Earn BradsBucks and Become a BradsDeals Legend!

Earn BradsBucks and Become a BradsDeals Legend!

Posted on November 10, 2011

We are so excited to announce our new BradsBucks Rewards on BradsDeals.com. Now you can earn BradsBucks and work your way up to BradsDeals Legend status on our BradsDeals Dealerboard!

To get you started in your journey, we wanted to explain all the components that make up the BradsBucks Rewards.

BradsBucks Program

Check out our BradsBucks Program and start earning!


Our local currency. You earn 40 BradsBucks just for signing up and can earn more by participating through sharing deals, referring friends and staying socially connected.


Earn badges by completing missions on BradsDeals.com. Signing up gets you a badge, following us on Twitter earns you another badge. Liking us on Facebook gives you one more, and so on! Check your profile page to see which missions you need to complete and badges you still can earn.


Each time you earn BradsBucks and badges, you work your way toward Legend status. But before you can become a Legend, you must first work your way through each level:

  1. Little Deal
  2. Big Deal
  3. Bigger Deal
  4. Huge Deal
  5. Legend


This is where you can show off your skills. The more BradsBucks you earn, the higher you climb on our Dealerboard. See how far you are behind the #1 BradsBucks earner and try to take over that top spot.

So have at it! Go check it out and work your way up to Legend Status. Remember, this is only the beginning. There will be more to come with BradsBucks Rewards, so be sure to keep checking back for new missions and badges!