What Does Father's Day Mean To You?

What Does Father's Day Mean To You?

I know you’d love to believe the all these wonderful deals come to you from magical sources that alert you immediately when you’re favorite item has gone on sale. While we wish magic unicorns did all the work too, BradsDeals has a team of real, live people who work every day to make sure you know about all the best deals and coupons as soon as possible. We even put together a Father's Day Gift Guide, because, just like you, we love our dads! In honor of Father’s Day, we asked some BD staffers what Father’s Day means to them:

This is my first Father's Day as a dad myself, so it means I get the chance to once again thank my wife for making me a daddy. Father's Day has a whole new meaning now, and I have an even greater appreciation for my dad now because of my daughter. - Chris R., Deal Editor

In our family, Father's Day is the day that we all get together to show all the dads we love how much we appreciate everything that that they do for us! It's also the one day out of the year where my dad can successfully watch Golf Channel for 12 hours without any complaints or interruption. - Caitlin F., Senior Coupon Editor
Father's Day
Father's Day for me means blueberry desserts, going for a ride in his airplane, splitting a bottle of wine on the patio while watching the fireflies - just having a nice, relaxing day hanging out with my Dad. - Becky L., SEO Analyst

Fathers Day for me means celebrating a Mother's Day sequel. This year, I'll take her out for champagne and lobster (her favorite) and thank her for being both parents to me and my brother. - Brittni B., Managing Editor

My dad is the best and I love him, but this is the only day of the year when I will agree to go out to dinner at one of his favorite places. If anyone has a recommendation for an even mildly acceptable restaurant with a foot-long grilled cheese sandwich on its menu, don't be shy. - Katie C., Coupon Editor

Father's Day means sharing burgers, beers, and good conversation with a man who loves and supports his children, no matter how many grey hairs they've given him along the way! - Marisa L., Deal Editor

A day where we do everything for dad....let him sleep in, make him his favorite breakfast in bed, let him watch tv without interruptions, take him to his favorite hot dog spot, have his grandson make him the cheesiest card that he'll love more than the expensive cliche gift like a tie or golf balls we'll give him. - Meredith M., Executive Assistant to the CEO

Fathers Day to me means time celebrating my Dad and husband for all they do. It usually involves grilling out, relaxing outside on a glider with homemade ice tea and lots of hugs and laughter. For my dad - usually a gift that is fishing related and for my husband - a gift that is usually related to clothes from me and for both, a drawing from our daughters. Good food, great family and lots of fun memories - both remembered and created. - Jessica A., HR

We know all of our readers are human too! Share what Father's Day means to you in the comment section below.

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