Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 5/1/12

Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 5/1/12

May is here! It's the shortest of all the months...letters-wise. But it's a huge month for tech savings. Ok, so it's not Black Friday-huge, but still. We're bringing you the best tech deals and online coupons of the week, including some from Dyson, Canon, Apple and more.

We are going to leave you with a list of words that rhyme with May. Keep in mind, we didn't use a rhyming dictionary at all, or cheat in fashion. These are all from our big ol' brains. Here you go:


Wow, that was hard. We did good though! On to the deals...

Top Tech Deals:Top Tech Deals and Coupons

1) Refurb MacBook Airs from $849 Shipped: Have you gotten on the Apple refurb bandwagon yet? We have, and it's a great way to get the trusted brand of tech gear you love for a fraction of the price, like the MacBook Airs in this deal.

2) Kodak M552 14MP Digital Camera $50: This nice little snap-n-go camera is at a web-low price by $22. Use the money you save to buy fruit for a "still life" photo shoot. Then eat the fruit. Fruit's good for you.

3) Sennheiser MX270 Earphones $10 Shipped: These little beauties offer a full range of sound for just ten bucks. They will blow your stock earphones out of the water. Of course, if they were in the water in the first place, they've probably stopped working anyway.

4) Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum $240 Shipped: Need a Dyson? Want a canister vac? Want to save money on a Dyson canister vac? Want us to stop asking stupid questions? Check out this deal.

5) Canon T3i DSLR, Printer, Extras $800: Point and shoots are great for those of us who want to take the guesswork out of cameras. For those of us who love to have a wider range of control, features, options, and accessories, then this bundle is the way to go!

Top Tech Coupons:

1) HP: 30% Off HP Pavilion Laptops over $999 via code NBJ4826

2) Dell: $639 Off XPS 17 Laptop via code 7WR1C2?HTTQQ11

3) $20 off New iPad Accessory Bundle via code IPAD2GEEK12

4) CaseMate: 20% Off Sitewide via code 4MOM

5) Lenovo: 65% Off Wireless Mouse N3902A via code USP1M16574 (now $11.99)

See you all next week!

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