Cupid is for Suckers - An Ode to Anti-Valentine's Day

Cupid is for Suckers - An Ode to Anti-Valentine's Day

Funny Anti-Valentine Gift: Valentine's Day Toilet Paper

Show your sweetie how you REALLY feel with Valentine's Day Toilet Paper from

Valentine's Day. It's certainly a love or hate holiday -- there's no going in between. Is there anything worse than not having a Valentine on February 14? Yep, actually a whole lot of things. In fact, if you're reading this on a computer screen, count yourself lucky and go ahead and gobble down some of those terrible tasting candy hearts. If this was a real holiday, we'd at least get the day off from work. The only people that truly love Valentine's Day are CEO's of flower, chocolate and greeting card companies, and obviously those who love all things pink/red/sparkly. So we say, congratulations flower and greeting card companies! You did it. You're fresh out of roses and lilies and can go to sleep tonight knowing your high season is over. And to the glitter lovers, the amount of glitter does not correspond to the amount of love you'll give, or receive.

All that aside, shouldn't every day be a celebration of a couples love and affection for each other? It's like when you asked your parents growing up why there wasn't a "kids" day? I mean, you reasoned, there is mother's and father's days! "Because everyday is kids day!" They'd shout, and you'd give a weak argument why that isn't true and gradually change the subject knowing they were absolutely right. Anyway...

If you're a Vday lover, but also a procrastinator, here are 10 stores for unique Valentine's Day gifts.  If you're attending an anti-Valentine's Day party this year, we've got some anti-valentine gifts for you too:

  • If you're looking for a thank you gift for the cynical hearted host, the Ex Skewer Set is sure to be the table top hit at next year's soiree.
  • Maybe you or Bitter Bridget need a new knife set? The Ex 5 Piece Knife Set from the same collection is practical and sure to satisfy carnal cravings.
  • If you're a fan of Someecards (we know we are) grab a set of these to send to honest friends who also "Hope the person they (secretly) love Spends Valentine's Day Alone," or drop them at like-minded co-workers' desks.
  • Enjoy hearing stories about bad boyfriends that make you feel better about your own past loves? This book's for you.
  • Want to wear your anti-Valentine's Day sentiments? Check out this awesome selection.
  • Wanna show cupid how you really feel (in private)? Get some Valentine's Day toilet paper!

Happy Valentine's Day readers! Here are some of the best songs to get you through the day. Let us know how you're spending your Anti-Vday (or good ol' traditional Valentine's Day) in the comments below!

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