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Cell Phone Discounts: Updated List of Secret Savings

After the great response we've gotten in the comments from all of you, we've updated our lists and made them a little more user-friendly. Thanks again to everyone for all the helpful tips. A lot of you also asked about senior discounts and we recently put together a list of retailers and businesses with discounts specifically for seniors.

Employee wireless discounts can save you money on your bill.

Are you eligible for an employee discount on your cell phone bill?

Chances are, if you follow Brad’s Deals, you have probably looked for a great deal on the last cell phone you purchased. If you're looking for a new phone, we keep track of cell phone deals, too! And remember, you don't have to buy your phone directly from your carrier. Stores like Target and Best Buy sell cell phones too and you can save more using store coupons on cell phone purchases. It is always such a great feeling to know that some people paid more than you did just because you were willing to put a little time and research into your purchase. We are excited to tell you that the savings don’t have to stop after the phone purchase.

You may have thought to yourself, “It would be great if I could get a discount on my at-home bills.” Great news! Some cell phone carriers do just that for employees at certain corporations and even some students! Select companies have negotiated employee discounts with select carriers that give you a monthly discount on your bill.

Because cell phone companies prefer to keep this information private (and some employers remain tight lipped), carriers’ lists can be hard to find. To see if you qualify, simply enter your e-mail address at Cingular/AT&T, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile. You can also try entering your e-mail at Verizon or Sprint if you don’t see your employer or university listed below.

Choose a cell phone carrier below to jump to their list of employee wireless discounts:


Verizon Wireless Discounts

Company Discount
Abbott Labs 19%
Accenture 18%
Acorn Engineering 6%
ADP 17%
Alstom 15%
Anderson Windows 15%
Apollo Group 13%
Aspen Research 15%
BAE Systems 17%
Bank of NY 17%
Best Buy 20%
Boeing 20%
B of A 20%
CA State Universities 17%
Caterpillar 20%
CBS Radio 20%
Circuit City 20%
Cisco Systems 17%
Citigroup 20%
Cleveland Clinic 15%-20%
CNM Community College 18%
Comcast 15%
Cornell University 19%
CSC 19%
Dell 19%
Delphi Automotive 19%
Depart. of Commerce 15%
Deutsche Bank 17%
Disney 20%
Dow Chemical 15%
Dow Jones & Co. 19%
Duke University 15%
eBay 10%
Eclipse Inc. 8%
EMC 17%
Emco 15%
Emory University 20%
Exxon Mobil 19%
FDS 17%
Fidelity Investments 18%
Frontier Com. Solutions 13%
Gap Inc 25%
General Dynamics 19%
Glaxosmithkline(GSK) 18%
Goodyear 20%
GE 20%
GM 21%
GMAC Mortage 21%
Goldman Sachs 17%
Greatbatch & Subsidaries 10%
H&R Block 20%
HP 25%
HCA 20%-25%
Halliburton 15%
Hitachi 15%
Home Depot 25%
IBM 21%
Intel 17%
Kaiser Permanente 18%
Kodak 25%
KPMG 19%
Kyocera Wireless 13%
Law Enforcement 15%
Liberty Mutual 15%
Lockheed 20%
Merck Ees 17%
Merrill Lynch 21%
MetLife 15%
Microsoft 19%
Morgan Stanley 20%
National Semiconductor 17%
New Mexico State Univ. 18%
New York Times 15%
North Carolina State Univ. 19%
Northrop Grumman 19%
Oracle 17%
Penn State University 8%
Pfizer 21%
PG&E 17%
Purdue University 15%
Qualcomm 15%
Quest Diagnostics 17%
Raymond James Financial 15%
Raytheon 20%
Renewal Windows 15%
Rite Aid 15%
Rochester Inst. of Tech 10%
SAIC 17%
Sallie Mae 10%
School Districs Utah 15%
Shell Oil 19%
Shop Rite 20%
Siemens 17%
Starbucks 18%
State of Idaho 17%
State of Indiana 15%
State of New Jersey 15%
State of NY Employees 19%
State of NJ Municipal Employees 20%
State of Pennsylvania 18%
State of Wisconsin 8%
Stony Brook U. Hospital 19%
Sumtotalsystems Inc. 6%
Sunoco Inc. 15%
Syracuse University 15%
Temple University 15%
Teradyne 17%
Thiel College 18%
Time Warner 22%
Triad Guaranty 8%-12%
Tribune Company 8%-17%
Trinity Health 20%
Tyco 17%
U of CA Berkeley 15%
U of CA San Francisco 17%
University of Southern CA 13%
University of Central Florida 15%
University of Florida 15%
University of Maryland 17%
University of Minnesota 17%
University of PA 15%
University of Wisconsin 19%
UPS 22%
U.S. Dept. of Labor 15%
US Airways 19%
USPS 20%
Warner Bros. 22%
Vanguard Group 15%
Viacom 20%
Wachovia 20%
Walgreens 15%
Walmart 20%
WebMD/Emdeon 15%
Wegmans 13%
Xilinx 17%

