You can now use Citi ThankYou Points for rewards seats on 84 airlines

If you've been paying attention to credit card rewards programs, you probably think Citi ThankYou Points are kind of a joke. Once a great program, ThankYou points were devalued over and over until the same points that once could sometimes get you across an ocean were all but useless. Until today. Read more

29 Awesome Vacation Spots That Are Cheaper Off-Season

Off season travel can mean saving money on airfare, hotels, and even dining and entertainment. Even better, rewards seats to these destinations are a lot easier to book for off-peak travel. And with fewer people around, it means shorter lines, less crowds, and easier access to your destination.

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Flight to Israel Cancelled? Here's How to Get a Refund.

With the escalation of the fighting between Israel and Gaza, several airlines have suspended air travel to Tel Aviv. American carriers Delta, United and U.S. Airways have all cancelled  flights to Israel today. Read more


Beginner's Guide To Points and Miles Part 4: Earning Rewards From Travel

In the first part of this beginner's guide, I introduced the concept of points and miles, and where they come from. In part 2, I showed you how important credit cards can be to earning points and miles. In part 3, we learned you how you can use promotions and other special offers to boost your your balances of points and miles. Today, I want to show you ways to earn more points and miles from the travel you purchase.
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How to get a full refund on Malaysia Airlines flights

If you have future travel booked on Malaysia Airlines in 2014, you can get a full refund on your ticket - even if it's a non-refundable fare.

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16 Beach Vacations Your Family Can Afford

Ever feel like getting away just to sit in the sand, listen to the waves and relax in the sun? Of course you do! Do you also make a list of reasons why you can't plan a beach vacation, with the number one reason being that travel is so expensive? Here's a tip, plan a relaxing beach vacation somewhere close to home! We've broken down some of the best and most bang-for-your-buck beach vacations in each part of the U.S. Depending on where you live, there are affordable beach vacation options that will get your rear end in the sand without having to spend a fortune.  Read more

Like To Complain? You Can Get 8,000 Free Miles From Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines recently rolled out an interesting promotion. They're giving away 8,000 free rewards miles for writing a 140-characters-or-fewer complaint about any airline.  Read more

What Is Travel Insurance And Do I Need It?

Travel insurance, just like insurance for your health, car, and home, is protection from financial havoc while you’re traveling. Insurance plans can vary greatly depending on the location or locations you’re traveling to, the activities you’re planning to do, and the trip’s total cost. To help figure out if travel insurance is right for your trip, here is more on what it covers, how much it costs, and why you would or would not need it:

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Beginner's Guide To Miles And Points, Part 1: Where Do Miles And Points Come From?

Every year, my family and I travel across the country and around the world, flying in business class and staying luxury hotels. It's not that we're rich, we just know how to earn and redeem points and miles offered by airlines, hotels, and credit card issuers.

The truth is that collecting and spending these points and miles is not that hard, anyone can do it. Read more

Which Type Of Travel Rewards Credit Card Should You Use?

The credit card industry is nothing if not fiercely competitive. Card issuers are continuously creating new products to appeal to customers, and trying to convince everyone that its cards are the best.

When it comes to travel reward credit cards, there has been a sharp divide in recent years between two types of products.

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