The Best Credit Cards for Gas and Groceries

One of life's largest expenses is putting fuel in the tank, both your tank and your car's.  For those of us tied to our cars, gasoline is a necessary weekly purchase, and puts a real dent in our take-home pay.  And, food is something we all must buy.  Luckily, there are a few credit card products out there that can save you money at the pump and grocery store(and they aren't the ones you'd expect).

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Free Money for Using Your Amex Card

American Express has been a very socially-savvy company over the past few years.  One of their programs, Amex Sync, is one you may not be aware of.  By linking your Amex account to your Twitter account, you can save hundreds of dollars!

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National Coupon Month: The Best Shoe Coupons for September

Through National Coupon Month, we'll be highlighting some of our favorite ways to use coupons online. Today, we're putting the spotlight on shoe shopping!

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28 Back-to-School Style Steals for Kindergarten through College

Fashion-conscious kids and budget-conscious parents often find themselves at odds when it comes to shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe, and parents know all too well that finding neutral territory on the topic is an eyeroll contest waiting to happen when what you wear on your first day back is so incredibly, crucially important!

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5 Ways to Leverage Your Back-To-School Shopping For Maximum Travel Rewards

Its that time of year again. Parents are receiving letters and emails from their children's schools with entire lists of supplies that they will need to buy before classes start. Then, parents can add a host of other necessary purchases such as new clothing, backpacks, and equipment for extra-curricular activities.

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15 States Offer Tax-Free Back-to-School Shopping Starting This Weekend

Every year, a handful of states host tax-free holidays. Sometimes they're just for the weekend. A select few will run it for an entire week. Those lucky enough to live in one of these tax-holiday states can shop for back-to-school items ranging from clothing and shoes to crayons and computers, and they won't pay a cent in sales tax.

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The Trend Report: Splashy Swimwear

Ladies, we have a confession to make: Normally, we HATE swimwear shopping. Your run-of-the-mill body issues aside, we just can't help but wonder: How many variations on a few strips of lycra can there be?

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Everything You Need to Know about Gift Card Exchanges

Every year, an estimated $2.5 billion in leftover gift card credit gets unused. Instead of letting your unwanted gift cards sit in the bottom of a drawer, with the invention of gift card exchanges, you can sell them for cash or trade them for cards you’ll actually use. And as a buyer, you can get these cards for up to 35% off what you’d normally pay. Here’s how gift card exchanges work and what you need to know:

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Buying incredible wine cheap is easy as 1... 2... (there is no 3)

If your eyes have ever glazed over while trying to make sense of an incomprehensible wall of wine bottles at the liquor store, unsure what to get and terrified of buying something that tastes like rancid cough syrup, this post is for you.

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Protect Your Credit with These 15 Online Shopping Safety Tips

Every minute, 19 people fall victim to identity theft. Add in all of the high-profile cases of credit card security breaches in the news lately, it's no surprise that it is fast becoming one of the most common crimes in America.

Are you planning on shopping online this week?

More than 80% of the population has purchased something online and the sales from online shopping will rise to $1.4 trillion dollars by next year, according to CPC Strategy. So the real question is not are you going to shop online, but how do you plan on staying safe while doing it?

Before you make your next purchase, read these tips on how to shop safe online:

Using Credit

How to Protect Your Credit Card Number Online

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Always use a credit card. There are more than 9.9 million incidents of identity theft each year. But the good news is if you are using a credit card for shopping online, you are only liable for fraud or unauthorized use up to $50. Skip the debit card, bank account transactions, cash, checks, and money orders.

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