Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 4/17/12

Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 4/17/12

We love tech stuff and we breathe tech deals. Not literally, obviously, cause we'd probably puncture a lung that way. But still, we figuratively breathe tech deals, and we believe that anything so good should be shared with those you love the most. And since we love you guys, our loyal readers, more than anything, we're going to share with you the top tech deals and top tech coupons of the week. Hugs!

Top Tech Deals: Top Tech Deals and Coupons

1) Sling Media Slingbox SOLO $119: Wish you could watch your favorite things from your DVR at the airport? With this device you don't have to wish any longer. Wherever you have internet, you can access your home cable box or satellite receiver and watch content, even from your smartphone!

2) 15.6" HP dv6t Quad i7 8GB Laptop $725: This is the best price we've seen in recent months on this feature-packed gem. It has lots of memory for supreme multi-tasking, and a large hard drive for all of your files. Oh, and there's a quad-core processor, cause you're not a dual-core kinda person, obviously.

3) Vizio 42" Theater 3D WiFi LCD HDTV $598!: Internet apps, built-in WiFi, 3D picture, and tons more for under 600 bucks?!?! Yeah, that's a great deal!

4) Pandigital Android Tablet $120 Shipped: With an expandable memory card slot, this tablet can hold up to 32GB. That's equivalent to roughly lots and lots of photos from it's front-facing camera! (Note: actual picture storage depends on what your individual definition of "lots and lots" is)

5) DataJack MiFi + 200MB Plan $50: Bring the internet with you, wherever you go, with this personal internet hotspot. Connect up to 5 devices at one time. Plus, there are no contracts with this pay as you go plan. Now that's hot!

Top Tech Coupons:

1) Electronics Expo: Up to 40% off Select Electronics via exclusive code BRADSDEALS

2) HP: $350 Off HP Omni 27 Desktop via code DTE3284

3) 10% off via code bradsdeals10

4) Dell: $40 off Dell IN1930 18.5" Monitor via code DFGMFRK?1VCGV2

5) Lenovo: 72% Off Lenovo 4 Port USB Hub via code USP1A46663

See you all next week!

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