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Fly First Class to Hawaii for $285! (or How the European Banking Crisis Will Pay For Your Vacation!)

Update: Iceland Air has confirmed that they will stop booking Alaska Air flights at 8pm EST 8/31. There is plenty of availability but you only have until then to take advantage of this incredible deal.

What if I told you that you could buy frequent flyer miles from Iceland Airlines incredibly cheaply (as low as $285) because their currency has collapsed and you could redeem those miles for a roundtrip First Class flight to Hawaii via non other than Alaska Airlines. Would you believe me?

You should. I couldn’t make that up if I tried! This is real and it is one of the all-time greatest travel deals.

Alaska Airlines to Hawaii

An Alaska Airlines Jet flying above the Molokai Cliffs

This all starts in an obscure corner of the global collapse financial collapse.

Imagine a small country the size of Kentucky with 300,000 citizens. Now imagine if this small country wanted to be a big player in the global financial markets but was the least sophisticated country at the party, and the last to arrive. They grew quickly but then in 2008 all of Iceland’s major banks collapsed. The size of this collapse, relative to Iceland’s modest size, is greater than any other collapse in economic history. Their stock market, which had grown an outrageous 9x from 2003 to 2007, fell 90%. More importantly, the Icelandic Krona collapsed. Where it once cost 60 Krona to buy a U.S. dollar, it now costs over 120. That is where this deal was born.

You see, Iceland Air sells 25,000 of their frequent flyer miles for 39,500 Iceland Krona. This used to cost over $660 but now costs only $328. Plus, you can get a 20% bonus through 9/28 so for each 25,000 miles you buy, so you’ll actually get 30,000. That’s perfect because Iceland Air is partners with Alaska Air and 30,000 miles is exactly how many you need to fly First Class on Alaska Air to Hawaii.

That alone is incredible and is the other big piece here. There is no other U.S. domestic airline that flies First Class to Hawaii from the mainland for less than 70,000 miles. The terms of the partnership between Iceland Air and Alaska Airlines are extremely generous in that there is one price for the entire Alaska Airlines network, rather than varying prices by destination.

The Five Steps to Flying First Class to Hawaii for Under $300:

1)    Sign up for the Iceland Air Saga ClubIceland Air Saga Club

2)    Identify Your Destination

You can fly to Hawaii or anywhere in the US or Canada that Alaska flies to. See all Alaska Airlines destinations or their route map.

Hawaiian destinations serviced by Alaska Airlines include:

  • Honolulu (airport code HNL)
  • Kona (KOA)
  • Kauai (LIH)
  • Maui (OGG)

3)    Find Award Availability

Note: Flights are easiest from Los Angeles (LAX), San Jose (SJC), Portland (PDX) and Seattle (SEA) as they are non-stops. Interior cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis and Texas (Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio) require a connection to the West Coast so are less easy simply because you need to find seats on two flights, but there is currently some availability. The East Coast is much harder.

Go to AlaskaAir.com, select your cities. Make sure to check off “use miles,” “award calendar” and to select “First / Business Class.” 

On the results page, you are looking for flights that Alaska Airlines lists as 37.5k miles one way. They call these their “Super Saver First Class” and these are what is bookable for 30,000 Iceland Air miles round trip. Yes, Alaska Air would charge 75,000 miles round trip for the same flight that Iceland Air will only charge you 30,000 miles for! This a big part of why the deal is so good.

Any day that has these seats available will show as green:

Alaska Airlines Dates to Hawaii

As an example, ORD-SEA-HNL (Chicago to Seattle to Honolulu) and back is available 9/2 returning 9/10, as of the time I write this. If I paid cash for that ticket, it would be $1,673 in First Class or $854 in Coach so we're talking about over 80% off!

Flights open up for award bookings 330 days out, so you can currently book into next July.

You are allowed one stop over, meaning you could fly from Chicago to Seattle and stop there for as long as you would like before you continue your flight. This adds flexibility when trying to find award seats because you can find one leg one day and the second leg on a future day. The only issue this presents is that you need to keep an eye on your connection. Iceland Air will not be able to ticket a round trip flight that has two connections longer than four hours, even if they are on the same day, because both will count as stopovers.

This works for coach seats, as well. They cost 20,000 miles rather than 30,000 so work out to be 1/3 less.