AT&T Wireless Discounts

Company Discount
7 Eleven 15%
AARP Employees 20%
Abbot Labs 10%
Accenture 5%
Acterna 5%
ADP TotalSource 22%
ADT Security Services 17%
Aegon 10%
AEP 20%
Aerojet 5%
AFL 18%
Agilent Technologies 13%
Ahold 14%
Airborne Express 25%
AOL 4%
Airforce 19%
Airways 4%
Albertsons 10%
Allegis Group/Maxhim Healthcare 6%
Alliant Food 2%
Allstate 16%
American Cancer 10%
American Express 18%
American Express Publishing 20%
American Red Cross 10%
American West 16%
AOL 25%
Apple Computer 13%
Apira Healthcare 6%
Army & National Guard 19%
Associated Press 4%
AT&T 19%
Avendra 18%
Avon 14%
Bae Systems 15%
BaJa Fresh 10%
Bank One 18%
Bechtel 12%
Becton Dickinson 10%
Bed Bath and Beyond 18%
Bergen Community College 10%
Best Buy 20%
Black & Decker 4%-6%
Blue Cross 17%
Boeing Company 25%
Borders 6%
BP Amoco 12%
Brinks 15%
Burger King 17%
Cable 7%
Caci 4%
Cap Gemini Earnst & Young 18%
Caribou Coffee 7%
Carpenter 7%
Catholic Health 6%
Cendent Avis Car Rental 6%
Cendent Century 21 6%
Cendent Coldwell Banker 6%
Cendent Days Inn 6%
Cendent Howard Johnson 6%
Cendent Knights Inn 6%
Cendent Ramada Inn 6%
Cendent Super 8 6%
Cendent Travel Lodge 6%
Chrysler 13%
Cisco Systems 14%
City of New York Employees 20%
Coast Guard 19%
Coca-Cola 25%-28%
Comcast 15%
Commodity Futures 6%
Commonwealth of KY 15%
Compass Bank 6%
Continental 15%
Costco 4%
Crushman Wakefield 5%
CSC 22%
CSX 13%
DC-MD Government 15%
Dell Employee Program 15%
Deloitte & Touche 17%
Delta Airlines 21%
Dept. of Homeland Security 15%
Dept. of State 6%
Dept. of Transportation 9%
Discovery 7%-12%
DOI 4%
Dominion Resources 11%
EMC 15%
Emcore 6%
Environmental Protection 2%
Equant 6%
Erricson 25%
Ernst & Young 18%
Export-Import 2%
Fannie Mae 6%
Farmers Insurance 7%
Federal Express Corp 22%
Federal Trade 2%
FedEx 20%
Feld 12%
Fiserv 5%
Foot Locker 10%
Fox News Channel 15%
Freddie Mac 7%
Gannett 5%
General Dynamics 7%
General Electric 16%
General Services 5%
Giant Foods 18%
GMC Insurance 5%
Good Year 7%
Gov. Military and First Aid 15%-19%
Halliburton 13%
Harvard Medical School 25%
Health & Human 7%
HMS Host 18%
Home Depot 20%-22%
Homland 16%
Honeywell 18%
HP 20%-27%
IBM 23%
Ikon 2%
IL Institute of Technology 15%
Inova 3%
Itt Defense 8%
John Hancock Sponsorship 12%
Johnson & Johnson 25%
JP Morgan Chase 20%
Kaiser Permanente 8%
Key Bank 12%
Kodak 10%
KPMG 14%
Kraft/Altria 9%
L-3 EER 14%
L-3 MPRI 14%
L-3 Storm Control 14%
Lafarge 11%
Legg Mason 7%
Lockheed Martin 25%
Lowes 5%
Marines 19%
Marriott 18%
Marshall Fields 9%
Martin-Brower 9%
Maxim Healthcare 7%
May Department 9%
Mazda 12%
McJunkin Corp 7%
Media News Group 12%
Medimmune 3%
Medstar 24%
Merrill Lynch 16%
Mervyn's 9%
Microsoft 12%-25%
NASA 12%-15%
National Rural Telecom 2%
Navy 19%
NBA Basketball 4%
NCR 15%-17%
Netcom USA 19%
News America 20%
Nissan North 5%
Noaa Sponsortship 7%
Norfolk Souther 7%
Northrop Grumman 15%-17%%
NVR 5%
Octagon 16%
Office Depot 15%
Oldcastle Glass 15%-20%
Omnicom 10%
Oracle 15%
Orlando Reg. Medical Center 24%
Outback 10%
Overhead Door Co. 3%
Owens & Minor 6%
Papa Johns 3%
Parsons Brinkwehoff 9%
Payless Shoe Source 3%
Peoplesoft 15%
Pep Boys 6%
PepsiCo 23%
Petsmart 3%
Pfizer 20%
PGA Tour 11%
Phillip Morris/Nabis 9%
Pier 1 13%
Playboy Enterprises 5%
PNC 2%
Pricewaterhouse Coppers 16%
Prudential 10%
Pulet Homes 5%
Purdue University 20%
QuickTrip Gas Stations 9%
Quiznos 12%
Qwest 13%
Radio Shack 10%
Re-Max 10%
Rite Aid 8%
Roadrunner 17%
Rolls Royce 8%
Rouse 4%
Ruby Tuesdays 7%
Safeway 10%
Sallie Mae 4%
San Jose State University 15%
Schlumberger 6%
Sheetz 2%
Shell Oil 13%
Sherwin Williams 7%
Siemens 19%
Sitel 6%
Social Security & Admin 10%
Sodexho 10%
Southwest Airlines 23%
Starbucks 10%-20%
State Farm 11%
State of CA 15%
State of NC 15%
State of NJ Employees 15%
State of NY Employees 19%
State of Texas 15%
Stock Building 3%
Sun MicroSystems 23%
Target 9%
Texas Instruments 18%
TID Water and Power 15%
Time Warner 25%
Toyota 10%
Toys R Us 6%
Tuesday Morning 3%
Tyco 17%
U-Haul 3%
United Airlines 20%
United Nations 10%
United Parcel 17%
University of CA, Berkeley 15%
University of CA, Sand Diego 15%
University of MD 15%
University of Texas 15%
University of Virgina 15%
Unum Provident 5%
UPS 20%-22%
UPSS 25%
Urs Corporation 14%
US Food Service 2%
US PTO Sponsorship 8%
USA Today 10%
USC Students 10%
USPS 25%
UT Southwestern Med. Center 15%
Vertis 9%
Vertix Inc. 9%
Visa International 12%
Wachovia 11%
Walmart 15%
Washington Post 8%
Waste Management 4%
Wayne State University 15%
WBAL TV- 11 9%
Weichert 14%
Wendys 10%
Weyerhaeuser 11%
Williams Sonoma 7%
XM Satellite 4%
Yahoo 7%

