Dude, Where's my PlayStation 3? Target Cancels Orders, But May Pay You For It

ps3 deal from target canceled

Your order may have been canceled, but you may not be out of luck.

We've started to hear some rumbling this week about Target's Black Friday deals...or lack thereof. According to some shoppers, Target.com has started sending emails to Black Friday customers informing them that its PlayStation 3 Bundle (priced at $200 for Black Friday) was "oversold", and that their order is now canceled. For these Target customers, they not only lost this Target PS3 deal, but also missed out on all the other great PS3 deals over the weekend at other stores!

While we have not yet heard how Target is going to handle the backlash, there is a good chance they will make amends with their now PlayStation-less customers. For example, when Target released the Missoni for Target line in September, their website crashed, and the designer line was "oversold." Frugal minded fashionistas everywhere were told by Target that their orders were canceled...but they also received an apology letter by snail mail, and a free $25 gift card to fill the void left by their missing Missoni!

Target would be smart to offer something similar to its jilted PS3 purchasers. And if that doesn't cut it, here are some comparable post-Black Friday weekend offers on PlayStation 3 bundles.

  • Kmart is offering the PlayStation 3 Complete Entertainment Bundle for $219.99 with in-store pickup, which includes the 160GB console, 1 controller, 2 games and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus.
  •  Another best bet is the $249.99 PlayStation 3 Harry Potter Bundle, which includes the 160GB console, 1 controller, a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II Blue-Ray DVD, and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus. You can find this bundle at Newegg.com with free shipping and no sales tax (except CA, NJ, and TN).
If you factor in whatever gift card consolation prize is likely coming soon to your mailbox, you may be left well consoled.

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