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What We'd Do with the Mega Millions Jackpot

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

It only takes one ticket...

We can't tell you how to win the $540 million Mega Million jackpot. It's the largest jackpot in U.S. history and one lucky winner could find out tonight that their life is going to be changed forever. If I could tell you how, you wouldn't be reading this because I would be on my private yacht somewhere down in the Bahamas with my friends, family, and a new golden retriever puppy. Instead I'm writing this blog post with the "Golden Ticket" song from Willy Wonka in my head.

In case you're unsure of how you'd spend your millions, we thought it'd be fun to see how far it would stretch if you only spent it on awesome deals. Here are some of our favorites:

38,571,428 Personalized Easter Baskets at $14 each
4,864,864 Michael Kors Watches at $111 each
27,000,000 Eddie Bauer Women's Fleeces at $20 each
6,000,000 Huffy Bikes from Walmart at $90 each
1,125,000 Dell Inspiron Laptops for $400 each
3,781,512 pairs of 1/4 ct diamond stud earrings from Netaya at $119 each
450,450 Bowflex TreadClimbers + Mats at $999 each
6,617,647 CHI Flat Irons from StocknGo at $68 each
15,000,000 pairs of Crocs Mary Janes at $30 each

Granted this is all before Uncle Sam takes his cut, but it makes you think, what would you do with even half that much money? Now, unfortunately we can't tell you how to win the mega millions. Or ways to get deals on cheaper tickets. But we will tell you what we'd do with it! Check out what a few BradsDealers would do if they won the jackpot!

Caitlin, Senior Coupon Editor: First I would do all the obvious stuff: pay off student loans and other bills (for family and friends), buy new cars for my entire family, go on a ridiculous shopping spree with friends, take a long European vacation, donate some money to charity, etc. Then, I would build my dream house, with all the help from my favorite Bravo designer Jeff Lewis. And hopefully I could bring some reality TV show cameras along the way to show all the viewers at home the fun I'd be having!

Courtney, Social Media Analyst: First I would be boring and pay off my student loans, buy myself and family houses and my dog her own private beach. Then I'd buy a macaroni and cheese factory so I will never run out, make Disney open the Vault and give me every movie I want and build a zoo with only animals that I actually WANT to see.

Julia, Editor: If I won the lottery, I would want to build a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet, only 476 million times better. Think of all the shoes and bags and dresses it could fit! I get heart palpitations just thinking about it.

Meredith: Executive Assistant to the CEO: I would take my entire family on a month long trip to Italy, to enjoy all it has to offer. I would also start up college funds for all the babies/young kids in the family. I'd donate a percentage to all the organizations and groups I support (such as Y-ME Breast Cancer, March of Dimes, JDRF, etc....) and INVEST INVEST INVEST for my son's future!! Start living life to the fullest.

Ryan, Software Engineer: Invest $450 mil, set a record to be the first person to spend 27 mil in 1 day,  then open a bar like Paddy's pub from It's Always Sunny and sit there with my friends all day coming up with shenanigans.

Heather, Manager of Public Relations: I would pay off my student loans, take care of my family's debt, pay off the foreclosures in my hometown, invest in real estate and travel.

Chris, Editor: I would buy a big jet and travel the world with my family. No lines to wait in, no layovers, no bag check fees! How nice would that be?!?!

Katie, Coupon Editor: I would get in touch with Nicolas Cage's financial planner and arrange to buy every single thing he has to sell in order to pay off his back taxes. I'd keep my job at Brad's Deals so long as I was allowed to work remotely from my pyramid tomb and give my pet cobras the attention they deserved.

Becky, SEO Analyst: I'd pay off all of my student loan debt. Then, I'd build a house, something really beautiful with every eco-friendly feature possible built in, in some laid back little Colorado mountain town where everyone has a dog. I'd invite my family over to Italy in the summer where my nieces could learn Italian while adventuring on the Mediterranean coast. I'd create college funds for them, of course. And I'd absolutely, definitely, learn to fly.

