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Dude, Where's my PlayStation 3? Target Cancels Orders, But May Pay You For It

ps3 deal from target canceled

Your order may have been canceled, but you may not be out of luck.

We've started to hear some rumbling this week about Target's Black Friday deals...or lack thereof. According to some shoppers, Target.com has started sending emails to Black Friday customers informing them that its PlayStation 3 Bundle (priced at $200 for Black Friday) was "oversold", and that their order is now canceled. For these Target customers, they not only lost this Target PS3 deal, but also missed out on all the other great PS3 deals over the weekend at other stores!

While we have not yet heard how Target is going to handle the backlash, there is a good chance they will make amends with their now PlayStation-less customers. For example, when Target released the Missoni for Target line in September, their website crashed, and the designer line was "oversold." Frugal minded fashionistas everywhere were told by Target that their orders were canceled...but they also received an apology letter by snail mail, and a free $25 gift card to fill the void left by their missing Missoni!

Target would be smart to offer something similar to its jilted PS3 purchasers. And if that doesn't cut it, here are some comparable post-Black Friday weekend offers on PlayStation 3 bundles.

  • Kmart is offering the PlayStation 3 Complete Entertainment Bundle for $219.99 with in-store pickup, which includes the 160GB console, 1 controller, 2 games and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus.
  •  Another best bet is the $249.99 PlayStation 3 Harry Potter Bundle, which includes the 160GB console, 1 controller, a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II Blue-Ray DVD, and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus. You can find this bundle at Newegg.com with free shipping and no sales tax (except CA, NJ, and TN).
If you factor in whatever gift card consolation prize is likely coming soon to your mailbox, you may be left well consoled.

About the Author: Marisa Lang

Marisa is an editor and blogger at BradsDeals. She loves cheap home decor, hunting down hard-to-find sales, and figuring out how to travel anywhere on a budget.

19 Responses to “Dude, Where's my PlayStation 3? Target Cancels Orders, But May Pay You For It”

  1. Leah Lundgren says:

    The really sucky thing is that I ordered this deal and then proceeded to order my husband several games for it, only to get an email from B&N today telling me that they would like to apologize that we are unfortunately unable to fulfill your order. Due to unexpected customer demand, we have no further stock of this item. Does it matter that I ordered this a week ago and had received an email from them telling me it was ready to ship? Of course not. Does it matter that I relied on this order to purchase other items. Of course not. But they are going to assuage my wrath by offering me a 30% off coupon. That’s only good for one item. And it expires in a week. There goes my B&N membership.

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience, Leah! This may not be the exact PS3 Bundle that you purchased, but it looks you are not the only one having trouble with B&N right now…see http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/playstation-3-slim-320gb-uncharted-3-bundle/22933553.

    We’ve also heard some rumbling about Best Buy starting to do the same thing. We are really interested in hearing about how retailers are handling their PS3 orders, and whether or not shoppers are benefiting from it?

  3. LaQuita says:

    I was a victim of a Best Buy 360 deal. I ordered online and the corporate website verified it was at the store (it was store pick up btw). An hour later as I was getting ready to pick it up, I got a call saying that there had been a ‘glitch’ in the system. The store did not even sell the bundle for Black Friday. The store manager told me I could grab the console and not the bundle. I wasn’t happy. After an hour on the phone with the corporate office, they agreed to ship the bundle to the store along with the others because of the volume of customers effected. Monday, I recieved another notification to pick up the package so I called store.. “You can get Xbox but nothing else” I was told again. I called corporate again. Thank goodness they are gonna take care of me. I can pick up console at store and they will ship the rest to me! I was sketchy but as of right now I am a very satisfied Best Buy customer (: (I say right now because I haven’t recieved the rest of my order yet but as long as it gets here before xmas I will be happy)

  4. Toyya says:

    I stop shopping at best buy when I purchased a psp last year the cashier their recommend a warranty for an additional cost she stated that the warranty covers the console 100% if anything happens to it. I purchased it, Well it stopped playing games took it back to honor the warranty to be repaired and the hell I received was unbelieveable the warranty was not honored and best buy informed me that a new warranty was issued when a new game was purchased. I paid a pretty penny for that warranty so I have a psp sitting nearly new not working. Best Buy SUCKS

    • Uwe Ritter says:

      Best Buy associates are told to sell sell sell warranties. A cashier even offered a warranty to me on a software game, I about fell on the floor laughing. Sears is like that way too. I applied there once for part-time work which I was hired for but I subsequently turned down once I was told about my having to sell warranties It seemed they cared more about that than the product they sell. I would “highly” suggest telling their staff to show you in writing what exactly is covered, 10 out of 10 of then will have no idea where to look.

  5. Ruth says:

    Target did something similar to me last year with the “Lord of the Rings” Blu-Ray bundle. They canceled my black friday order a few days after I had ordered. I missed out on other stores that had similar deals. I wrote and expressed my dissapointment, and they sent back a form letter telling me they cannot control inventory.
    My son ended up not getting his most requested gift. I will not shop online at Target anymore after what happened. After reading this article I am glad I did not shop with them this season!