Sprint Cell Phone Discounts

Company Discount
Aflac 11%
Anjeuser-Busch 20%
AOL 24%
ARMY/USAA/Military/Airforce 5%-12%
Arthur Anderson 20%
Avon 15%
Bank of America 23%
Bank One 20%
Best Buy 13%
Blockbuster 15%
Blue Cross/Shield Employees 20%
Boeing 25%
Capital One 12%
Cerner Corporation 15%
Chase 25%
Chevrolet 12%
Circuit City 18%
Cisco Systems 9%
Citi Group 25%
City of Detriot 15%
City of Houston 15%
Client Logic 25%
Comcast 23%
Comp USA 7%
Costco 10%
Countrywide Home Loans 13%
CSC 15%
Daimler Chrysler 18%
Delphi 18%
Delta Airlines 7%-25%
Discover Card 12%
Dominoes 8%
Earthlink 18%
Eastman Kodak 20%
Ernst & Young 15%
Exxon Mobil 15%
FedEx 6% (23%?)
FL Department of Corrections 18%
Ford 23%-25%%
Frito Lay 25%
Gap Inc. 12%
General Electric 12%
Goodyear 8%
HCA Healthcare 22%
Hilton 13%
Home Depot 15%
Honeywell 18%
Humana Insurance 18%
IBM 25%
InfoSpace 9%
K-Mart 15%
Lane Bryant 8%
Law Enforcement 25%
Lucent Technologies 7%
Yahoo 25%
Marble Slab Creamery 5%
Merrill Lynch 20%
Metro 1 15%
Mercy Medical Center 23%
MCI 18%
Mobil Oil 15%
Motorola 24%
National University 17%
NBC 25%
Northwest Airlines 25%
Northwest Mutual 13%
Outback 11%
Panera Bread 5%
Philip Morris 23%
Pricewaterhouse Coopers 9%
Pro Health Care Inc 23%
Publix Supermarket 9%
Raymond James Financial 11%
Raytheon 20%
Rockwell Automation 20%
Samsung 18%
SAIC 20%
Sears 20%-25%
State of CA 15%
State of OH 7%
State of VA 5%
Stop & Shop Supermarket 23%-24%
SunTrust 18%
Tenet Healthcare 23%
Yahoo 7%
SUNY Albany 10%
Target 15%
Time Warner 24%
Tricon Global (Yum Foods) 7%
Union Pacific Railroad 11%
United Airlines 25%
UPS 25%
US Government 5%
USPS 20%
Wachovia Bank 20%-25%
Walmart 20%
Waste Management 15%
Winn-Dixie 10%
Xerox 18%
Viacom 15%
Vons (Safeway) 10%
VZ 25%
Walgreens 15%