Good luck America! And congratulations to the winner! We're not jealous or mad at all...

How would you spend your millions? Let us know in the comments below!

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About the Author: Tessa McLean

111 Responses to “What We'd Do with the Mega Millions Jackpot”

  1. Sharrise B says:

    lol… Bulldoze the house after pulling a few select sentimental items and put up a new place! After that, a good financial advisor!

  2. becky2eyes says:

    I would tithe to God first. not necessarily to just my church, but to charities that support the poorest of the poor, locally, in the USA and overseas. Then I would pay off all our debt ($115K total), I would buy my dream truck (finally!) and hand my car down to my son. I would then pay off several family members’ debts (houses, cars, etc.). I am researching setting up a charitable trust foundation for our church’s campground, as it is becoming dilapidated, so I would totally fund a fix-it-up project and then endow the foundation with enough to continue repairs as needed. I would gift my employers’ children with college funds, as well as my grandchildren, and pay for my younger son’s college education to wherever he wants to go. Then I would research the purchase of an island or small country and become an American expat until common sense rules this country again!

  3. Colleen Judge says:

    I have already told my high school classmates I would take them on an all expense paid 2 weeks to anywhere they voted to go. We will be having our 45 year class reunion this summer so all of us old people would really have fun! After that it would be help my kids, a new house and cars, and donate to charities that I like (and not a penny to anyone who comes begging!)

  4. Sandy says:

    I would pay off medical bills. Get my self a dependable van to drive so my teens could have my car to drive. Invest most of it to pay for my kids to go to college. Hopefully I would have enough to be a stay-at-home mom. I would than bake, cook, sew, and volunteer at the school. Yes, I would give some to the church.

  5. Linda says:

    First, I would give my ten percent to my church. Then I would set aside enough to be certain that my husband and I could live comfortably for the rest of our lives. I would pay off my mortgages, car, and credit cards. I love my home, but it needs some updating. That would be next. I would upgrade my children’s homes. They need more space. I would set up full college funds for my three grandchildren. I would see that they all received the dental and medical attention they need because right now they are uninsured. Then I would hire a housekeeper and have my knees fixed. Anything left would go to charitable causes but not until I had researched which ones really were doing what they say they are doing. Then again, I might find a really good leader who doesn’t have the funds to run for President and finance his campaign! I know there’s someone out there somewhere.

  6. Sarah says:

    I’d also do all the obvious things first, but then I’d offer my brother’s best friend (who was a pain in my behind for years)more money than he could refuse to become my personal assistant and then I would have him do every silly thing I could think of for my own entertainment. I’d hire a private secretary to help me at home and at work, a chef, a gardener, and professional dog groomer to keep my babies beautiful and sweet smelling at all times. I’d build a gym for the school where I work and name it for my parents. I’d retire in July. And then I would do some traveling. I’d take guitar and piano lessons. I’d hire Bobby Flay or Paula Deen to give me a few cooking lessons. Almost everyone in my family would get some money. My brother would get a big chunk of money and several extended family members–aunts and uncles– would be able to retire and live the rest of their lives in comfort and style!!

  7. Jerilyn says:

    (I would buy my daughter a house so she could finally live in a decent place.

  8. Helen says:

    I would pay all taxes, keep $2 Million and distribute the rest to my family and food, cloting for poor in America. Helen

  9. Angel Leszczynski says:

    My husband and I have agreed that if we win we will give every dime away. First and foremost we will give to God to expand his kingdom.

  10. Roberta says:

    First pay off all my families debts second college funds for granddaughters. Take all my cowokers that were always in my lottery pool a cruise to wherever thet want. Then change my name and enjoy the rest of my life in piece and quiet with my family and only tell the peole I love where we are and how to reach us.

  11. Bonnie says:

    I’d buy a place on Maui, a place on the Kenai in Alaska and a large ranch with a small house and enjoy! I’m sure there’d be plenty left over for my favorite charities and family.

