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Brad's Deals 2nd Annual Wish List Giveaway

We do lots of giveaways at Brad's Deals but this one is going to be different. The winner won't be announced, it isn't sponsored and the whole thing won't receive much fanfare.

This is sponsored by the team at Brad's Deals to reward a deserving member of our audience with $2,500 in cash for them to use as they see fit for their family's needs and wants, and to hopefully knock off a few items on their holiday wishlist.

The contest is open to all qualifying participants who feel that they – or someone they know – could use a little good fortune this holiday season.

To enter, send an email to wishlist@bradsdeals.com by midnight CST on December 15th, 2011. The team at Brad's Deals will review each submission and make what we feel is the best choice. Your email address won't be used in any way and your submission will remain private. If selected, you will be notified by 12/19 and receive the $2,500 shortly thereafter.

Brad's Deals has helped so many of us get through hard economic times with great online shopping deals, coupon codes and in-store printable coupons to cash-strapped shoppers.  This year, like last, we want to go one step further.

We were incredibly inspired by the amazing story of last year's winner and appreciate the opportunity to spread some additional Christmas cheer.

Go here to see additional contest rules.

43 Responses to “Brad's Deals 2nd Annual Wish List Giveaway”

  1. Debby says:

    I love your webpage, would love to win! Definitely could use some holiday cheer.

  2. Patricia Flor says:

    I listened to last years winner and I think it is fantastic what you are doing..if every person did this once in their lifetime it could save a lot of people in need. Thanks Brad!

  3. Donna Rondo says:

    I know already that my children will be with me for Christmas and that is the best thing a mom could ask for. But, I have had a heart breaking year. It started with several deaths in the family the biggest one the loss of my mom I broke my leg really bad at her funeral. The worst part of all this is I have a limited income. I have shopped on your website and Thank You for the great tips and such. They helped. But I still need so much more. I need to win your contest to I can get some new furniture in my living room. It is old and worn out. I would love to do this before my children get here. Just need a couch and a recliner. Nothing big. I have never asked for anything for myself before. This is a first for me. So I don’t know what I am suppose to do here. Tell you how down and out I am because I am. I can’t work no more. I became disabled. I broke my ankle and leg at my moms funeral and now the hardware has to come out of my ankle. Right prior to that I had back surgery to put screws in so I could walk again. Then they found out I have osteopenia and osteoperothes so every night I have to give myself a shot. Hopefully that will work to rebuild my bones. And I pray that I don’t fall and break any more. Do you see the spot I am in. It is a tight one. It is hard for me to cook any more and even go out shopping which is why I love your website. You did make some of my Christmas shopping much easier this year. Thank you for that. I can’t go out to the stores no more. I use to love that. To see all the decorations and such. Now I miss it all. But if I was to win that couch and recliner I would be ever so grateful. You just don’t know. I know well I am sure there are people with worse stories than me. But if you can find it in your hearts to give me just that small thing I will pray for all of you for ever. Hugs to all God Bless Merry Christmas Happy New Year!

  4. Stephanie Werner says:

    What a marvelous thing you all are doing!
    I’m not sure if this is the ‘online entry form’ mentioned in your rules, but couldn’t find a link to anything else so will hope this is it.

    I’m a widow, and coming up fast on ‘senior citizenship’ (grin), but have a very young group of kiddos in my home whom I adopted early this year. They were foster children with whom I fell in love, and none of us could imagine living without each other. I already have 2 bio kids whose own children are older than my wild bunch, as well as 2 other adult ‘kids’ my husband and I adopted many years ago. Two of my three littlest have very severe special needs, so working outside the home isn’t possible. I am also ‘Mama’ to a number

  5. Stephanie Werner says:

    Darn, this posted before I was ready, sorry!

    To continue-
    I’m Mama to a number of my former foster kids, and am delighted to be taking care of another baby while her Mom, a former foster child, gets herself turned around.
    Because of the number and the needs of the little ones in my home, making a memorable Christmas is a bit of a challenge. If we were lucky enough to win this contest, it would make a huge difference for us.
    Thank you all at Brad’s Deals for doing this – no matter who you choose, you are going.g to make

  6. Stephanie Werner says:

    Sigh. Again, posted too soon! Trying to thank you all, what a warm and caring bunch you must all be!