4)    Purchase Your Miles

If you are doing this for just yourself or one other person, keep it simple.

Buy 25,000 miles plus a 5,000 bonus for 39,500 Krona or approximately $328.

 Buy Icelandair Award Points

If you are trying to take the family, add a stop in and you’ll save a few hundred extra:

Buy 42,000 miles (plus an 8,400 bonus) for 65,000 Krona or approximately $540.

Then do that again. You’ll have a little over 100,000 miles in your account.

Then share 50,000 miles with a friend or relative. What is great about this is that the charge is a flat fee of 3,000 Krona or $25 USD regardless of the number of miles shared, plus you will still get a 20% bonus.

Share Icelandair Award Points

Then do that again, too.

You’ll have 120,000 miles in the account, enough for a family of four to fly First Class to Hawaii, and the miles will only have cost you $1,140 total, or $285 each! You could also do it in Coach and get 6 tickets for about $190 each!

Remember to use a credit card that doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee. You’ll save as much as 3% of this purchase. Chase Sapphire, the British Airways Visa that many of us got recently and the American Express Platinum are all examples.

5)    Call Iceland Air to Book

Their number is 1-800-223-5500 and hit 2 on the prompt to book award travel. You will be charged about $40 in taxes for each ticket, so your net price will be $325 per ticket if you did the sharing double-dip or about $368 if you did not.

There is a change fee of about $80 if you have to alter the ticket in the future.

-- -- --

Great, you say. I just got an incredible deal on a flight to Hawaii. Now I have to spend a small fortune to stay there. Not so fast!

Brad Wilson Travel Hack Expert

Yours Truly at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

I'm a big Hawaii fan, and as you know, am not one to pay dearly for the privilege of a visit. Check out what you and a significant other or friend can get if you sign up for the following hotel credit card offers:

You could stay free for a week via four free nights at the Grand Hyatt and three at the St. Regis Princeville (a Starwood Hotel), both in Kauai and both absolutely gorgeous. Take my word for it! ;)

St. Regis Princeville, Kauai, Hanalei Bay

The pool at the St. Regis Princeville in Kauai, overlooking Hanalei Bay

Enjoy! I hope this helps you take a great trip. Chime in with any questions below.

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About the Author: Brad Wilson

Brad is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brad's Deals and Brad's Black Friday, as well as and author of Do More, Spend Less. He loves the game of hunting down the best deals and being able to spread the word to so many others. He is likely travel hacking his way around the world right now, trying to spend his millions of points and miles faster than he earns them!

130 Responses to “Fly First Class to Hawaii for $285! (or How the European Banking Crisis Will Pay For Your Vacation!)”

  1. Jody says:

    OK, I am missing the connection between Iceland Air and Alaska Air? Are they the same company? Use the same miles?

    • Brad says:

      They aren’t the same company and they don’t have the same miles but they are partners.

      The main thing is that you can earn or redeem frequent flyer miles on either’s flights. Literally, if you have Iceland Air miles you call Iceland and can book an Alaska flight if it is available.

      The partner thing is relatively common with airlines, either 1:1 or via larger alliances or networks.

      • russ says:

        Could you explain how it works with other destinations? How do we know how many points on Icelandic we will have to pay if we want to book other destinations?

        I am looking at a Flight that Alaska says will cost 12.5 K each way, for a total of 25K.

        Are you telling me that Icelandic will let me book the same flight but only charge me 12.5 K worth of points for the return trip?

        Is there somewhere on Icelandic where I can find out how much they will charge in points, or do I have to phone them?

        • Brad says:

          iceland charges 20k for coach and 30k for first for any alaska flights, regardless of what alaska would charge.

          flying within the continental US, it is less of a good deal, though it is likely a good alternative to your other options.

  2. rochelle says:

    I was curious if I purchased these miles is there a specific timeline that they have to be used by? My family & I were planning on flying to Hawaii next October so I was wondering if this was possible with this deal.


    • Brad says:

      48 months. That said, it is possible that the terms of their partnership change so I wouldn’t sit on them for too long.

      Waiting to buy them and paying 20% more because the bonus is gone is probably a better “worst case” than buying them and having something change.