  12. Lori says:

    Wow, I hope one of you on here does win. I’ve seen alot of great ideas from good people. I would pay off my dept and my families debts. I would take my whole family on a very long vacation. Have a house built. I would set up trust funds for my children. I would donate to charites,especailly for cancer and MS.

  13. Doug/Pastor says:

    I first would pay off my bills. I then would give my two children and two grandchildren, enough money to do them for life, should they choose to invest it wisely. Then I would use the rest to open a drug and alcohol treatment center that would help anyone!Those who have no insurance, those who have no resources, those who have no family or friends to help them. I have seen an overwhelming number of people recently suffering from the disease of addiction or alcoholism who cannot receive the necessary treatment because they do not have insurance or money. This is a shame in this great nation of ours and I would use that money to help save the lives of these people.

  14. Semper Fidelis says:

    I would buy the entire city of Berkeley, California. I would also buy every home and apartment complex in the surrounding area.
    Next…Bulldoze the city, either before or after, evicting everyone. Scrape to bare earth and Build the World’s largest Military Complex, complete with recruiting centers for all Branches of the Military.
    Last…Rent out every home and rental unit to Vietnam Veterans.
    Rent one unit to Jane Fonda. No rent to exceed $100…for the Vets. Keep up the process, heading West, until I reached the ocean. Repeat in Sacramento.

  15. kayja says:

    after reading/scanning through some of the responses already written – i would do a lot of the things that a lot of them have said: pay off bills; definitely pay off student loans; assist family members but not forever; see to friends who have always been there when needed; help my son get established in his audio/video business; buy me a piece of land and have the house i would want (does not have to be gigantic – just something for me to live in and i would bring my sister along who already resides with me); do some traveling and just relax and one more thing – i would probably work a little longer as i do not mind what i currently do and would train tawanna until her eyes bugged out :-)

  16. Norma Zaske says:

    what would I do with 640 million. the usual, pay bills and student loans, buy a home, help friends that have been there for us, give to the american heart association, and operation standown for the vets but also give to the rescue groups for dogs. Borzoi Rescue, Saluki rescue.

  17. Judy says:

    I would pay off all my bills, buy 2 new vehicles, sell my house and move to another area. I would help out both my children. Then I would take a vacation. I would also like to donate the ASPCA and another one. I not sure what the second one would be.

  18. Judy Johnston says:

    First, the obvious. I’ve been destitute for so long, I’ve resorted to food banks to eat so what little money I have goes to saving my house. Through my travels I have found, first hand, that the ones who have the least, give the most. I would take care of these individuals, and repay every church, individual and company, (for lack of a better term) that has EVER helped me. Eleven years ago, my electric was shut off and I spent seven months living by batteries and candle light, cooking on my fireplace-when I HAD food-and I was WITH CHILD! I couldn’t find help to save my, or our lives. I’d try to see that that NEVER happened to another.

  19. Jann English says:

    On the extremely off-chance my numbers win (never bought MM tickets before but on a whim bought 3), first, I would pay off all my daughters’ bills, buy each one of them a house and vehicle. Next, I would take a vacation across the United States, handing out money to people who needs it. Even if I spent it all this way (go figure), I would go about life as usual. Didn’t have a lot of money before, why should I change my lifestyle?

  20. Phoenix59 says:

    I’d buy a kidney. Maybe two of ‘em. And a house and a couple of cars. I’d also build a youth center here in our area like the Jones Center in Springdale, Arkansas. That place is amazing.

  21. Jenny says:

    I am a teacher and haven’t gotten a pay raise in 5 years. I would give all the teachers in my county, or even the whole state, a pay increase.
    And buy a bigger house, of course : )

  22. Charlene says:

    I would give the first million to a food bank. Then I’d build a house for myself. The house would be totally handicap accessible with a wonderful gym and a big basement so I can do extreme couponing so I can feed the poor. If I have alot of money left I would build a shelter for the homeless, where men, women and children can stay in the same building and a building where they can spend the day so they wouldn’t have to be out by a certain time.

  23. Debbie Terry says:

    I would ensure that every child in San Diego who wanted to learn to swim had the opportunity to do so!