  7. JoEllen Orosco says:

    Help pay off our Handiequiped Van

  8. Eileen Steenburg says:

    Our son is wheelchair bound and we would love to be able to purchase some living aids for him.

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Lori Martin says:

    I am wanting to enter ur contest but am wanting the $ for my lil brother. He has finally gotten things together in his life just got married in October got a good job this past May and just got laid off we assumed he would get unemployment but just found out today that they dont count the weeks he worked from October and on so he only has 18 weeks in and needed 20!!! He is just devastated and has two lil boys his new wife and her son so this would be heaven sent. Thanks Lori

  10. Kathryn Evans says:


    First and foremost, I have enjoyed cashing in on many of your deals that have been brought to me via my computer and for that I thank you and my family thanks you. Now on to business, I want to tell you about a family I use to work for. This recently divorced mom of 2 special needs girls works very hard to make sure that they have food, shelter, and clothing, as well as medical care and attention whenever it is needed. She never complains even though many a night she has to stay awake so she can hear her daughter’s vent alarm. While she does receive a day nurse M-F, 9a-5p, she consistently has to take care of both girls by herself every evening and through the night. This mom never gets to go out after 5pm. She never gets to go have fun with a friend on the weekend. There is no one to take over for her when she is sick. She gives everything she has for the lives of these two girls. She needs so many things that we take for granted such as a stove, washer and dryer, table and chairs, a comfortable rocking recliner in her daughter’s room where she has to sleep to be able to hear the ventilator. She now sleeps on a 20 year old love seat that is very worn out as is all of the above appliances. You see, she doesn’t have the money for anything except the rent, utilities, and food. There is nothing left for extras including Christmas. Each year I try to give each girl something special they would like, but they need so much more like a new dresser and some more containers to hold all of the medical supplies. The list just goes on and on and I am only one person and I have 2 special needs children of my own less severe than hers. I also work outside the home as a registered nurse and can afford more than she can. In these times we all struggle continuously and whomever you choose will benefit from your generosity. Please remember this family when you choose someone who is truly deserving of your kindness.
    Thank you, Kathryn

  11. Kimberly Moldt says:

    My family has had such a hard year my three year old and my 21 month old sons were diagnosed with type one diabetes only four months apart. They have to have insulin shots everyday every time they eat and before bed.I have to test them at three am everyday. It is breaking my heart every time I have to give them a shot. My husband had to leave the job he loves to be closer to home to help out and we just can’t afford to have a big Christmas. We really need this my babies deserve to have everything they want and I just can’t give it to them. Please put the light back in my babies eyes this year. Thank you and god bless you all what you are doing is so wonderful. Please pick my boys.

  12. Kellie says:

    What a generous gift to give, best wishes,

  13. phillip everett says:

    i am a senior citizen and i would like to bring christmas cheer to other seniors in my area of arkansas ! i am a 77 year old christian and would enjoy being santa to many this year of troubled times !

  14. Samantha says:

    This is an absolutely awesome thing to do especially in this day and age with our economy so poorly and many people have a lot of hardships. I have been a stay at home mother of 2 the past 10 years my hubby works very hard to provide us with the most wonderful life we can live, but I would love to be able to give my children a Christmas that they have always dreamed about not just “what we can afford” at the time. I also have been a volunteer with our local SPCA for the past 3 years and would love to share and buy our loving animals some wonderful Christmas presents and brighten up their days.

  15. sandra says:

    i am on my own know that my grandmother past away nov 24 and would really like to give my family a happy christmas but i am unable with my incume that is why i would like to like to win

  16. Elsa Reynoza says:

    Good morning team brad’s deal.. My name is Elsa Reynoza, I never thought that I would ever be asking for help, but man times are tough! I recently moved to a different city out side my home town in search of a job, little did I know it would be ten times harder. I did end up getting a job for pizza hut but that was short lived with no family friends around to help me I was forced to leave my job for lack of babysitters not knowing anyone to trust its hard to leave your child with someone you don’t know! Plus my income was just not enough to pay a sitter and provide for my children, so now I’m on government assistance with only food to provide my children I don’t have the means to give my children a decent christmas, not to mention the little things to be able to maintain a clean home, from dish soap, to shampoo, its hard. its also heart braking to see your children ask for this and that for christmas and you say we’ll ask santa and in the back of your head knowing you CAN’T! please make a dream come true this holiday.. Chose us thank you.

