Getting Fit in 2014: Resolve to Spend Less on America's #1 New Years Resolution

Getting Fit in 2014: Resolve to Spend Less on America's #1 New Years Resolution

If your New Years resolution was to lose weight or get fit in 2014, you have plenty of company. Not only is it the top resolution in the United States for the last zillion years, but if we've done the math right then we reckon there are at least 53.6 million Americans out there who are looking to lose weight this year. The statistics also note that only about 8% of us will successfully keep our resolutions. However, everyone has the best of intentions right now, and that's big business for the diet industry!

Best Diet Deals 2014

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So what's the best way to be part of the 8%? Which diet will work best for you? U.S. News and World Report just released its rankings of the best diet plans for 2014. To create their rankings, diet and nutrition experts were asked to evaluate 32 of the most popular diet plans out there. Here are the best deals on five of the top rated weight-loss and commercial diet plans of 2014.

Weight Watchers

Lauded for being easy to follow and for its emphasis on long-term success rather than on fast weight loss, Weight Watchers consistently tops the U.S. News lists year after year. We like that it focuses on foods you cook for yourself, and personally I can say that some of my favorite recipes that come from Weight Watchers cookbooks.  Right now, you can click through our link to waive your registration fee, which means you'll only have to pay for the monthly subscription.

Jenny Craig

Also noted for being easy to follow, the experts really liked the weekly 1-on-1 counseling sessions that Jenny Craig offers to its members. They weren't big fans of the prepackaged food though, and the cost can be relatively high. Jenny Craig is currently running a promotion that takes 50% off your enrollment fee and gives you the first month free.

Biggest Loser Club

If you're a fan of the show, then you've got a pretty good idea what the Biggest Loser plan looks like: lots of emphasis on exercise and healthy recipes. Being inspired by the contestants and playing along at home is an added bonus - I know that I find it pretty hard to watch the show while eating a pint of ice cream. Right now, you can take 45% off when you prepay for 9 months, making it about $20 cheaper than the 6 month membership.


Most people will be familiar with Slim-Fast more as a product line, but all those shakes and snack bars products are meant to supplement a broader diet plan. Most people won't want to stick to the plan for more than a few weeks, though, quickly growing bored with meal replacements. The verdict is that it's a good way to jump-start a diet in the short term. Amazon has a bunch of Slim-Fast products on sale right now. Pick up a Prime-Eligible can of shake mix, and pad your order with add-on items.


Diets that rely on prepackaged food, like Nutrisystem does, tend to get old quickly. Let's face it: the appeal of a real home-cooked meal far outstrips anything that comes in a microwaveable tray. It may be okay for short-term weight loss, especially if you're too busy to cook, but experts are skeptical about its long-term appeal. If this is the plan for you, Nutrisystem is offering 40% off program sign up fees, plus 1 week of free food when you opt for 28-day auto delivery.

Not into the idea of paying for a diet plan? Check out our Frugal Fitness post for ideas on how you can make your own plan using free tools and apps!


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