5 Totally Crazy Apple Rumors for the World Wide Developers Conference

5 Totally Crazy Apple Rumors for the World Wide Developers Conference

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) always sparks some interesting rumors, but let's face it, in recent years it has been mostly a time for software announcements and standard product line refreshes.

Apple Mac rumors

Remember this look? Wait till you see how beige plastic looks on your iPad and MacBook Pro!

Will this year's keynote on Monday, June 11 be different? Are the frequently-circulated suggestions that we will be seeing a preview of iOS 6, a refresh on the entire Mac line, and a possible intro to some new iTV platform all that Apple has in store? According to our sources, the current rumors haven't even grazed the surface.

Coming through the BradsDeals pipeline from our very mysterious and possibly alien sources, here are 5 rumors about what Apple will be announcing we guarantee you haven't heard anywhere else!

  1. Not to be outdone by the Microsoft announcement of Smart Glass, Apple will be launching much more than the iTV platform, they will be announcing the iGlass integrated multimedia lifestyle solution. Our contact can't reveal mush, but we've been told it involves teleports.
  2. In a touching memorial to the late Apple CEO, the entire Mac line will be renamed "Steve." Get ready for the new iSteve, iStevebook Pro, and iSteve mini.
  3. Remember Tamagotchi, those virtual pets from the 90s? Well, iOS 6 brings a new evolution of Siri. Now, you have to feed her and spend quality time with her, or risk your personal assistant falling asleep on the job, giving you the wrong info because she's cranky, or just plain abandoning her post to find someone who will care.
  4. The current consensus is that there will not be a new iPhone release on Monday. But that is simply not the case. The iPhone 5 (which will be called the new iPhone, to make it harder to find cases that fit) is set to be unveiled by Tim Cook. Among the standout features: retina displays on both sides, bigger screens, and the iFloat function. That's right, the new iPhone will hover at the height you desire* for ease of use throughout the day. *Note: the height you desire is determined by a mysterious algorithm that will probably not work correctly for 3 months and may leave your inner thoughts open and accessible to users on local wi-fi networks.
  5. The retro refresh is on. If you've tired of brushed aluminum, this is what you've been waiting for! The return of classic Mac beige plastic is coming, adding a hip, mid-century modern look to your favorite device. The new/old look will soon become the ultimate in geek-chic.

I don't know about everyone else, but after hearing all that, I'm pumped (and a little scared) for Monday's keynote. If you've got any hot Apple rumors that didn't make our list, feel free to share them with the group in the comments section below.

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