  24. Eleanor says:

    Really? Well, as a start I’d pay my taxes. Then I’d establish a network of Free Farms and orchard parks around the country, especially in urban food deserts, using open-pollinated and heirloom varieties so that people could share and expand on the idea and fewer families would go hungry or be forced to eat mysterious and potentially harmful gmo foods. I’d talk with the visionaries behind Karma Kitchen and see how far they’d like to expand the concept, and then make it happen. I’d create several Benefit Corporations, one combining solar bioremediation technology with biomass heating technology so that cities, suburbs and other large clusters of humans could reduce the amount of waste put into the environment to as close to zero as possible. I’d partner with billionaires who’ve signed the Giving Pledge to create prizes for and seed innovative projects in sustainable renewable energy, sustainable scaleable agriculture, and social justice. I’d invest about $100-$150 million in the brilliant ideas that several friends have, but haven’t yet had the capital to develop. I’d establish a nationwide network of sustainable, inclusive intentional communities that foster personal and community development. I’d fund heirloom and open-pollinated seed swaps nationwide, and work with Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to expand whatever agricultural projects he has on the back burner. I’d work to create school gardens, so that children could have learning opportunities *and* safe food. I’d create a fund and network with Willie Nelson and Farm Aid to provide 0% loans and grants to small family farms facing economic difficulties, and to help transition more farms to sustainable practices. I’d buy a gorgeous chateau in france with a few hundred hectares of land, and have people form various sustainability projects in the US come and learn from experts on french intensive gardening, and then take their knowledge back to the US and share it. I’d work with John Styn to expand — if he wanted to — his 1st Saturdays projects to more cities around the world, and either repair/renovate or replace the HugMobile. I’d create a series of inclusive, all-faiths-welcome spiritual retreats (like Hollyhock in Canada) around the US. I’d work with the Community Acupuncture Network to create and support more community acupuncture clinics offering healthcare on a sliding scale throughout the country. I’d work with various Transition Town groups to continue their important work. I’d organize an advertising campaign that had billboards with inspirational and uplifting messages (that sold *nothing*) providing positive catalysts for the moods of commuters to increase the amount of calmness and politeness on our highways. I’d create a fund that purchased large swaths of undeveloped land and ensured that it remained undeveloped. I’d work with the creators of ModestNeeds.org and Heifer.org and expand awareness and giving to their projects. I’d work to install solar panels on a large number of rooftops in low-income neighborhoods like inner city Baltimore so that residents scraping by and often having their power shut off had free power, and the overage was used to ease the utility bills of public schools and community centers. I’d work to create awareness abut Benefit Corporations, and create campaigns to encourage some of the largest, most societally-destructive corporations to switch to benefit corporation status. I’d create tool libraries for my community, and create a fund to spread the concept nationally. I’d create a business that used sheep to “mow” grass instead of fossil-fuel-powered machinery, and the wool would be given to people learning fiber arts. I’d create a couple of “primitive skills” schools where people could learn valuable skills like blacksmithing, pottery, building with natural materials, food preservation without electricity and so forth. I’d create a fund that helped young amish farmers purchase land, with easements that kept the land as sustainable agricultural or wildlife preservation spaces. I’d buy a pond skimmer that gets rid of watermeal without toxic chemicals and I’d lend it to neighbors who had watermeal issues anytime they needed it.

    I’d have a hell of a lot of fun backing projects on kickstarter, buying crafts from Etsy, and landscaping around my home (which I’d buy, and I’d pay the current owner a couple hundred thousand more than she paid for it because she’s been so awesome.) I’d get Lasik surgery, go to a dentist for the first time in almost twenty years, and get health insurance. I’d travel to india, new zealand, bali, scotland, and I’d visit some ancestral graves in england. I’d get a nice little herd of alpacas, some goats, and some gypsy vanner horses, and hire someone talented and reliable to do most of the heavy lifting around the homestead. I’d plant patches of ginseng, goldenseal, and goldenthread in woods around my community, and in various places around the country to reestablish native the populations and provide delightful surprises for foragers. I’d grow all 8 ingredients of the original ojibwe cancer remedy, and give plant starts away to anyone who wanted to propogate them. I’d create a series of qigong clinics throughout the country, and I’d build a whole bunch of gorgeous public labyrinths, especially at or near schools and hospitals.

