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Brad's Deals Picks for the Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

If only two teams are in each year's Super Bowl, why is it always the most watched TV event of the year? It's probably a combination of an excuse to get together with friends to drink and eat bad food, hoping the bad guy loses, and of course, the commercials. They cost about 3.5 million per commercial, but if everyone is watching, it's worth it right? There were some winners and definitely some losers (really, Cars.com?) during Sunday night's game, but it seems as long as you employ a cute dog or something nostalgic, you've got a pretty good chance of being somebody's favorite. So, who shined this year? Who was less than impressive?

The Best:

Halftime in America
Chrysler triumphs once again (last year's commercial was also a huge hit) with their slogan "Imported from Detroit" during Sunday's halftime. It almost made you forget about Madonna. This commercial actually makes us feel bad about owning a car that wasn't made in America -- or more specifically, Detroit. Clint Eastwood's rough voice makes you ache for jobless Americans just listening to his speech. Tough times in our homeland. The images of American people and families. It makes you want to shout "AMERICA!" and hold your Samsung screen so tight.

Matthew's Day Off
Just as some of us were feeling bad about owning foreign cars, Matthew Broderick reprising his famous role as Ferris Bueller assuaged our pangs of guilt. Matthew Broderick is still just as funny and endearing twenty six years after the classic John Hughes film. Only fault? We think it should have been filmed in Chicago.

The Dog Strikes Back
Dogs played a particularly big role in this year's commercials, and this one was likely the fan favorite. A dog that wants to lose weight so he can chase cars and fit through his doggy door? His inevitable weight loss made us feel almost as proud as we feel for fellow Chicagoan and friend-we-don't-actually-know J-Hud. Follow that up with a Star Wars reference and our nerd hearts were sent a flutter. If you're wearing your Boba Fett tee right now lying on your Empire Strikes Back flannel sheets and you missed the Star Wars teaser they released before the SuperBowl, check it out here.

Honorable Mentions:

Adriana Lima - Teleflora
It's been proven that sex sells, and what sells even better than sex? A Victoria Secret model insinuating that if you get her some flowers, well, ya know...This commercial could certainly be seen as offensive to women and it may deserve a mention just for that. But, it probably did get male attention. Hopefully the kind that makes them buy Valentine's Day flowers. Luckily, we have a coupon to get 20% off your order at Teleflora to help those guys out.

Ms. Brown - M&M
Watching the red M&M strip down to LMFAO actually made us dislike that song a little less. Way to cross-promote, guys (the group actually performed during the game's halftime show). It was short, to the point, and made us laugh. And want some M&M's. Good thing My M&Ms is offering 20% off $30 or more sitewide with coupon code UVBUG  through 2/13.

Frustration - Coca Cola
These polar bears are a staple during the Super Bowl commercials and they never disappoint. One of the seemingly always calm polar bears takes out his frustration at the football game and accidentally alerts all their animal friends. Cute and relevant. To stock up on the beverage of choice of our furry friends, get 15% off online with code COKEDRINK15.


Body Paint - GoDaddy
Who cares how much sex sells when the commercial seems forced, inappropriate, and just downright dumb? GoDaddy chooses another racy ad this year featuring Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels. Come on Jillian, we thought you were better than that! Does anybody really go to GoDaddy after the commercial and look up the extra commercial content? They do go to buy domain names, and we've got some coupons for you if you can overlook that commercial.

Do you agree? What were your favorites in this year's game? Let us know in the comments below!

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About the Author: Tessa McLean

37 Responses to “Brad's Deals Picks for the Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials”

  1. Sandbag says:

    The Chrysler ad was way too political for me. It was a hurrah for the governments Chrysler & GM bailouts. And why is an Italian car company (Chrysler is 58.5% owned by Fiat) telling us this stuff anyway?

    • pastortom55 says:

      Agree totally. It was totally political. “It’s halftime. We need four more years”. Hated it.

    • Jack says:

      We complain about manufacturing jobs going overseas regardless of the reason they are here they are here – probably won’t hear anyone working at Chrysler complaining

    • dragonslayer says:

      What is political about buying American (or Detroit) and rebounding our economy? Why would an American root for foreign countries to succeed and U.S. to fail? If we bought American first and imported as a last resort most of our economic problems would be solved.

