin, if you can get me my money back (credited to my credit card), I’ll take you out to lunch wherever you want!

  14. gregory sullivan says:

    I purchased deals from Restaurants.com, have account and everything. Cannot get customer service, certificates have not shown up in account. Sent them receipt where they were paid for but no response back. They should be taken off brads deals it is hurting more than helping. Love rest of site so far.

  15. Brian says:

    The math in this post does not represent the actual cost of using either of the discount sites. The table is misleading by omitting tax, gratuity, and minimum purchase price (RDC minimum purchases are higher than the certificate value), all of which you are going to incur. The correct math on a $15/$32 Groupon and a $10/$25 RDC certificate:

    $32 (minimum) + tax(assume 10%) + gratuity (%18) = $41.54
    Less the $17 savings ($32 cert. – $15 cost) = $24.54
    Savings of 40.9%

    $35 (minimum) + tax(assume 10%)+ gratuity (18%) = $45.43
    Less the $22 savings ($25 cert. – $3 cost) = $23.43
    Savings of 48.4%

    This is your savings if you spend exactly the minimum required by the deal. If you spend more, which is clearly going to happen in either business model, the savings percent will decrease. The bottom line is you are going to spend about $24 for either of these meals PLUS the amount you rack up over the minimum (plus additional tax/tip). At this point it’s up to you whether it is worth it (i.e. is it worth $24+ for a meal there? are beverages excluded? etc.)

    *P.S. If you live somewhere with lower/no sales tax, savings will be slightly better.

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