6 New Years Resolutions You Can Afford to Keep

6 New Years Resolutions You Can Afford to Keep

Ahh, New Year's resolutions - made with the best of intentions in January, mostly forgotten by February. How can you avoid breaking your resolutions this year, and turn your good intentions into a long term, life changing win for you and your family? A few of the tips we've found include starting small, telling your friends and family and mapping out a realistic plan. We rather like this list of tips by Hazel Lodevico-To'o.

When you sit down to create your plan for successful resolution keeping, where should you start? We've taken a look back through the last year of our blog and pulled out a few that are great resources for resolution makers. Let's take a look at a handful of the most common New Year's resolutions and how you can tackle them without straining your finances.

1. Lose weight and/or get in shape.

How to lose weight on a budget

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Looking to shed a few pounds without also shedding a lot of cash? You don't need fancy equipment, expensive gym memberships or diet plans with a monthly fee. Find motivation with articles that focus on getting healthy on a budget:

2. Save money.

How to save money

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This is a pretty vague resolution, and being vague is one way to set yourself up to fail. However, if you say that you're going to save money on gas, groceries and bills, then you have an actionable point from which to start making plans. Check out this list for ideas:

3. Travel more.

How to travel cheap

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Dreaming of Paris in the Spring? Oktoberfest in Munich? Chinese New Year in Hong Kong? Making it happen isn't so hard as you think. Brad certainly makes budget travel look easy. If you've been bitten by the travel bug, check out these posts for inspiration:

4. Get a better education.

If school is on your agenda for 2013, then how to pay for it almost certainly is on your mind as well. There are lots of ways you can make school more affordable with a little creativity. Here are a few posts from our archives on the subject:

5. Get organized.

A place for everything, and everything in its place - such a nice idea, isn't it? If you're more Peg Bundy than Martha Stewart, this idea can be rather daunting. Start reading up on these simple and affordable ways to organize your life and home and you'll find yourself making the time:

6. Do More, Spend Less

Do More Spend LessOur editor-in-chief, Brad Wilson, has written a whole book devoted to the idea that you don't have to spend a lot of money to live like you're rich. Published in early 2013, Do More, Spend Less goes into detail on how you can travel in style on the cheap, how to pay less for your cell phone, how to game credit card rewards and much, much more. Buy it, read it, do it!

Happy new year, and best of luck with whatever resolutions you've made. We're looking forward to a fabulous 2013 and hope you are too!


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