    I’d buy as much waterfront property along the susquehanna and chesapeake bay as I could, and set up natural filtration systems with oysters and mushrooms to offset some of the damage that’s been done to the oldest river on *earth.*

    I’d buy a lot of lenses for my camera. I’d get a completely tricked out mac desktop monster. I’d buy a prius, and have an artist make it gorgeous. I’d buy a curvy old 40-something sedan. I’d invest in a funky brewpub for my dad. I’d have a fabulous hobbit-house built for my mom near moving water, with a guest cottage and a caretaker cottage so she could have horses and someone to do the physical labor involved. I’d buy or build houses within a five-minute walk for some of my very dearest friends, so we’d never again have to miss holidays or birthday parties because of gas prices. I’d invest in a friend’s 25-year-plan so that she could have her nursing clinic *now.* I’d buy a husquevarna diamond sewing machine for a friend, and one for myself, and oodles of fabric from Spoonflower.com and funky little fabric shops. I’d give away most of my dishes and replace them with hand-made pottery and fun, mismatched antique china. I’d hire Magnolia Pearl to do some interior design for me. I’d see if I could convince Russel Brand, Craig Ferguson and/or Eddie Izzard to perform (or at least gather and talk) at my next birthday party. Ooh! And I’d see if I could hire Amanda Palmer, the Carolina Chocolate Drops and The Ditty Bops to play. I’d buy a gorgeous old piano and learn how to play again. I’d spend way too much money on beans and yarn and art supplies. And art! I’d hire artists to create sculptures for little meditation groves all over the land I’d own. I’d buy some truly comfortable furniture. I’d take any and every class I felt like taking, and I’d buy lots and lots of rocks. Oh, and a *reallllllly* nice bed.

    There’s more, but I’ll need to buy more lottery tickets.

  25. Lorrie says:

    Get rid of my current debt and then partner with some of the GREAT organizations that work in both US and Internationally helping kids out of poverty and giving them a hand up! Check out the movie “58″ and see just how possible it is to eradicate poverty. What an incredibly fun blessing it would be to see all children have the chance to thrive!!!!

  26. Catherine says:

    Honestly, I would first pay off all of my debt(because God says to “owe no man but to love one another”) then I would open up a large Christian Outreach that would help those in need and go farther than any outreach has ever gone before and will also eventually span across the whole United States.It would help millions of people that need help. I would also start an Investment,LLC that is connected in some way to the Outreach that would make smart investments. I would then take a salary of maybe $100,000 to $150,000 a year from the profits of the investments so I can support my family of 6. As of a home, my family would live on one of the properties(acreages)that the Outreach will be using so I can be a part of the day-to-day operations. I get sooo excited when I think about it!!… That is what I would do if God allowed me to win the Mega Millions Jackpot tonight. :)

  27. Diane says:

    First and foremost, I would donate a sizeable chunk of the money to Wounded Warrior Project. It saddens me to see how many of our veterans are forgotten once they return stateside, and I would like to be able to provide some comfort for those going through extremely difficult recoveries after bravely serving in our armed forces.

    After that, I would do what most others would as well.. pay off debt for myself and my family, buy a few nice cars, purchase homes at the beach, in the mountains, and continue to live on my farm. I would also take a trip to all of the exotic vacation destinations I’ve always dreamed of going.. and I’d bring along quite a group of friends!! :)

  28. Irving Neitlich says:

    I would set up an educational trust for each of my
    5 great grand children and one for expected 2 or more.I would give to my favorite charities,I might
    even buy myself an better computer.I would have to think about what to do with the rest,

  29. D, Linda says:

    After taxes, I would get my financial planner, accountant and lawyer to withdrew just enough to live comfortable for maybe two years. That amont of money takes take to get use off. Two years, yea no worries about any bills and money to eat out, shop and entertainment for a blue collar worker.

