Throw a Dadchelor Party...before party time is over!

Throw a Dadchelor Party...before party time is over!

So you're about to become a dad. Soon golf will be replaced with diaper runs, late night bottle service with late night bottle feeding, and sleeping till noon with no sleep ever. Your life is going to change -- for the good --even if it's hard to believe. But what if you just want one last night with the guys before your bundle of joy shows you who's really in charge? Then you should throw a Dadchelor party!

Dadchelor Ideas for Before the Baby's Born

Soon, this will be your daily form of entertainment.

This new phenomenon is taking the future dad-world by storm. Akin to bachelor parties, dadchelor parties (also called a daddymoon or man-shower) give dads-to-be one final chance to be kid-free. Some dadchelor party ideas include everything from playing a round of golf, to taking a fishing trip, to going all-out in places like Vegas or Mexico. It can even be as simple as having that one final cigar and scotch before your baby mama puts the kibosh on all things vice.

The responsibilities of parenthood are many. Debauchery and the minivan lifestyle don't really mix. Eric Deyerler, a father of two, realized that before his second was born, he just needed a quick weekend out to be selfish again, before being selfless became his only option. "I love being a dad. My kids are amazing. I just needed some time to be one of the guys again before getting away would become nearly impossible." Eric says that he and his buddies played some golf, then hit a local dive bar for some drinks, before grabbing some late night burgers. Once his second baby came into the picture, this would have been a tough night to undertake.

So what can you do on your dadchelor party? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Expedia: Taking this show on the road? Book a flight or get a rental car and go somewhere where no one knows your name. It's safer that way.
  • It's probably best if you at least spend this night somewhere else. Book a hotel room...cause messing up someone else's place is more fun.
  • Get some stogies for you and the guys. Smoke them. Enjoy them. You won't get another chance to do this for a while. Most likely a long while.
  • Wanna catch a game? Maybe your favorite band is touring again? Get tickets and see a show. Cause the next show you're gonna be at is The Wiggles in 3 years. Yep.

What would you do at your dadchelor party? Or maybe you've already had one and can discuss what went right, or how it went terribly wrong. Let us know in the comments section below. And to all of you almost-dads out there: the party as you knew it may soon be over, but a new one has just begun!

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