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What We'd Do with the Mega Millions Jackpot

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

It only takes one ticket...

We can't tell you how to win the $540 million Mega Million jackpot. It's the largest jackpot in U.S. history and one lucky winner could find out tonight that their life is going to be changed forever. If I could tell you how, you wouldn't be reading this because I would be on my private yacht somewhere down in the Bahamas with my friends, family, and a new golden retriever puppy. Instead I'm writing this blog post with the "Golden Ticket" song from Willy Wonka in my head.

In case you're unsure of how you'd spend your millions, we thought it'd be fun to see how far it would stretch if you only spent it on awesome deals. Here are some of our favorites:

38,571,428 Personalized Easter Baskets at $14 each
4,864,864 Michael Kors Watches at $111 each
27,000,000 Eddie Bauer Women's Fleeces at $20 each
6,000,000 Huffy Bikes from Walmart at $90 each
1,125,000 Dell Inspiron Laptops for $400 each
3,781,512 pairs of 1/4 ct diamond stud earrings from Netaya at $119 each
450,450 Bowflex TreadClimbers + Mats at $999 each
6,617,647 CHI Flat Irons from StocknGo at $68 each
15,000,000 pairs of Crocs Mary Janes at $30 each

Granted this is all before Uncle Sam takes his cut, but it makes you think, what would you do with even half that much money? Now, unfortunately we can't tell you how to win the mega millions. Or ways to get deals on cheaper tickets. But we will tell you what we'd do with it! Check out what a few BradsDealers would do if they won the jackpot!

Caitlin, Senior Coupon Editor: First I would do all the obvious stuff: pay off student loans and other bills (for family and friends), buy new cars for my entire family, go on a ridiculous shopping spree with friends, take a long European vacation, donate some money to charity, etc. Then, I would build my dream house, with all the help from my favorite Bravo designer Jeff Lewis. And hopefully I could bring some reality TV show cameras along the way to show all the viewers at home the fun I'd be having!

Courtney, Social Media Analyst: First I would be boring and pay off my student loans, buy myself and family houses and my dog her own private beach. Then I'd buy a macaroni and cheese factory so I will never run out, make Disney open the Vault and give me every movie I want and build a zoo with only animals that I actually WANT to see.

Julia, Editor: If I won the lottery, I would want to build a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet, only 476 million times better. Think of all the shoes and bags and dresses it could fit! I get heart palpitations just thinking about it.

Meredith: Executive Assistant to the CEO: I would take my entire family on a month long trip to Italy, to enjoy all it has to offer. I would also start up college funds for all the babies/young kids in the family. I'd donate a percentage to all the organizations and groups I support (such as Y-ME Breast Cancer, March of Dimes, JDRF, etc....) and INVEST INVEST INVEST for my son's future!! Start living life to the fullest.

Ryan, Software Engineer: Invest $450 mil, set a record to be the first person to spend 27 mil in 1 day,  then open a bar like Paddy's pub from It's Always Sunny and sit there with my friends all day coming up with shenanigans.

Heather, Manager of Public Relations: I would pay off my student loans, take care of my family's debt, pay off the foreclosures in my hometown, invest in real estate and travel.

Chris, Editor: I would buy a big jet and travel the world with my family. No lines to wait in, no layovers, no bag check fees! How nice would that be?!?!

Katie, Coupon Editor: I would get in touch with Nicolas Cage's financial planner and arrange to buy every single thing he has to sell in order to pay off his back taxes. I'd keep my job at Brad's Deals so long as I was allowed to work remotely from my pyramid tomb and give my pet cobras the attention they deserved.

Becky, SEO Analyst: I'd pay off all of my student loan debt. Then, I'd build a house, something really beautiful with every eco-friendly feature possible built in, in some laid back little Colorado mountain town where everyone has a dog. I'd invite my family over to Italy in the summer where my nieces could learn Italian while adventuring on the Mediterranean coast. I'd create college funds for them, of course. And I'd absolutely, definitely, learn to fly.

Good luck America! And congratulations to the winner! We're not jealous or mad at all...

How would you spend your millions? Let us know in the comments below!

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About the Author: Tessa McLean

111 Responses to “What We'd Do with the Mega Millions Jackpot”

  1. Lori says:

    Charities, help friends, newer car, could stop looking for a job, and purchase a home instead of living in a hotel room. Make sure my kids are set, and save a lot, so me, my friends, or kids ever have to live in a hotel room again.

  2. Tessa from BradsDeals says:

    So glad everyone shared their responses!! It’s so great to hear everyone would use their new winnings so wisely.

  3. Chauncey says:

    If I actually won the 640 Mega Millions Jackpot I would scream with excitement, and imagine what I could really do with all this money. I would want to be remembered for doing something completely great and extraordinary. Something that would affect people in a very good way forever. Something new, and original that if it succeeded maybe it would spread to more people in trying this. I would search for a large piece of land in a beautiful remote place somewhere in America. Then I would build my own town. A beautiful town that would have everything that a regular town has, including a library, parks, movie theater, restaurants, etc. The town would be automobile free, and offer free health insurance for all its residence. It would also include learning center of free education for anybody, free Wi-Fi, and have free access to in-town-owned bicycles. The town would lean heavily towards Green Technology, Education, and the health of its residence. The town would own the hospital, and the health insurance company. It would also have a rewards point system that folks of the town could earn points by offering their free time to help others and the town. The points would be used as discounts on services within the town. In a way the reward points system would be a second currency, in similar of what credit card companies use today. The town would have an association fee on all residential, and commercial businesses. And this town would also own many other standard types of business to help support the welfare of its residents. The town would be creative to make money in anyway possible in a business sense of direction, including through the internet. The town would be a town that the resident would feel proud of, and the town would be like their big brother or sister. I am not sure if this would work, but I know it sounds wonderful (at least to me), and if it shall ever happen or not. Maybe it would spark somebody else with the desire to try it. To me this would be better than spending on all this money on myself. I did not win the Mega Millions this time, but I will still play. And maybe someday I will build my town. That is what I would do if I won the 640 Mega Million Jackpot.

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