Frugal Friday Movie Night: The Comeback and Costco Chicken

This week's movie night is hosted by Katie, a wickedly funny artist and Brad's Deals graphic designer whose ideal Friday night at home is binge-watching comedy TV with a bottle of cider in hand and a sketch pad in her lap.

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: Snowpiercer and My Favorite Soup

Here in Chicago, December is off to its chilliest start in 118 years. It seems like we went straight from the beach to our puffy coats overnight!

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: Oscar Edition

Brad's Deals editor Mark Jackson describes his perfect movie night, with the classics: an Oscar-winning film and Papa John's Pizza.

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: Portlandia and Pinspiration

Brad's Deals editor Mariea hosts this week's Frugal Friday Movie Night, describing a cozy night at home that's a little bit hipster and a little bit Pinterest.

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: Spooks and Sweet Potatoes

This week, Frugal Friday Movie Night is hosted by Keith C., a Brad's Deals graphic designer and true Halloween connoiseur. 

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: BoJack Horseman and a Piping Hot Bowl of Chili

It’s Friday night, and if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve got some big choices to make.

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Frugal Friday Movie Night: Cozy October Nights with Supernatural

Looking for something inexpensive to do tonight? Wondering what to watch next on Netflix? Here's a little Friday movie night inspiration for you. All you need is your streaming Netflix account, a pizza, and a few little things to make your living room an extra cozy, happy spot for the night.

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Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Prime Music (+11 Free Streaming Music Alternatives)

The first time I launched the new Amazon Prime Music service, I quickly zeroed in on the 50 Great '90s Alternative Songs playlist. I instantly was transported back to my freshman year of college, when I discovered there was more to music than pop, when Seattle grunge was just coming into its own and a flannel shirt was the fashion du jour. It's basically my happy place.

Maybe that's saying a little too much about how old I am, but it's also the kind of experience that Amazon delivers with its latest offering for Prime subscribers - an ad-free streaming music library with a user-friendly interface that caters incredibly well to whatever you're in the mood for. With "over a million songs and hundreds of playlists" to choose from, free access to such a deep music library is a great perk that increases the attractiveness of a Prime account. Users can also listen to individual songs and albums.

Something that Amazon has learned to do very well over the years is recommend products that are similar or that have affinities with the item you're considering. Take that recommendation engine, apply it to the music you've listened to and you've got a service that recommends artists and albums you should check out, much like Pandora. Unlike Pandora, however, you can download songs to mobile devices for offline listening. As someone without an extensive mp3 library, this promises to make finding music for my long training runs a lot easier on my Android phone's data package. Expect those personalized recommendations to be a mix of both free streaming music and tracks and albums you'll need to pay for if you want to have a listen.

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The 7 Best Free Summer Music Festivals

Summer means a lot of things, but if you're finally thawing out from this year's apocalyptic winter, there's really only one thing on your mind: getting outside. Few things go better with summer air than a cold drink and live music - especially when it's free.

When most people think music festivals, there's a good chance they're thinking of one of the big three: Bonnaroo, Coachella, or Lollapalooza. While these fests have consistently stacked lineups and are set in iconic locations, they're also notoriously expensive. If you weren't lucky enough to buy a face-value ticket before they sold out, be prepared to pay $430 for Bonnaroo, $562 for Lollapalooza, and $825 for Coachella.

If you just cringed at those numbers, you're not alone. Thankfully, plenty of free alternatives exist. Here are our picks for the best free music festivals this summer.

Virgin Mobile FreeFest

Columbia, MD (September 20th)

Free music festivals

Virgin Mobile FreeFrest is - you guessed it - a free one-day festival sponsored by Virgin Mobile and Samsung. This year's lineup is yet to be released, but last year's featured plenty of names familiar to any music fan: Robin Thicke, MGMT, Pretty Lights, Vampire Weekend, and others. While there's no cost of admission, there is a suggested donation of $10, which goes to fight youth homelessness. Over the past four years, FreeFest has raised nearly $800,000 for the cause.

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How to watch the World Cup online without a cable bill

When 32 squads of 11 take to the pitch this June in Brazil, countless story lines are sure to emerge. Will host and odds-on favorite Brazil break their recent slump and win the tournament for the first time since 2002? Does the middling U.S. team have a prayer of advancing out of Group G, dubbed by some as the "Group of Death?" Do any of the underdogs - Australia, Costa Rica, and South Korea - have an upset victory up their sleeves?

These potential story lines, of course, are a whole lot more fun to watch live than to read about the next day. If you lack a cable subscription or don't own a TV, don't fret - we've got a breakdown on how to get you World Cup fix online.

Watch the World Cup online

South Korea takes on Nigeria in the U20 World Cup (2013). Photo courtesy of Eser Karadag via Flickr.

WatchESPN - for those with cable

ESPN will broadcast all 64 matches from Brazil online via ESPN3 and its WatchESPN app, available on both iOs and Android devices.

To access World Cup programming, you'll have to provide proof of your cable or satellite subscription. Service providers that allow subscribers to watch online are: AT&T U-verse, BEK TV, BendBroadBand, Bright House Networks, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DISH, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and Yadtel Telecom.

Not a Cable Subscriber? That's OK.

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