Michaels Offering Free Credit Monitoring After Credit Card Breach

Michaels Offering Free Credit Monitoring After Credit Card Breach

Posted on April 18, 2014

If you've already signed up for Target's free credit monitoring, you can stack it with Michaels' offer to get two years instead of just one. Details below.

Following up on news of a credit card breach initially reported in late January, popular craft and hobby retailer Michaels revealed the findings of their investigation into the security breach which potentially exposed approximately 3 million credit cards to hackers.

Michaels Free Credit MonitoringThe company's statement reveals that the breach occurred between May 8, 2013 and January 27, 2014 at Michaels stores and between June 26, 2013 and February 27, 2014 at Aaron Brother's locations. For both stores, the information was stolen using malware installed on a limited number of cash registers and did not affect online purchases.

Information taken by the hackers includes card numbers and expiration dates. It is not believed that any other personal information, such as name, address or PIN numbers, was breached.

Just as Target did after their own breach late last year, Michaels is offering 12 months of free credit monitoring to affected customers through AllClear ID. To take advantage of the free credit monitoring offer, Michaels customers should visit the Michaels and Aaron Brothers page at AllClear ID, then complete the form on that page. You'll be asked to verify that you made a purchase with a credit card during the affected time period, but it's really little more than a pinky swear - you won't be asked to submit receipts or otherwise provide proof. You'll also provide your name and email address. Once submitted, you'll receive an email from AllClear ID with instructions on how to claim your free credit monitoring.

The Michaels offer is good through April 17, 2015, so our recommendation would be for customers of both stores to first sign up for Target's monitoring (you have until next Wednesday 4/23/14 to sign up), then set a calendar reminder to sign up for the Michaels coverage on April 16, 2015. The net result should be two years of free credit monitoring with a total value of roughly $333.

Click here to claim free credit monitoring from Michaels and AllClear ID