6 Unbelievable iPad 3 Rumors!

6 Unbelievable iPad 3 Rumors!

Are you at the edge of your seat to get the news from the suspected launch of the iPad 3 on Wednesday? Gearing up to take advantage of some hot refurb or closeout deals on older models? Or are you just marveling at the power of Apple to turn speculation into news (and news, and news)?

iPad 3 leaks

We all know what an Apple media event means: wild speculation and crazy rumors. Yay!

The same old rumors and supposed leaks have stagnated a bit at this point. Retina display, higher megapixel camera, LTE…yadda, yadda, yadda. So when a little bird passed along some super-secret leaks on the iPad 3, we couldn't resist sharing them with our eager readers!

  1. There's no bezel. The iPad 3 offers edge-to-edge viewing. In fact, you may need to turn it on it's side to see the end of a line in an email.
  2. It comes with Siri, and she's all loaded up with new Easter Eggs. Literally. She has an Easter basket.
  3. Along with the option of engraving your iPad with a message, Apple is starting a new "iPad engraves you" tattooing service, so you can wear your iPad 3 love permanently.
  4. Patented Apple technology removes the need for any type of stand or easel. The iPad 3 self-sustains any angle until you move it. Look, Ma! No stand!
  5. The outer shell has the ability to change to any color or pattern you desire, but you'll have to jailbreak it to see that functionality…it comes locked into standard black and white.
  6. Now, for even greater break-ability, the whole beautiful thing is glass.

Please note that these leaks are totally unsubstantiated, and to be honest, that bird looked a little shifty.

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Update: The iPad 3 iPad HD has arrived, and we have all the reasons you should, or shouldn't buy it right here.