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Baby Advice for Snooki

Snooki is Pregnant

The future "Mama Snooki"

By now, you've heard the latest important national news.  It's been trending for days, but you still haven't gotten over the shock. Everyone took a break from their gym-tan-laundry routine last week to simply stop and take notice -- Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant. There's something about the pouty-lips-big-hair-flashing-a-piece-sign that makes all women, and most men, scratch their heads. Even discounting her heavy alcohol addiction and tanning bed dependence, we're just hoping the self-proclaimed guidette is ready for motherhood. We're hedging bets on how fast she creates a baby clothing line, invents the baby bump-it, and touts the benefits of breast feeding for health and weight loss. The fact that Snooki's rumored due date is December 21, the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, can't be coincidental, can it? Let's just hope this child is a girl, because the product of a 4'9 female and a 5'3 male most likely won't be playing for the New Jersey Nets anytime soon.

All jokes aside, we really hope she has a happy, healthy little meatball and she can turn her life around enough to make her the new model housewife of New Jersey. She also announced recently that she is engaged to baby daddy and longtime boyfriend Jionni Lavalle. He's tan and bulging with muscles and the two are living in New Jersey. She literally has achieved her ultimate life dream. For that declaration and more great Snooki moments, check out the video below. Please note it contains offensive language and isn't suitable for the kiddos!

So we're here to help. We've got some tips to to teach Snooki the best ways to tackle motherhood the way we know best -- through online shopping. We can't say it enough.  Besides the obvious convenience of not having to leave your precious baby proofed home, you also can take advantage of fantastic sales and even snag hard to find baby swag. Between the paparazzi and keeping up with the Snooki image, we suggest the future Mrs. Lavalle invests in an Amazon Mom subscription to get 20% off all the essentials delivered to her door. They even carry her own line of tanning lotion, slippers and even her book, so we're sure she'll approve.

It's never too early to stock up on baby diapers or clothes. That little Snook or Snookette is going to be here before we know it! She should check out this deal from Diapers.com, which is having their semi-annual sale through next week. Carters, Children's Place, and OshKosh B'Gosh all have sales often and carry cute, yet stylish baby clothes. The best time to buy essentials is as soon as the price is right, like this I love the Jersery Shore bib, now 25% off!

Good luck Snooki! We hope Jionni is pampering you during your pregnancy and starting each day off with pickle pancakes. Can't wait to see the little meatball!

What do you think about Snooki becoming a Mom and wife? Do you think the baby will come out fist pumping or scantly clad with a bump-it? Leave any advice for Snooki in the comments below.

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About the Author: Tessa McLean

36 Responses to “Baby Advice for Snooki”

  1. Lori says:

    seriously? My opinion of Brad’s just dropped

  2. LA says:

    Google “fetal alcohol syndrome,” and melanoma; and hope for some motherhood maturity.

  3. Mke says:

    Please give the baby up for adoption to a normal couple! Otherwise it doesn’t stand a chance.

  4. KJ says:

    Everybody’s gotta judge, huh?…She was in her early 20′s and partying. (How unheard of!!) Now it’s time to settle down and have a child like a huge percentage of the world does. I think Snooki will be fine, since she has achieved most of what she hoped for already. Anyone that spends any time in a smush room is going to take a lot of hits from a lot of judges that don’t really matter. My advice to her is not to let the world get her down with their better-than-everyone comments. Rise above it, and move on. I think Jionni will keep her wild side mostly in check. Congrats Snooks!

    • Tessa from BradsDeals says:

      Awesome comment KJ! We think she’ll be able to settle down and take care of the new baby too

  5. Becky says:

    Doing the math here….if her due date is Dec 21 of this year, then she is only about 3 weeks prego… Not sure if I’m believing this quite yet ;)

  6. kelly says:

    No alcohol ever is the right amount when you are with child. Not a glass of this or a shot of that. Her obgyn should scare her with pictures of babies with fetal alcohol poisoning.

