Introducing Black Friday by BradsDeals!

Introducing Black Friday by BradsDeals!

Are you ready for Black Friday 2012? I know what you're thinking. That we're crazy for asking this question. That it's the Fourth of July and close to 100 degrees outside and the only things on your mind are barbecues and fireworks set to John Philip Sousa marches and Proud To Be an American. But as the last sparkler goes out tonight, we'll remember that Black Friday is just 141 days away. And thus, ladies and gents, we're pleased to introduce Black Friday by BradsDeals!

Black Friday 2012

Okay, we're excited for fireworks, too. But we're also excited to reveal our new Black Friday website. After all, in the land of the free and the home of the midnight doorbuster, there aren't many things that are more uniquely American than Black Friday!

We know that November seems like a long time from now, but you can join the party early by signing up for Brad's Black Friday Email Alerts. From now until November 23rd, you'll be the first to know when we get Black Friday ads from your favorite stores, the latest news and the juiciest rumors with the same commitment to quality that you get from BradsDeals every single day.

So while you're lighting sparklers tonight, remember that the days between now and Black Friday will fly by more quickly than you think. Will you be ready?