7 Things You Should Know About Holiday Returns

7 Things You Should Know About Holiday Returns

1.  Learn the Return Policies

First, and most important, is learning a store’s return policy and what it entails. Some stores have recently extended their policies or adopted more lax rules, making returns from the Holiday season more feasible. For example, Kohl’s has been stressing the fact that you no longer need a receipt for returns or exchanges.

2. Know the Return Time Frame

Nearly all stores have a designated time frame for returns. Again, many stores have extended their return time frame recently, making it possible to avoid the after-Christmas mayhem and return an item when it is convenient for you. Macy’s has extended their policy from 180 days to unlimited on most items, meaning you can return the item (with the receipt) at any time.

Online retailer, Buy.com, has extended their policy from 30 to 45 days, meaning you can return Christmas items well into the New Year.

3. Research Online Return Policies

Some retailers, such as Sephora.com offer free returns on all orders. Shoe retailer, DSW, offers free exchanges. Many online purchases will come with a return label with the same information a receipt would have, making the exchange quick and easy. Look into which stores offer free returns, those who do not usually deduct your fees from your refund.

4. Always Keep the Gift Receipt

Not only should you keep the receipt to return an item you are less than pleased with, it also helps in situations where the item is defective. Many retailers will waive their usual return policy for damaged items and allow you to choose from a repair, replace or return.

5. Avoid Opening the Box

Many stores will not accept opened or used items for returns or exchanges. Again, being familiar with a store’s policy is the best way to learn these things. As a general rule, if you think you may be returning it, don’t take the risk of opening the box.

6. Bring Identification

Best Buy requires a government-issued ID along with a receipt for returns. This ensures that even if the purchase was paid for in cash, it can be tracked. This policy may not be common at all stores, but it never hurts to be prepared.

7. Exchange online purchases in-store

Receiving a gift purchased online can sometimes deter us from returning it, even if we are less than pleased. Look into in-store return policies, which is a very convenient way to return online gifts that can save you the hassle of return labels and shipping charges.