Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 11/8/11

Brad’s Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 11/8/11

Tech Tuesday totally takes the teacake! Ahhh, alliteration, our dear friend. Well, as you might have guessed, it is upon us once more. Today we bring to you the best tech deals of the week, as well as some tech coupons to round out our top ten list.

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We've got some great TV deals, a laptop deal, a deal on home audio speakers, and more. Plus, we've got tons of charisma and charm. Add it all up, and why would you wanna be anywhere else right now? Tech deals, good company, a cup of coffee and a scone (reader provided)...sounds like a pretty nice Tuesday to us.

Top Tech Deals:

1) LG 42" 3D HDTV Bundle $757 Shipped: This bundle includes the 3D 1080p HDTV, a 3D Blu-ray player, and four pairs of 3D glasses. This TV has a 4 million to 1 contrast ratio, which gives it a crisp picture. Get three friends, invite them over, wow them with this beauty. No friends? Put on all four pairs of glasses and watch in 12D (unconfirmed speculation).

2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PS3 $55 w/ $20 Back: This game is the next in the line of Call of Duty games. The previous edition was the best selling first-person action game of all time. Plus, with this deal, you get $20 worth of points to use for a future purchase at Save the world, save some scratch!

3) HP Envy 14 Beats Edition Laptop $900: The Envy series is HP's performance line-up. They have metal cases for lightweight sturdiness, as well as dedicated graphics cards which allow for better image processing, and make them great for gaming or advanced programming like video editing, for example. Movie idea: two people, fed up with the dating scene, decide to give up on true love, only to find one another in the most unexpected of locations...the comments section of an online deals website. Take it, thank us in your acceptance speech.

4) Klipsch 5.1 HD Speaker System $180: The 5.1 indicates that these speakers offer five channels of audio. You will have the main music and soundtrack from each of the two front speakers, the dialogue from the up front center channel, and the rest of the surrounding audio from two rear speakers. That makes five suppliers of audio. "But what about the .1?," you ask. Well, that's the best part, as it refers to the subwoofer, which will add thumping bass to vibrate even the sturdiest of living rooms. Your neighbors will love you for sharing the soundtrack of your life!

5) Sony 46" LED 3DTV $1000 Shipped: This 3DTV is $237 less than we could find it anywhere else. It also features a Gorilla glass panel, which is thinner, lighter, and yet stronger than standard glass. Fun fact: Gorilla glass was initially invented by Corning (makers of Corningware, etc) back in the 1960's and found very few applications. It was then resurrected in 2006 and is now used in millions of smartphones and televisions each year. Good thing they held onto the recipe. Mr. Corning must have written it on his hand like we do with important stuff!

6) Canon 12MP PowerShot Camera $129: This point and shoot has a 12x optical zoom, which means you can zoom a considerable way using lenses, as opposed to a digital zoom, which manipulates the pic digitally to make the resulting image bigger, which can degrade image quality. In other words, a 12x optical zoom should result in cleaner pictures. Unless of course you put your finger over the lens. Silly you.

Top Tech Coupons:

1) Free Canon Camera with $649.99 on Select Dell PCs at You also get Photoshop software and a free Shutterfly photobook! Score!

2) $10 off $150 at via code BUYDIGCLUB10. Enter a code, save some cash.

3) $10 of $100 at via code jrgoog.

4) $15 off $400 via code LOYALTY15 at Abe's Of Maine. Discounts like this can turn a "current best price" into an "all-time low" without really trying.

So what about you? What tech deals have you found lately? Anything you care to share? Any tech questions you've had lately? We'd be happy to explain tech terms, or search for some good tech deals on reader-suggested items. Feel free to ask. Do we sounds desperate? We'll stop talking now. Until next Tuesday, later gators.

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