  30. mlw1ofakind says:

    I have wanted to do so much for so many for so long! I would want to pay off everone in my family’s bills. Donate some to local charities. Take my family (extended too) to Disney World (we’ve never been.) Set up funds so my kids college would be payed for. Build a house. I also promised one friend I would pay off her credit card if I won. Visit Hawaii. Hmmm so much to do!!!

  31. Francine says:

    Wow Eleanor, you really gave this some thought. I would tithe first, pay off my debt and debt for all of my family members and close friends. Then I would establish trusts for each that would assure they could live comfortably for the rest of their lives – I work for a non-profit and have a passion for the work we do. I would fully fund our strategic plan that gets young people off the streets, back in school, trained and employed in jobs that pay a living wage or business that sustain them and their families. I would establish a foundation to secure the non-profits work for the next 20 years. I would also pay for Susie Orman to teach all of our family how to manage their money so we don’t end up broke. I would fund the foundation to fund greaat ideas that others in the community might have that would get people back to work…

  32. jan robinson says:


  33. April says:

    As a single parent of two beautiful daughters. I would use the money to pay off all my creditors. Put money aside for my girls, that they can use to start their lifes.. Buy us a simple house.. Put a little money in the bank for retirement for me.. Help my parents out on a house… Other then that, I would donate the rest to differant charities of my children and I’s choice..

  34. lorraine says:

    I would gather up the people I can’t stand and pay them to do stupid insane things. Everyone has a price. Maybe it will teach them a lesson about how to treat others and they are not above anyone.
    With the rest I would set a up a no kill shelter because animals show unconditional love and need to be treated with kindness.
    Lastly, pay off my bill and my childrens debts. No one will ever worry again on when the next meal is.

  35. LINDA G. MCDANIEL says:

    I would buy all of our children grandchildren, and my husband and I the home of our dreams. I would then donate to St. Jude Hospital and Children’s Hospital and money for victims of fire to be treated. I would then take a European Vacation with my husband and invite my best friend and her husband to go with us.

  36. rose says:

    My husband always said that it would take me about a year to give away a million.I wouldn’t live long enough to use all of my winnings unless I gave them away at a much faster pace.

  37. Rick Stone says:

    I’d stretch it just as far as it would go on all my bills!

  38. Alisa Henry says:

    It may be just enough to overturn the current healthcare/pharmaceutical mafia. If not…it would make a great big dent. New System. People first. Come to my office. I’ll make sure someone really Cares about your Health.

  39. Beth says:

    If i won the lottery, I would for sure pay off all of my & my family’s bills. We would all go on a great vacation, & go on a fabulous shopping spree. I would set up trust’s for all the kids in my family. I would then build an eco-friendly home & finally relax! :)

  40. Anita Weintraub says:

    I would bank and invest enough to take care of me for the rest of my life. I am past 80 so $100000 should be enough. I would pay all my bills and me grandchild’s. The rest would make it possible to be a major contributor to the fund to build a new synagogue to replace our 55 year old building. The balance would be divided between Kennedy Krieger and St.Jude Hospital.

  41. Deb Wack says:

    First, get a financial advisor, second pay off debt, third, huge college funds for our 4 kids, next, a bigger house to fit the kids and their stuff, finally pay off the mortgages of all my family and set up college fund for all of their kids! then a little vacation!!

  42. April says:

    Free spay neuter clinics in 50 states. Then a pet food and medical bank so people do not have to choose between their needs and their pets.

  43. NumberWorks says:

    After the obvious, paying off our bills, and those of our friends and family, we’d completely renovate and expand our home (giving work to local businesses). As far as cars and other things, for us it isn’t as much of a priority since I am in the process of recovering from cancer. Coming face to face with your own (or in my husband’s case your wife’s) mortality truly does shift your priorities. We have two vehicles and they run just fine so until we need a new one that wouldn’t be a priority. Maybe a vacation home as a place for all of our friends to gather and have a good time.