  7. gloria goff says:

    well if she is pregnant my advice is to LOVE and ALWAYS put him/her FIRST
    one day that child will be an adult

  8. Lori says:

    Advice??? STOP DRINKING BEFORE THAT INNOCENT BABY HAS PROBLEMS!!! U btr hope that Jionni IS the father!! Get with the program and actually tk care of ur unborn child!!

  9. tina says:

    She will do just fine how many other damn people didn’t want to party she was young didn’t have responsibilties so wow she drank there are so many women that go.months without knowing they are pregnant and do worse she just needs to quit listening to dumb asses such as yourselfs saying saying she’s such a bad person she’s human just like all you i bet you all have problems leave her alone and get a damn life

  10. Cheryl says:

    I cannot believe that this piece of trash is going to give birth.that poor little innocent creature.may God help that child. But I have to say snookie has a mother somewhere. Look at the shit job she did. Just a shame…

  11. Whatever says:

    “By revealing she’s 15 weeks pregnant, Snooki’s due date is now very clear. The Jersey Shore star is due the last week in August.”

    Yeah, I kind of believe the above over your “due date.” If the due date you have listed were true, she’d barely be pregnant. I don’t get why people are making such a huge deal about this. Leave the poor girl alone and let her live her life.

  12. Sam says:

    Don’t drink while pregnant and nursing!

  13. Guest says:

    Loving the advice for Snooki. I hope it is a girl, ’cause I wanna see that baby bump-it!

  14. sandie says:

    I honestly think snooki will become a wonderful mother and wife. My advice to her is keep her focus on your new little family, people will talk and judge her but she should not pay mind , also make sure she does what she needs to do to keep herself and her newbundle healthy, ( no drinking and smoking). Snooki you will do fine. Team meatball.. LOL

  15. Kathi says:

    Don’t drink or Tan!!! It’s time to Grow up and Do right by your child!

  16. jerseyd says:

    If you have acne, take a diaper with baby pee in it and rub it on your acne :) It works! Also don’t miss a thing when it comes to your baby no matter how much $ you’ll be paid to do this or that you can’t redo your childs first steps, first words first smile! TREASURE EVERY MOMENT…

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

  17. oregonducks1 says:

    Oh no! Now she’ll be drinking for two!

  18. Jon says:

    What a sad f’n world we live in where ANYBODY gives two craps if Snooki should buy the new iPad! How about if troops serving our country in Afghanistan, unable to GTL on a daily basis, should be given free iPad’s for their immeasurable sacrifices?!

  19. Jazz says:

    Please stop ur drinking and f****** around, for your babys sake. Grow up if you plan to go full term.

  20. Jazz says:

    And really who gives a rats ass if she buys THE NEW IPAD….

  21. Beth says:

    Ill be very honest i do not watch jersey shore.the show is too trashy for me and REAL people reguardless of how hard they party dont behave like that. With that said, everyone when they were young did things they may not be so proud of once they mature into an adult. Im sure she will handle the pregnancy and motherhood just fine. There are drug addicts out there with way worse dependancies that kick their butts into gear when they find out they have a baby on the way and turn out to be amazing parents…. whos to say she cant turn herself around and be a good down to earth mom? If not dont you think authorities wil step in for the wellfair of the child? As with any soon to be or new mom i wish her the best and hope she realizes the maricle she has been blessed with. I also hope she finds away to shield her child from re runs of the shore. No child should be subject to material that could make them resent their parents.

  22. gloria goff says:


    you do realize that TANNING is not recommended or safe for babys

  23. Elin Jumper says:

    Come on I still can’t believe Snookie as a mom. This is going to be painful to watch.

  24. Jersey Shore’ Star The Situation Is NOT Snooki’s Baby Daddy « Hollywood in the Hood says:

    [...] Baby Advice for Snooki (bradsdeals.com) [...]

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