Money Hacks

This is how you can hack Amazon's $5.99 Prime Pantry promo credit for free groceries

Amazon began offering a credit of $5.99 towards a Prime Pantry order this week to Prime subscribers who opt for No-Rush Shipping at checkout. If you're a heavy Amazon user, this offer could be pretty lucrative.

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Student Discounts: 40+ Stores Offering Discounts for College Students

Isn't it funny that some of our happiest, most exciting, and carefree years--our college years--are also some of our poorest? 

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10 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids during Spring Break

If you're a parent of school-aged children, you're probably on the lookout for inexpensive, entertaining and (dare I say) educational activities to keep your kids occupied during spring break.

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4 Things That Cost More for Women than for Men

As a gal on a budget, there are few things more infuriating than the dreaded "pink tax." What's the pink tax, you ask? Well next time you're at the drugstore, try comparing the prices of products that are marketed towards women with products for men. Nine times out of ten, the pink ladystuff is going to be more expensive, even if the ingredients or function of the thing is EXACTLY THE SAME. 

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8 Surprising Things You Can Pay for With Your HSA

If you have an Healthcare Savings Account, you probably know the basics: the money you put into it is tax-deductible, rolls over from year to year, belongs to you even if you lose your job, and can be used to pay for routine medical expenses like co-pays and prescription medicine.

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5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Rent

I want to present you with two quick facts about renting. Maybe you already know them.

1. The global rental industry is worth about $26 billion, according to The Economist.

2. You can rent a puppy, according to a several Google searches.

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Cell Phone Discounts: Updated List of Secret Savings

Could you be missing out on a discount for your phone plan? Check out our list of employer discounts from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

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How to Maximize Discounts and Rewards When Eating Out

My wife and I love to go out and try new and exciting restaurants. It's our way of enjoying some quality time together, and over the last five years there have been so many amazing restaurants opening up here in Denver. Unfortunately, since our daughter was born a couple of years ago, our nights out don't come quite as frequently as we would like, so when we do get the chance to go out we do all we can to cut down our bill.

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Got Scammed? Here's How to Get a Credit Card Refund

Ever made the mistake of buying something from a sham website or retailer? Maybe you bought something online that never made it in the mail, or maybe it did come, but it wasn't what you ordered. How do you get your money back when the company you ordered from isn't being cooperative?

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Amazon Prime Hack: Get an Extra Year for $72 This Saturday Only!

This morning, Amazon announced that this Saturday 1/24, for one day only, they will be dropping the price of an Amazon Prime subscription from $99 to $72, celebrating Transparent's win for "Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical" at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes. 

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