    • tam says:

      Target did the same to me last year online regarding a Nikon camera. I will never order online from Target or Walmart ever again. Both equally BAD!!!

  6. Uwe Ritter says:

    I was able to get the XBox 360 160GB Kinect Bundle for $299 through Microsoft Store on Cyber Monday without any hassles. I steer clear of chain stores like Target and BB because they don’t have deals like this and they never ever can meet the demand. My bundle btw is on its way This bundle was $100 cheaper than any competitor out there.

  7. Theresa Stevey says:

    Awesome that you looked into this Brad for these ppl who lost out!

  8. Jonathan says:

    This is why I never buy online. EVER. Not only is your item never guaranteed, your checking account/credit card is charged immediately & it can take up to 14 BUSINESS days, that’s almost 3 weeks in real time, to refund your purchase. This is also why I don’t buy xbox or playstation, they’re only copying Nintendo in the first place. Buy in store, when the product is physically in your hands, & you won’t ever have this problem again. To save you time on red rings of death (xbox system failure-you wasted your $) or “can’t read disc error” (playstation3 system failure-you wasted your $) SIMPLY BUY NINTENDO. Never buy a store extended warranty, contact the manufacturer of your product & request a warranty extension brochure. Always, ALWAYS register your product. They usually send you warranty extension offers anyway. God Bless & remember: Christmas is about the birth of our Lord & Savior, not shopping. So please don’t let some stupid big chain store ruin your holiday!

  9. Steve says:

    I have to agree with Jonathan and also disagree. I disagree that you should never buy online. I buy almost everything except groceries and gasoline online. Amazon is my favorite, they have never gotten an order wrong for me. Never. I went to BB on BF to buy a 3TB hard drive and was told they were sold out. I ordered the same item online at BB for in-store pickup, and was told it wasn’t available at any of my local stores. Finally, I ordered it to be shipped from one of their warehouses, and now it’s on its way. But I do agree that Christmas isn’t about money or purchases or good deals or this store vs that. As the saying goes, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

  10. Anne says:

    Different product, similar experience. Ordered an LG vacuum from AJ Madison. Our credit card was charged, they said it would ship this week, then we got an email saying it was oversold and production of new units will replenish stock by LATE JANUARY. I can live without a vacuum for a week, definitely not for two months.

  11. Jessica says:

    Wow I feel bad for these ppl that this has happened to!! I guess I got lucky with my order from Best Buy! I have already received both of my order with no problems Ps3 bundle and the XBox 360 bundle

  12. jude says:

    Same thing happened to me last year at Target with a GPS. Ordered it online, several days later got an email saying that they had made a mistake in the advertisement and they were canceling my order. Not substituting, not giving me an option, canceling. So apparently this isn’t new behavior.

  13. lisa says:

    Barnes and Noble tried to tell me that they did fill some of the orders but that they couldn’t fill all of them. I want to hear at least one person who got their ps3 from barnes and noble

  14. Laura says:

    Meijer’s is just as bad. After standing in line for a hour and a half they say they are out. Their sign said they had 59 but they claimed they only had 35. They were very rude and after so many people complained they had to give rain check to anyone in line up to the 59 they said they had. Although they said they were good for only 30 days and it wouldn’t be in by then. Meijer’s doesn’t care about their customers cause we can’t get anyone from corporate to return or calls. Sounds like Target is just as bad.

  15. fluffies says:

    I would be SO annoyed if this happened to me, and the only thing that would “make it right” is for the company to deliver the product I ordered! Luckily, I got the PS3 bundle from Amazon, not Best Buy or Target. And all I had to do was to stay up until 3 am EST, when it became midnight in Seattle, home of Amazon, on Black Friday. My son LOVES the HD picture on his new PS3. Thanks, Amazon!

  16. Johnny says:

    I just got screwed on a Target cyber-monday PS3 deal. It was advertised as being a 320 GB system, with two games, two Dualshock controllers, and the Move bundle. I picked up my order this past weekend – and it only had 1 dualshock controller and one game. I called and they said that even though I have saved the internet pages from Targets site which clearly states that I was buying – and Target confirmed my order – of TWO (2) Dualshock controllers, I am not getting the second controller cause they made a mistake on their website. I was told by Target that they can apparently take your money, confirm your order and then change the product afterward if they feel like it. They wont offer me a credit for the cost of a controller, or do anything other tahn suggest I go to a store and beg the store manager to honour the deal the website sold me. They will credit me for the missing game, but I dont get the extra controller the Target page listed and then later confirmed after I ordered.

  17. Ken says:

    I got screwed on the Target deal. They confirmed the order and said it was shipping Dec 7. Then I got a notice it would be delayed until Jan 10. I looked around for another option but nothing as good as this was available so I figured late is better than nothing… Then I received an email that some of my items would be removed from my order (and the ps3 was the only thing on my order…) So I got scammed…very upset with target now…. They should substitute another 250 gb bundle to make up for it but they are not saying a word… Shame on you target!

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