  17. Keshia says:

    I sent an email to the one that was listed above. Hopefully that is what I was suppose to do.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  18. Also sent Emai…Happy Holidays and Good Luck to Everyone.

  19. Jason says:

    Wow people, didn’t you read – they said to send an email… not post here.

  20. Brandon says:

    I want my Mom to win

  21. Ruth says:

    I sent my request also. I just want to tell you thanks, for all the great items on your daily deals. I bought each of my teen and above granddaughters fabulous jewelry Christmas gifts real inexpensive (cheap) sound bad. I got items for several grandsons too + magazines really cheap for my husband! This site is awesome.
    Keep up the good work, After reading some of the above letters, mine sounds not so bad.
    Thanks, again, Ruth

  22. William Denney says:

    This would be a lifesaver for me.

  23. Dorothy says:

    I just have to say that this is a wonderful act of kindness! I wish all the best of luck and I wish all happy holidays. I am a teacher and I see so many families in need. We take a family in need every year and try to give them a wonderful Christmas. I wish we could do this for everyone in need. My husband and I have even taken whole families in to live with us for periods of time. It is hard now for so many. I pray for all who need help this time of year and for any time. God bless everyone and Merry Christmas.

  24. Pat Cipolla says:

    This is really great. If I don’t win this, I hope some deserving soul does!

  25. ROBERT KAIVER says:


  26. James Brown says:

    Sure could use the money to pay some overdue bills

  27. Tammie Jackson says:

    I am a single mother of 12 years with a limited income and 2 teenagers – 1-daughter (16) and 1-son (14) and would like to enter for the $2,500 giveaway. We have had an extremely tough year the last couple of years with my medical problems and financially. I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis and constant pain that I live with (I go to a pain clinic once a month to be able to get pain meds), carpal tunnel in both hands and have taken (3) pretty bad falls since June 2011 that has messed up both of my shoulders and right elbow to where I have had to have several injections since these took place. I am now in physical therapy for my left shoulder. I have had prior neck surgery to replace a disc and now have a metal plate in it, knee surgery 2 years ago and a couple more surgeries in the last 5 years (hernia, hysterectomy)…and on top of that my kids dad was just in a car wreck 2 months back and he broke his leg, bruised his lungs and got infection in lungs, broke a finger, stitches in his face and several other complications that kept him in ICU for 3 weeks. He is now not able to work so we get NO child support or extra money from him and it will be months before he will be able to go back to work. I had saved a little bit of money to buy my kids a couple of things for Christmas and then our dog was missing for 2 days and when we found him he had been torn up by another dog that attacked him and he spent 3 weeks at the vet which is now costing me over $800 broken up in monthly payments (which I don’t have)to the vet (so that took what little money we had to start paying the vet bills). Two weeks after the dog got hurt my car broke down and then cost over $500 to have it fixed (my car is 11 years old) and had to borrow money to pay for that expense (that I have to pay back as soon as I get some money). I would love for my kids to be able to have a small Christmas if nothing else and most of all I would like to be able to pay these debts off so maybe this next year will be a better year for our family. We would appreciate any and all help!! This would be a God send if we were able to win this gift. I do have proof of all that I have told you…I have a multitude of doctor bills, vet bill and receipts from where my car had to be fixed, monthly pharmacy receipts…and can get my Ex-husbands medical stuff if needed…I can also get the newspaper clipping of his wreck and picture of totaled vehicle.

    This would mean the world to my kids to be able to have a good Christmas and this would be a dream come true!

    God Bless you!!!!

  28. Susan Ladd says:

    Great Sweep and Happy Holidays everyone!!! Hope to win !!!!

  29. Chuck Bassett says:

    Great contest…will help someone in need (me?).

  30. jack jenkins says:

    this would be great!

  31. Willard Whiteman says:

    nice prizes

  32. Barbara says:

    Thanks for offering great prizes!

  33. Sandy says:

    Love all your deals. I have enjoyed reading them! I could use some Christmas cheer for sure! My husband fell and broke his arm on Thanksgiving morning while taking out the trash! He’s out of work for 6a to 8you weeks! Have not been much in Christmas spirit since then. Could use some Christmas cheer=)

  34. Martha Morgan says:

    Money would sure help us as we are on a fixed income which stays the same while everything goes up and up.

