Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 2/21/12

Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 2/21/12

Still watching the evening news on a console TV with a wooden case? "Well the picture is crummy, but at least the sound is bad!" We think it's time for an upgrade.Top Tech Deals and Coupons

Tired of dragging around your accordion-looking camera with the dark sheet, and the magnesium flash stick, out with you for the evening? "The magnesium burns last longer than the photos!" We think it's time for an upgrade.

Are you reading this blog entry on a typewriter? Actually, that one's kinda neat, how did you pull that one off? Well, it's probably time for an upgrade.

That's why we've compiled for you the top 10 tech deals in this week's latest edition of Brad's Tech Tuesdays. Just send your old equipment to the e-cycler, and check out this week's offerings.

Top Tech Deals:

1) HP Dual Core Desktop $280 Shipped: This desktop is a great replacement for the typewriter situation outlined above. (Seriously though, how did you make that work?) It has 500GB of hard drive space for storing lots of music, movies, or what have you. Plus, you get the mouse and keyboard. Just add in a monitor, stir gently, and enjoy!

2) Garmin nuvi 1100LM3.5" GPS $72 Shipped: Do you get lost all the time? Are you directionally-challenged? Do you find yourself calling out for help, only to realize that you're alone in the car, and the people in the other cars on the road are looking at you funny? Solve all of that with this GPS, priced right, with lifetime map updates to keep you up to date...for once in your life!

3) Refurbished Sony 40" Bravia HDTV $400: This HDTV drops 100 bucks, making this the best deal we could find on a refurb like this one by $130. Plus, it brings with it Sony quality, which is something that your wooden console TV probably can't match. Caution: when transitioning from a console TV to an HD Sony Bravia, it's best to view the image for the first time with one of those eclipse viewers you made in grade school. Your retinas, and brain stem, will thank you!

4) Samsung 14MP Camera $70 Shipped: This camera is far more portable, and less likely to cause a fire, than your old camera. Plus, the subject of your photos doesn't need to sit still for a half hour to keep the image from ghosting. "Now blow out your birthday candles, Timmy...keep going...just 29 more minutes until the picture is done developing!" Get this new camera before poor Timmy passes out in a pile of frosting and melted candle wax.

5) Sony Playstation 3D Display Bundle $300: Playing video games in 3D is just a natural progression for 3D technology, and this bundle brings it all to you in one swift purchase. Plus, this deal is $100 less than anywhere else, so save some scratch and invite over your buddy who hasn't evolved his gaming past Pong. "It's like I'm in the game!"

Top Tech Coupons:

1) VM Innovations: 5% off via exclusive code PDAYBRADSDEAL

2) Picaboo: Buy 1 Photobook, Get A Copy Free via code MEMORIES

3) Brookstone: 25% off via code LOVE25

4) OtterBox: 5% off $50, 10% off $75, 15% off $100 via code AM2012

5) MyGofer: 10% off via code GET10

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoy your upgrades! See you in 7.

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