    Then, we’d like to put the money to work: since all things are possible with God, we’d start with the church that needs a helping hand, make sure that the pastor and staff are paid a living wage and benfits, then endow it so that it can continue indefinitely.

    Also, I want to build a huge no-kill animal sanctuary for all of the abused, abandoned and unwanted animals and employ a bunch of qualified people (with benefits) to work there and care for the animals.

    We also would like to work with Wounded Warrior Project to help their work in some way–whether it’s an endowment or direct support. It’s just tragic the way that both active duty military and veterans are treated by our government.

    We’d also find a way to start a micro-financing organization for small business. Unlike our current president and congress, we understand that small businesses are the economic engine of the US economy.

    We’d also endow some of the non-profit organizations that we would like to support but don’t have the means to do so at this

    We would try to follow the advice Stuary Varney gave this morning–pay off debts, set up a mad money spending fund, then invest the rest and sit tight for 18 months until we got used to being wealthy! During the 18 months, we’d start the planning for all of the projects that would put the money to work.

    God is great, God is good, I’m still here because of his grace so if it is His will, we’ll be able to do all those things.

  44. Denise Taylor says:

    First and formost i would take my family grandkids and nieces and nephews to Disney Land for a 3 weeks cause none of us has ever been there.Then I would buy lots of land and build houses on it for all my family members no one is to ever sale the land our houses.I would not buy anyone a new car except me my dad and my son everyone else’s car I would pay it off for them.Then its business time,I would Give to the churches and schools in my area.I would give to the Cancer and Kidney society and Ronald MacDonald house,I would open a kitchen to feed the Homeless Help them out by giving blankets and jackets and shoes for the lil ones.I would donate to the Aid and Lupus foundation.Give donation to the people who can’t pay to get there eye’s examine

  45. Jennifer Starkey says:

    I would pay off all of my families bills, parents and brothers and sisters. I would build a log cabin house up in the mountains. It would have a walkin frig and freezer so I would only have to go shopping once a month. I would open up a cake shop with my mother. We make custom made cakes for family and friends, it’s what I love to do. I would invest and save the rest for my kids.

  46. Karen says:

    That’s a whole lot of moolah for anyone to handle. I want it just as bad as everyone else does for a lot of the same reasons….paying off bills, setting up college funds, building a new home, planning a lot of vacations, new cars, a lot of shopping sprees and giving to charities. With the amount now over $640M, you could almost literally buy your own island somewhere! Build a retreat, do whatever you want, but be careful, cuz Uncle Sam is licking his lips in anticipation of his cut, too. So set aside a good amount and get an investment planner and a trustworthy accountant. Just remember, all of a sudden you’ll have “relatives” you never knew you had and sob stories coming out of the woodwork. If I’m fortunate enough to win it, I think I’ll take off for a long while and not tell a soul where I am and just enjoy life. Wow, what a concept!

  47. Dusty says:

    I would develop a “Safe Haven” for “Children without Parents” (CWP). We will also have a Animal Rescue Division (ARD), whereby we work together to find animal friendly homes.

    The children will hopefully experience a true family environment and learn life skills to prepare them for the outside world. They will NOT have to leave when they reach 18 years. They will transfer to Independent Living Setting (ILS) with social skills and investment stategies, along with desired education opportunities

  48. Carolyn says:

    I would pay off all of my bills. Pay off my childrens bills. Buy a small brick house.Then help others in anyway God told me to with the rest. Maybe buy a Car too since I don’t have one. Do you still need a drivers license to drive ? I have no idea , I haven’t driven in years ;-)

  49. Heidi says:

    Hire someone to FINALLY get rid of the mice that keep finding their way into my house.

    I think it would take the total amount.

  50. Beverly says:

    My brother and sisters have struggled all their life and they would share in my good fortune.Then I would help my children and animal charities.My husband would love another Lincoln Town Car,and I’d like the VIP seats at the theatre.My wants are very small compared to others,but I get a lot of joy sharing what I have with my family.

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