  3. Eddie says:

    I take it you can not book online through Iceland Air. I was just checking there web page and they just show European airports and can not fly directly from say MSP to LIH using Iceland Air web site. I found a awesome first class flight from MSP to LIH for 37,500 each way on Alaska.

  4. Traveler says:

    Can you do an example for an East Coast departure city (e.g., DC)? Thanks.

  5. Alicia says:

    Hi Brad! This is an awesome deal, I hope I can get it! I’ve signed up for the saga club, however when I go to “buy points” nothing happens. Not sure if this is because I am on a Mac, or because they have disabled the “buy points” option right now.

  6. Deidre says:

    Is this for real? Seems too good to be true!

  7. Racefan6 says:

    Have you tried this? Sounds like a great deal. Only found one possible flaw. According to IcelandAir FAQ, looks like their is a 30000 mile transfer cap per calendar year:

    You can share your miles with family and friends! Use the Saga Club Share program to transfer up to 30,000 Award points per calendar year. Each member are allowed 2 transactions per calendar year Please allow 24 hours for the points to post the recipient’s account.

    To Share points members have to sign in to ´My Account’ on the right.
    Sevice fee is added to each transaction

  8. Angela says:

    According to your graphic and what I see trying to follow your directions is that it costs 75,000 points for the round trip first class flight, not 37,500, so essentially it is double the cost of your scenario, is that correct? Can you let me know what I’m missing?

    • Ed Medders says:

      30000 points round trip to Hawaii. States that on icelandairs web site under “redeem”

      • Brad says:

        Angela, it would cost 75k roundtrip (or 37.5k one way) if you booked using Alaska Air miles. In this case, you’re booking using Iceland Air miles but flying on Alaska. Iceland only charges 30k for First Class on Alaska flights.

  9. Ed Medders says:

    Actually, just now I looked at purchasing the 25000 miles plus 5000 bonus miles. Cost is isk39500 x .01 usd = $395.00 us plus ~$80 in fees per ticket plus $25 booking fee = $500 for one ticket or $ 975 for two tickets first class. Still a savings but not as good as I thought.

  10. Jen says:

    This looks amazing – but don’t understand one part. Per Iceland Air’s website, “Icelandair and Alaska have a Code Share agreement on certain Alaska Airline routes.

    These flights both have Icelandair and Alaska Airline flight numbers. Icelandair Saga Club members can only redeem their Saga Club Points for an Award Ticket on flight numbers of the operating carrier on these flights.”

    How can I be sure that any flights that look interesting would qualify? I am worried about getting stuck with Iceland miles I can’t use. Thanks much!!

    • Brad says:

      It can’t hurt to call Iceland and confirm availability of seats on the flights you’d like before buying the miles. Buying them while you’re on the phone would be smart, too.

  11. Ed Medders says:

    Do you book through Alaska air with 37500 iceland air miles or through Iceland air for 30000 Iceland air miles? I was under the impression you referred to Alaska air calendar for available dates only, not for the cost which is 30000 thru Iceland air by phone only.

  12. Ed Medders says:

    through Alaska air it takes 75000 iceland air miles roundtrip or through Iceland air for 30000 Iceland air miles round trip. I was under the impression you referred to Alaska air calendar for available dates only, not for the cost which is 30000 thru Iceland air by phone only. The available dates are the ones that show 37500+ each way.

    • Brad says:

      the flights that cost 75k via Alaska will cost 30k via Iceland. same plane, though, just different path to booking, a vastly different pricing!

  13. teresa says:

    i just bought them and the total was $1272 for 120k miles using my BA visa. i may also set my husband up with another 120k and then we can take 2 family trips! even if i use for mainland first class flights still an amazing deal! Thanks Brad!

  14. happy girl says:

    Thanks so much Brad! I just bought 90,000 miles. I booked a flight from CA to HI First Class/direct for 3 people for $800 total with tax. Thinking of buying more for future flights. Deal of the century!!!! THANK YOU

    • teresa says:

      Hi happy girl! so you had no problem calling Icelandair to book? I was concerned whether they honor all available miles flights that Alaska shows. Thanks.

      • happy girl says:

        No problem at all. just told them I had purchased points which were not showing as of yet – she took my info and put it on hold until i received receipt and they were showing on my account. Good luck!!!

