Did Kate Spade Just Bring

Did Kate Spade Just Bring "Window Shopping" Into The 21st Century?

A warning to dads and sugar-daddies alike: you better tighten that grip on your Amex. Kate Spade may have just become your daughter or significant other’s new best friend, and she accepts all major forms of payment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Girls: get ready to find a new hiding spot for that credit-card bill.

Kate Spade Saturday Interactive Window ShopsWith a twenty-year-old brand that has evolved into a timeless fashion line, the last thing you’d expect Kate Spade to do would be to fundamentally alter your shopping experience by pushing retail into the future. And perhaps that’s the reasoning behind why they've done just that. Kate Spade have partnered with e-Bay to debut their brand new “shoppable windows”, massive interactive touchscreens you can use to browse and order any one of the thirty pieces offered from their Kate Spade Saturday line.

Measuring in at nearly nine feet across and two feet high, these round-the-clock window-shopping screens are placed in four separate brick and mortar Kate Spade Saturday locations across Manhattan. Couriers are dispatched once customers pay for their their order, via either the mobile payment platform PayPal Here or direct payment to the couriers, and your product is brought to you in about an hour (although you do have the option to have your order delivered to you at a later date).

As the line between retail and online shopping becomes more blurred, we here at BradsDeals have some Kate Spade New York & Kate Spade Saturday coupons to lessen the the guilt that comes with a little retail therapy.

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