April's Best Deals: The best items to save money on in April

April's Best Deals: The best items to save money on in April

Here at BradsDeals, we truly believe that you can score a great deal 365 days a year, but because we're always browsing the web and working closely with top merchants for the best deals, we also know that you can save big bucks by shopping seasonally. For example, retailers practically give away holiday decor come January and you'll see significant discounts on home appliances around Memorial Day. Here are a few of the best items to save money on in April.

Eco-friendly products: April 22nd is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which brings awareness to the environmental issues of our planet. In celebration, many retailers are having sales, special promotions and fun giveaways to bring attention to their selection of green goods.

Patio furniture and BBQ grills: We've noticed lots of retailers tempting consumers to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with big discounts on outdoor furniture and barbeque grills. If you can't wait, now is a great time to buy, but if you can make it through the season, you'll also see big discounts on these items in the fall.

Spring apparel: Spring clothing has been in stores for awhile now, and retailers need to make room for summer apparel, so April is the month for spring fashion sales. Thankfully, many of the bright colors and lighter fabrics used in spring clothing also work well in summer, too.

Vacuum cleaners: Still got spring cleaning on your to-do list? Many retailers reduce prices on vacuum cleaners in April to make room for the new models that typically hit the market in June.