    • joanne says:

      hi happy girl. i’m in california also. how much did the 90,000 miles cost you? how much did the whole transaction cost you? were you charged a fee for buying tickets for other members of your family? did you use just regular visa card and were you subject to a fee? i have a family of 3 and am very interested in going to hawaii for springtime next year. someone else posted that the whole transaction cost about $500 based on their calculations and thus it wasn’t all that cheap. hope to hear from you.

      • happy girl says:

        I bought 72,000 mi which got me a total of 90,000 with the extra 20%. It cost me $641.26 then after booking the flights another $189 (taxes and $25 pp booking fee). Less than $277 PP !!! WHOO HOO I used my Jet Blue Amex card (shouldn’t be any fees for conversion)- double whammy!!!

        • joanne says:

          that’s great! will definitely buy as soon as they verify my account. just curious as to where you are departing from california.

    • joanne says:

      happy girl – your total of $800 is less than what brad quoted per person per ticket. how did you get that deal? i thought there was a fee for transferring points to other members?

      • happy girl says:

        I didn’t book the same flight as Brad and I bought the points and booked my family so there is no sharing or transferring required.

  15. jen says:

    If my husband and I want to do this from Chicago and we don’t mind sitting coach, can one of us just buy 30,000 points and get two coach seats with this amount? I am confused if there is a benefit to choosing coach or not?

    • Brad says:

      yes, coach works and it is a great deal. it requires 20,000 miles each, which will cost a third less than first class so it works about to about $95 less or about $190 total, before the taxes.

      hard to beat. for me, i’d pay $95 for first on a long flight but if that wasn’t an option i’d gladly pay $190 for coach!

  16. Alicia says:

    I purchased 100,00 miles- So excited!! Our 2nd baby is due Feb, hope to take a 10 day family vacation in June 2013. This trip would have never been affordable without this deal!

  17. betsy says:

    Can You buy miles and use them on other flights… or only to Hawaii??k

    • Brad says:

      hi betsy, anywhere alaska flies in the U.S. or Canada. hawaii is arguably the best use but there are plenty of other good options.

  18. Carol says:

    This might sound a little stupid since all of this is focusing on travel to Hawaii; but can I used the miles to travel to Iceland to do some hiking?

  19. Alicia says:

    The point that I purchased are not showing in my account yet. Do I need to wait before I gift them?

    • happy girl says:

      It took several hours for my points to show on my account but you can call to book right away and they will hold for 24 hours.

  20. Dee says:

    I just called Iceland Air but none of the dates I gave her that show as super saver on Alaskan Air website show as available in her system. This is an awesome deal though if I could find dates that were available.

  21. Eileen says:

    Silly question, but can I purchase miles now, but plan the flights at a later date?

    • Brad says:

      no silly questions eileen!

      you can. just be aware that since the value of the iceland air miles in this case is dependent on both the existence of a partnership with alaska air and the generous terms in the partnership, you run the risk that either of those can change at any point.

  22. Ron says:

    What about children? It says that children cannot be registered as frequent flyers. Do you just buy all tickets in one account?

    • Brad says:

      Yes, that’s fine and the easiest way to do it. Since no one will be earning miles, there is no downside to not having their own accounts.

  23. Deb says:

    Alaska many times does not make any first class saver awards available on long haul flights. Partner carriers with Alaska use those saver awards. It’s best to call first and see if your dates are available. Availability is always subject to change though.

  24. Alicia says:

    Has anyone been able to fly into one island and out another?

  25. jasmyne says:

    Hi Brad,

    I want to get 4 first class tickets to Big Island. If I didn’t do the double dip, would I just buy 100k points to get a total of 120k points and then just call to book all 4 tickets on 1 booking?

  26. Rhona Fournier says:

    Brad, First thanks so much for all your great info. We are contemplating the following trip and wonder if there would be any problem using the Icelandic frequent flyer miles for this for a first class flight.

    1. We purchase 50,000 miles for the following trip to Kauai from Orlando.

    Fly Alaska Air from MCO (Orlando) to LAX (Los Angeles) Stay in LA for 7-10 days. Fly from LA to Kauai and stay for 7-8 days. Return to LAX and stay for 18 days) Then fly back to Orlando.

    Also, is there any expiration on these miles?

