3 Ways to Make the Most of Your British Airways Visa 100,000 Mile Bonus

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your British Airways Visa 100,000 Mile Bonus

Posted on April 16, 2012

The popular British Airways Visa Signature Card with 100,000-AviosĀ  bonus offer is back!

Chase British Airways Visa Bonus

The Chase British Airways Visa 100K bonus offer is back for 2015.

Last year, we gave an in-depth breakdown of the offer and the benefits of flying British Airways, so this year we are going to tell you what has changed, and (most importantly) how to make the most of those precious Avios (or "miles" to us laymen).

The spend amount has gone up this year if you want to get all 100k Avios. You get the first 50K just for using your card for the first time, so no hassle there. The next 25K in miles comes after you spend $10,000, and the final 25k is awarded after another $10,000 spent. While those spend amounts can seem like a lot, it is doable for most households if you work to put as much as possible on your card. The $95 annual fee and 1.25 miles-per-dollar spent have all stayed the same.

Now that you know how to get your Avios, make the most of them with these top three tips:

Use the BA Avios on Domestic Flights

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about this card is the admittedly large fuel surcharges levied by British Airways...especially on flights to Heathrow. The simple way of avoiding this is to fly domestic. BA has revalued their rewards chart in such a way as to make short-haul flights on American Airlines very cheap. You can get a one-way domestic ticket for as low as 4,500 Avios, which is 1/3 the amount of AA miles required.

Fly Partner Airlines

In many cases, you can still score a good deal on an international flight if you take advantage of their partner airlines through oneworld. For example, you can get to the British Isles for less by avoiding Heathrow. American flies from Chicago to Dublin and then you can fly BA's codeshare partner Aer Lingus from Dublin to London. Also, among many other examples: Iberia flies from O'Hare or JFK to Madrid, AirBerlin flies from JFK to Berlin and American flies from O'Hare to Paris.

Flying out of Boston, the closest US destination, you can get roundtrip in Economy for 25K Avios, or Business Class for 50K Avios, which is a great deal. Fees on a test booking we made showed just over $100 in taxes and fees, which is a far cry better than the $600+ when flying into London.

Work the Mileage Thresholds

As we mentioned before, BA has reworked their rewards chart, and you can take advantage of it by sneaking in flights at just under the thresholds. Use the BA Avios Calculator to test out city pairs and experiment with alternate airports.

Here's a direct link to the BA Visa Application. Outside of the very generous bonus, this card has a low interest rate and a healthy rewards program that put it on par with our fav Amex Starwood card. We've had to wait almost a year to see this offer return. It's scheduled to run through November, but we've seen Chase cut offers short due to popular response in the past, so don't put it off!