If your current carrier does not offer discounts to your employer or your school, it might be worth the time to enter your e-mail at competing carriers to see if you can get a discount. It is always a great idea to take advantage of every perk and discount available to you, even if it requires a little extra research and effort.

Please note that these discounts are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but they may vary.

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193 Responses to “Cell Phone Discounts: Updated List of Secret Savings”

  1. [...] out our Secret Cell Phone Discounts <http://www.bradsdeals.com/blog/2011/04/19/cell-phone-discounts/&gt;  to view all cell phone discounts available to you! [...]

  2. Linda says:

    Looking over senior discounts on cell phones.

  3. Cathy Garner says:

    I really liked your list, I’ll keep watching for items that will help me save money to make my SSDI go further.

  4. diane yeomans says:

    do you offer discounts to usps retirees?

  5. J Kelley says:

    Just called T-Mobile. They said the corporate/government/military discounts are not available for their no contract plans.

  6. S Axelson says:

    I work for a school district in Washington State and I use US Cellular. I receive a 20% discount on my bill because I’m a school employee.

  7. sonia says:

    are there any discounts for people on ssdi ?

  8. Ann Canaday says:

    I have been trying since April to get a discount as a Prudential Retiree discount. After talking to 5 people at AT&T I have been told that the discount applies to current employees, yet I know three or more people that are retirees and they are getting the 18% discount. Why not me.

    • nonnie.mouse says:

      In many cases, providers will apply discounts only to current employees, but due to the nature of contract law (and to avoid ticking off existing customers), the rate discount generally continues for the life of the contract, even if the person retires or otherwise ceases to be employed there.
      So my guess is, the retirees you know either signed on while they were still employed there, or happened to say the right thing to the right person…

  9. Amanda says:

    I work for Wegmans food markets and they have a 20 percent saving on Verizon, I know sprint is a good amount off too!

  10. William Robertson says:

    I am with USAA as a member. Do I get my discount or not.

  11. William Robertson says:

    I am with USAA as a member. Do I get my discount or not. Also does this discount apply to military veterans ?

  12. Sara says:

    This list is old. Sprint had 15% discount for Wal-mart employees back in 2009. It went up to 20% that year. I’ve never heard of the 7% listed here.

  13. Donna White says:

    I am a USAA member, also retired military. Does any discounts apply to them . If so, which ones? I prefer Verizon.

  14. Destiny Spradlin says:

    I work for Best Buy Mobile, the Sprint discount for Best Buy employees is 23% not 13%! I have it on my personal account! Just wanted to clarify!

  15. susan says:

    I joined a credit union to recieve a 10% discount because now they need verification so my old discount was removed.. Is there any way to recieve a better discount even if you are not an employee of any of the listed companies?

  16. Kia says:

    I got a”commonwealth of Massachusetts” 15% discount on Verizon voice plans. I used my college email address on that. I’m not sure if my alumnae email will work. Going to try in a month or so. Also, I’m pretty sure the freelancers union has a discount for Sprint. I’m not too sure on the rate. Probably 7% or something like that.

  17. Nancy says:

    I currently have Verizon (2 phones) and retired from local school district, which is state retirement. I continue to sub in the schools as well. Is there a discount for SC school retirees?