    Thanks so much.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Rhona, you can only do a “stopover” once. Also, if you do a stopover, the other connection at LAX has to be under 4 hours.

      Expiration is 48 months.

  27. Jen says:

    Just went to buy the points and “the service is not available at the moment.” Server crash?? :)

  28. Shelley says:

    Wow Brad, this is fantastic! Any suggestions on how to make the most of my almost 100,000 miles with Virgin Atlantic? I’m never able to use them how I’d like to with them so any useful tips or insight would be greatly appreciated.

  29. christina says:

    Hi Brad,
    I noticed that you said you cant fly Alaska to mexico, but I looked up their destinations and it says they fly to mexico. Is it just with this deal that you can not fly to mexico?

  30. amy says:

    Hi brad! I want to take FULL advantage of this deal since my husband and I have never been on vacation. We never got a honeymoon either! My husband is an active duty soldier who is deploying to Afganistan for 9mos. He leaves in a couple months.
    The soonest we could finally take a vacation (that we can afford!) Would be next october!
    Can I buy the miles, book the trip & change it later?
    How ca I make this work for me?

    • Brad says:

      Hi Amy – good, FULL advantage it is!

      Yes, it will cost you $80 to change but if that is your only option timing-wise it is still a great one in the grand scheme of things. I’d prefer buying the miles, booking on Alaska and then changing it for $80 to buying them miles and waiting because things could change.


  31. Gerri says:

    Is it safe to say I can book a flight to Hawaii for future use (like in Jan. 2013, my daughter is having her first baby – yay!) and I can change it if needed for an $80 per ticket fee? Or would it be better to wait to book it when the due date is closer? We would like to be there as close to the birth is possible and this deal is too good to pass up although I am on the east coast, looks like we might have to find a cheap flight or rent a car to get to DC or Chicago, right? Thanks.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Gerri, congratulations!

      Of all the places people I have heard of people flying for a birth, Hawaii is probably the best!

      Yes – East Coast is tough, at least right now.

      I’d prefer buying the miles, booking on Alaska and then changing it for $80 to buying the miles and waiting because the terms of the deal could change.

  32. Brittany says:

    Hi, I tried taking advantage of this deal, but when I called to book a flight through Iceland Air, I was told that no flights to Hawaii were available. Do I specifically need to request that they look on Alaskan Air’s flight schedule? Not sure what to do now, and I feel like I’m stuck with all of those points I just purchased :(

    • Alicia says:

      Brittany you may want to check your credit card. Mine is only showing pending. I spoke to a rep and she said the charges were not sent thru. The rep couldn’t find any availability for flights either.

    • Brad says:

      hi Brittany, yes, clearly mention Alaska Airlines.

      Also, make sure the 4 hour connection thing doesn’t trip you up. Some Alaska flights have long connections but Iceland won’t be able to book those.

      Keep me posted.

  33. David says:

    Hi Brad,

    Once again a great blog post – you keep on giving…

    If I wanted to fly from Europe (UK) . I assume that I would have to use Iceland Air as Alaska doesnt depart from here. Would it still be worthwhile for me to purchase the airmiles and book a flight to the US that way?

    • Brad says:

      Any flights on Iceland will require more miles but would out relatively well for a coach ticket (you’d buy 50k miles for about $540), considerably less than you’d pay in cash for the ticket.

  34. Amber says:

    I think IcelandAir is having technical difficulties. I click Buy Points and nothing happens… anyone else seeing this?

  35. JO says:

    When does this deal end?
    I went to sign up for SAGA club yesterday and was not able to get an account number. Called the rep this morning and was told that they were extremely busy and I would not get an account number until tomorrow at the earliest. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Melanie says:

      Yes, I did, Jo. And actually when I called this AM at about 7 am PST they said it could take up to three days. They’ve been flooded with emails (see my post below). Now I’m worried I may not be able to get this deal after all. :( I would ride a fishing boat for that price – LOL!

      • JO says:

        melanie – i got the same response when i signed up. i actually waited a bit to see how others did on acquiring their deals before i jumped on board. just being cautious. i got the same response when i called this morning. hope the deal does not change. thanks for letting me know i’m not the only one with this problem.