  35. Nina Duncombe says:

    I don’t want anything for myself but I want to nominate my daughter’s boyfriend. She is a junior in HS. His mother had substance abuse problems and his father could not take care of him either, so he is living at his best friend’s house in a somewhat foster-care situation. In spite of his horrendous upbringing, he has managed to be the most polite nice person you could ever meet. He is going to school and trying to better himself, cooks and cleans around the house, and is always willing to help her dad or me with anything at our house. He even helped fix our washing machine. He cannot afford a car or busfare, so he has walked the 5 miles to our house on many occasions. His only means of support is a couple of dollars here and there if his father has it. His foster mother is on a heart monitor so I know she cannot do much for Christmas. This is a kid who is really trying very hard to be a good honest person, and I think he and his foster family all deserve to have a great christmas. If they win anything, please contact me and I will tell you how to get in touch with them.

  36. Lore Scalf says:

    I wish my children and grandchildren had the best christmas ever- I lost a 14 year jobs last christmas and it took me almost 6 months to get another job- god has been good to me- I have some very special friends that I wish I could help for christmas this year.

  37. Kathryn Mackey says:

    I love to win this for my sister who’s husband has been sick and was n the hospital and they had no insurance. They owe a lot of debt and do not have much money for Christmas this year. I would love to be able to help them out. Their kids are 11 and 13

  38. TRACY HEYER says:

    Love the site!! Could use this to pay bills. Because money is tight this year.

  39. Joe Macaluso says:

    Really thankful that Brad’s Deals is doing this. My family could really use this, and my fingers are crossed. Just thinking good thoughts :) . Happy Holidays

  40. BROM NIKRAD says:

    BILLS, bills, BILLS. Thank you for this great contest. I plan on using it for BILLS!

  41. I would love for my friend, Tommy, to win this. He has a disease that puts him in the hospital several times per year so he has a hard time keeping a job. Tommy is such a nice guy that he took in a 14 yr old boy 5 yrs ago, his parents were drug addicts and abandoned him. He still takes care of Justin! As you can imagine, Justin has a hard time socializing and therefor hasn’t yet adjusted to adult hood and everything that comes with it (like working). He did just get his first job, thanks to Tommy. They have a $2000 electric bill and have been without electric for 2 months. Thanks for listening. God Bless all of you and Merry Christmas!!!!

  42. Wanda says:

    I just want to say, I sent in my request and am hoping even though it is already in the evening on the 19th to be the lucky winner, but if I am not then that just means there was someone who needed it worse than me.

  43. Sarah D. says:

    I am unable to send in a request @ the website above, so this probably wont go through, but I pray somehow it will help my family. I dont want to go on about all the hard times we’ve had, but to just say I am a single mom with 3 children, and am now a grandma of a 5 month old. We are homeless, and have moved 4 times this year. My sister has been wonderful to let us stay in her living room of her small apartment. It has left my oldest son staying with his daughter, and her mothers mom. Now hes 17 and he has decided to join the Mariens. I am very proud, but as he turns 18 in a month, he will be leaving to San Dieago, Cal. in June 2013, after graduation, and deployed in December 2013! I have no car, am disabled, and struggling so much, that this will be my last traditional Christmas with him, and first with my grandaughter. My family helps us so much, and I hate feeling like a burden. I think I may be able to get a couple of gifts for my children, but Im not positive. I cant even imagine having $500.00 to spend! It would be a Christmas miracle to buy for my small family, and have something to finally buy for those who help so much to give a new gift to my kids each year, my dad and his wife, and my wonderful sister and now my new nephew, making me an aunt for the first time! And my ‘new’ family, my granddaughters mommy, grandma, and aunt and uncle, who where so giving last Christmas, I felt, and still feel, bad I wasnt able to do more than homemade Christmas cards to. They’ve accepted my oldest son, and my youngest son 13, and only daughter 8! I just wish to show our appriceation, and love, instead of feeling horrible again, I just dont know where to ask for help, and apperantly am “too late” for other recourses. I live in West Valley City, Utah. and I pray for a Christmas miracle, and wish to see EVERYONE have a magical holiday as to not feel as I have. God bless!

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