  18. mary lake says:

    Northwest Airlines was merged with Delta Airlines. Those of us who started with NWA got a 27% Sprint discount. Can those from NWA that have retired and have Delta ID’s and have continued to get the discount, continue getting it? I heard..no

  19. Heather says:

    Verizon also offers a 20% discount to Marriott employees

  20. steve st.angelo says:

    i work for Ferguson Enterprise is there a discount. for me my company has sprint for ther phones.please let me know.

  21. Jeeper says:

    Verizon and Sprint both offer 20%+ discount to Chrysler employees…

  22. kandi K says:

    Why didn’t you list the Sprint offerings as well???

  23. WellsFargo says:

    Wells Fargo employee’s VZW discount has been 26% since December 2010.

  24. Elvira B says:

    I have recently become a verizon cell phone user. I am retired, where can I find a home discount? I am no longer an employee of any companies. I also would like to find a good discount rate like 15-25% off. Any luck?

  25. Beth says:

    Do any providers offer discounts to veterans?

  26. caitlyn says:

    they did not include this one for verizon, I work for Marriott and I get 21% discount

  27. MARY TOWNS says:


  28. Meg says:

    I work at Loreal USA and they give a 19% discount to verizon user. I didnt see it posted

  29. I have Multiple Sclerosis. Any discounts for people that are 55+ and Disabled???

    Thanks for your Help!!!

  30. anon says:

    Tricon Global aka yum brands aka aw kfc ljs pizza hut and taco bell get 23% att voice plan discount and 17% sprint discount

  31. Miguel says:

    If my plan is on my brithers name and i work for lausd can i still use my discount for my bill (sprint)

  32. Lauren says:

    My mom works for Novant Health and we get a 24% discount from AT&T..didn’t see it on the list!

  33. mark says:

    We offer discount cell phones that are unlocked. If interested go to http://WWW.mylancellular.com.

  34. julie says:

    I think marks link should be http://www.mylancellular.com for discount phones

  35. Ken says:

    If you are in ANY branch of the US Military, Active duty, Reservist, National Guard or Retired, Verizon does offer a 15% discount off your basic plan cost, but you can’t use their “email checker” as like for myself, Retired Navy, I don’t have a DOD email address. But I called them and ask about it, scanned my Navy Retiree’s ID card (for the older cards, make sure you cover your SSN) and I included my VA ID Card. Emailed to the address they gave me and on the next bill it showed a 15% discount. I only wish it was retroactive as I retired in 1996 and have been with Verizon since 2002. For me, 15% is worth a phone call and maybe 15 minutes of total work.

  36. Danielle says:

    Maybe a silly question but does Sprint discount apply to Boost Mobile also? … They are connected! ?

  37. Alex says:

    Best Buy’s discount through Sprint is 23% rather than 13!

  38. Trevor says:

    the University of Utah offers an 18% Verizon Wireless discount to employees, and if you have a @utah.edu or @desb.utah.edu email address (many students and alumni do), you can also get the discount, even though it is primarily intended for employees only.

  39. Caren says:

    Foster parents can get a discount in most states from Sprint although I don’t know about other companies. Also Longview Fibre as well as Longview Fibre Credit union give Sprint discounts. Unfortuneatly/fortuneately we are so done with Sprint. Husband and i are both disabled are there discounts for us through Verizon?

  40. kelly says:

    Verizon offers 15% off packages and some accessories for commonwealth of massachusetts employees, they also offer a 19% discount for limited brand employees ( the company that owns victoria secret and bath and body)

  41. Jonathan says:

    Sprint gives a 25% discount for Home Depot employees. — The current listed discount is 15% (which is incorrect).

  42. James Evans says:

    FedEx employees get 22% off of Verizon as of 4/2013

  43. Susan says:

    Any nys discounts for retired teachers

  44. Dan says:

    How new is this list?

    CSX Transportation has a 15% discount with Verizon, as of May, 2013.

  45. Betty Graham says:

    Does NC retired teacher get a discount for Verizon wireless

  46. Amanda Sigler says:

    Hy-Vee Inc. employees get a 17% discount with Verizon.

  47. Peter Mauser says:

    I am a member at USAA and am a Disabled Veteran. USAA used to have a discount with Sprint, but when we move Sprint was not available in our area. Now Verizon is like a Hoover, and I am looking to fire them, if they cannot come up with something really fab. Any ideas.

  48. randy says:

    Just found out that Shell Does not offer discounts to there retiree’s. So much for taking care of your people.

  49. Lowes says:

    Verizon offers a 20% discount to Lowe’s employees as well.

  50. Jonathan says:

    Sprint offers military veterans a 15% discount on service on the main line its like getting 1 bill free per year for me

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