  36. Melanie says:

    So, here’s my story: I signed up for the Saga Club yesterday @ 1:30 pm PST. The confirmation window sited “technical difficulties”, then stated if I didn’t hear back re: my membership info within 2 hrs to send an email with my info. Still nothing in my inbox this AM – it had been almost 18 hrs since sign-up. Called IcelandAir this AM, and the CS person said they had been flooded with emails and the usual 24-hr response window had been extended to 72 hrs. I’m hoping that they don’t change the offer or up the points so that I can’t purchase my flight to the Big Island.

  37. Frank says:

    Deal Dead :( Icelandair got crushed with calls and emails once the strategy was leaked.

    • Frank says:

      In short, talking with the icelandair folks, Alaska is not honoring the reward points difference. So if you want to fly icelandair that is one thing, but not so much on Alaska.

  38. Tonya Bush says:

    So I purchased enough points to get tickets on Alaska, called Iceland Air and was told that Hawaii tickets are impossible and Alaska Airlines will not be releasing tickets. Waste of $600 + what a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Alicia says:

    I too am out of luck! I was told this morning that my credit card was not charged, 1 hour later it was.
    A Air Iceland rep sent me an email with the following info “There are lot of possibilities to use your Saga Points, like hotels – car rentals and of course Icelandair flight or you can swap them to Points.com gift certificates.”

    Here is that website

  40. Kris says:

    I was also just told that they do not do award travel to Hawaii. The woman on the phone “looked” at 4 different months and said it was just not possible. I also had to call several times because I kept getting hung up on.

  41. teresa says:

    shoot! can’t get my family to decide on dates although I did see some available at the saver rate.

  42. James says:

    Confirmed – deal dead to Hawaii. Called 1-800-223-5500, Iceland Air agent said no more Alaska Air flights to Hawaii using saga points and would not even check dates. She did say it may be possible to go to other US destinations (including Alaska. I was also hung up on a few times after being on hold for a while.
    Congrats to those who were able to book to Hawaii.

  43. Rhona says:

    What a disappointment, we were so excited to get our 50,000 pts yesterday but didn’t act fast enough I guess. If we decide to use these points for two one-way trips (from MCO (Fl) to SFO and return from LAX to MCO) can we still book through Icelandic for Alaska airlines??

  44. Cindy says:

    Can we still get this deal

  45. happy girl says:

    For those of us who bought saga points and did not use them to book flights yet, Do you think they will change the value of the exchange? Think our confirmed flights are safe or can they rescind? Also, where did you find exclusions for using saga points for Mexico/US travel? (that was my next purchase). Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Brad says:

      Confirmed fights will be 100% fine.

      US lower 48 travel works.

      Beyond that, sounds like their agents are telling different people different things at this point. I’m trying to get some clearer confirmation. Best approach, as always, is just to keep calling until you get someone who can get done what you want done.

      • happy girl says:

        Thanks for the reply. We greatly appreciate you keeping up with these posts. I called several times and it automatically hangs up. Now, their office is closed through Monday, per their posted hours of operation. I hope we can get through on Monday and book flights with the points purchased. So, Mexico is not included as defined in US Lower 48?

  46. keri says:

    How is it dead? Where do you see or hear that?

  47. Rhona says:

    I contacted Icelandair today and the agent did check to see if there was availability for First Class to Hawaii. No there were no available dates. Oh well, it was worth a try. I then proceded to book Alaska Air through Icelandair saga points for First Class round trip Orlando to San Diego Non-stop and got the trip for 30,000 points each. Not a bad deal considering
    Alaska Air’s regular price for 2 First Class would be $3,178. So I’m happier now.

  48. Frank says:

    Seriously!!!??? I called at least 7 times and was told Alaska is not honoring the reward points difference. I guess the early ones got lucky. Not risking my money.

  49. Leo says:

    Just got off the phone with Iceland Air Receptionist. She said they will stop booking these AS award tickets tom. Dont know how that will happen but if I was holding on to some points right now I would try to book a trip by the weekend.

  50. Leticia says:

    I just tried to become a member of the the Saga Club and the screen indicated technical difficulties (as others have reported). Would those of you that have already purchased points keep us informed at to whether or not Iceland Air allows you to use it for a Hawaii trip or other Alaska Airlines trip within the U.S.? Thank you.

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