    • Shanyn Claycomb says:

      I totally agree with Sandbag. That commercial was lame.

  2. La La says:

    I loved the Skechers one with the dog race!!! Who doesn’t love a moonwalking French Bulldog!

  3. Tessa from BradsDeals says:

    Hey Sandbag! I can see how people are viewing the commercial as political, but Clint Eastwood released a statement that he was meant the ad to be apolitical. And I think we can all agree with the underlying message, that we live in a great country that produces great products and people, whether it’s political or not!

  4. Tessa from BradsDeals says:

    Hey La La! If it were up to me, this blog post would have been titled “My Favorite Dog Commercials of the Super Bowl”! haha, there were so many good ones!

  5. Craig says:

    No way does a HONDA commercial belong even in the 1000 best commercials, Shame on you Matthew for doing a J crap commercial.
    Throwing away my Ferris DVD.

    • CATherine says:

      Totally agree with you here, Craig. Ridiculous commercial and Matthew is too pudgy to be all that attractive today. At least for this kind of commercial.

  6. Hey Jude says:

    We loved the Jet Blue ads. Especially the one in the offic. I am surprised no one has mentioned them.

  7. Jessica Eubanks says:

    I loved the “Here We Go” Bud Light commercial with Teleflora coming in second.

    • Tessa from BradsDeals says:

      Hey Jessica! I agree, the “Here We Go” Bud Light commercial was awesome! I want that little dog to come live with me!

  8. Kay says:

    Are you kidding? You gave the Teleflora ad honorable mention? It should be “dishonorable detention”! That’s the most blatantly sexist ad I have seen in 30 years! AND it was broadcast during a time that children could see it. As someone who buys flowers for friends and relatives, rest assured that I won’t buy them from Teleflora.

    • Tessa from BradsDeals says:

      Hi Kay! It had to get a mention because it stirred up controversy! But, you’ll see that I do call the ad offensive to women in my post! I agree, not the best time to advertise like that.

  9. dick spurlock says:

    “You may eat your bride”, nuff said.

  10. Vickie says:

    Why hasn’t anyone recognized the Doritos commercial about the dog bribing the human not to tell about the cat’s demise? It was at least worthy of an honorable mention. The story line was funny, but the dog was almost a better actor than the human.

    • Tessa from BradsDeals says:

      Hi Vickie! I’ve seen a lot of people mention the Doritos commercial in their top ten! And we agree, that dog was a better actor than his owner! haha

    • Jack says:

      Loved the Doritos clip with the dog the only one that made me laugh

    • Shanyn Claycomb says:

      The Great Dane commercial for Doritos was THE BEST! I could watch that thing over and over again. It was awesome!

  11. My favorite was the Clint Eastwood ad about half time – I am very easily swayed if you wave a flag. I didn’t think of it as political, but more like a pep talk for the country. Next came all the dog ads (esp WeGo, Sketchers Bull Dog & Doritos cat killer). I liked the granny/baby ad that had the kid go get the Doritos from the bully, and loved the Vampire/headlights ad. The rest kind of sucked. Just IMO….

    • Tessa from BradsDeals says:

      Hey Sandy Schurman! I love the idea of thinking about the Clint Eastwood ad as a pep talk for America!

  12. Linda says:

    Best ad was “Here we Go”

  13. catlakemike says:

    I thought that the turbo tax commercial about the kid having to go to the bathroom and they were all occupied so he ends up in the pool with a smile on his face

  14. Bobo says:

    Commericials!!!! Lets talk about the game!!!! A wonderful and entertaining football game.

  15. Dan Brannen says:

    The Chrysler Ad was meant to inspire and show what can be achieved through hard work, diligence and proper planning. Its political value is not mentioning any political party or agenda, but to the fact we can survive and return to the greatness we once had. It is motivation and shows that not all the bailouts failed like the banking industry.

  16. Shanyn Claycomb says:

    My two favorites were the Doritos with the Great Dane and the Bud Light one with Here we go…..I loved that Bud Light gave a nod to adopting a rescue dog. Well done!

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